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8 Cities Where It Pays to Go Green

Do you know which cities have the most eco homes for sale? The results might surprise you.

What do you think of when you imagine an eco-friendly home? Gleaming solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and maybe even a spinning wind turbine probably top the list. (Oh, and a garden nourished by a sky-high compost heap and a rigorous recycled-gray-water irrigation system, of course.)

But when you imagine these homes, where are they? Enjoying the solar gain of nonstop sunshine in the Mojave, perhaps, or harnessing the wind power of the American Plains?

In honor of Earth Day, we decided to hone in on exactly where you’re most likely to find a home for sale with green amenities (from LED lights to high-efficiency HVAC systems) — and how those earth-friendly properties stack up against the competition.

The results might surprise you. St. Louis, MO, Phoenix, AZ, and Austin, TX, top the list, while San Francisco — considered by many to be one of the most eco-minded cities in the U.S. — trails behind.