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7 Ways to Usher Good Vibes Into a New Home

front door of a new home
After moving into your new home, try these tips to set a welcoming (and abundant!) tone.

New homes are all about new beginnings, so no matter what kind of vibe the previous owners had, when I move into a new home, I like to start fresh. Here’s how I bid adieu to the old vibe and bring new (and good!) energy into a new home.

1. Start with a deep cleaning

Before moving into a home, it’s a worthwhile splurge to have a professional come and give the house a good deep cleaning. From hard-to-reach windows and cobwebs to old bathroom scum, or even a musty smell of the old owners’ cologne, starting fresh begins with starting clean. 

For extra credit: Put citrus rinds in your disposal to freshen drain smells.

fruit for fresh drains

2. Bring on the sage

After the deep cleaning, let’s do some deep cleansing. Sage, whose name means “to heal” in Latin, will help cleanse your home of old energies. To rid your home of stale energies, purchase (or forage!) a bundle of dried sage (also called a smudge stick), and when you are ready to start cleansing, have a fire-safe bowl and cup of water at the ready.

Open all the doors and windows in your home and light the smudge stick. Once it catches fire, blow it out, so that it’s smoldering. Holding the bowl underneath the smoldering sage to catch the ash, slowly walk through each room of your home, letting the smoke billow all over the space, especially in the corners where old energies like to hang out. When you are done, extinguish the stick in the water.

For extra credit: Purchase a sage spray (you can find it at health-food stores) and spray any old belongings you’ll be bringing into the new place before transitioning them into your new digs.

3. Make an entrance

According to the principles of feng shui, the front door greatly impacts the flow of Chi energy into the home. To make sure the good energy can make its way inside, remove any obstacles (from clutter to fallen leaves) that may block a clear pathway to the front door.

For extra credit: Add plants to either side of your front door, such as the money tree plant, which is said to help maintain balance and harmony in the home. (I’ll take it.)

Plants near front door for good energy

4. Enliven your space (and improve your air) with plants

Now that you’ve got money tree plants at your front door, let’s go ahead and add plants to the inside of the home.

Try adding a lucky bamboo plant — they are said to attract auspicious Chi energy. Let’s also throw a rubber plant in the mix, which, according to a study conducted by NASA, is a top houseplant for removing air pollutants.

For extra credit: Give your plants a spritz of water every couple of days — it’ll keep ’em happy.

fresh flowers in dining room

5. Add symbols of abundance

Symbols of abundance, from real baskets of fruit to paintings of baskets of fruit, can give the home feelings of abundance. Surround yourself with fresh flowers and fruits to bring abundance into your home.

For extra credit: You may want to avoid symbols of decay around your home so as not to undo all those symbols of abundance.

6. Set your intentions 

It’s amazing what a little clarity can do to help define (and keep up with!) the happy vibes. Before moving all of your belongings into the home, spend some time sitting in each room and set your intentions for each space.

Think about the kind of energies you want to bring in and the kinds of experiences you want to have there. Feel the pure potential that moving into a new space can generate in your life.

For extra credit: Turn your intentions into affirmations. As you’re moving in, repeat your intentions in each room to help fill the space with positive purpose.

Cheerful yellow chair in living room

7. Use the power of color

After your intentions are set, use color to help meet those intentions.

Interested in a strong entrance to the home? Try black (or a deep charcoal) to generate a strong energy. Want to add cheerful energy to your living room? Try yellow. Want to usher joy and excitement into the bedroom? Try red (but use it in small doses as it’s a very powerful color). Want to invite freshness and vitality to your kitchen? Try mixing different shades of green. 

For extra credit: Color is supremely important, but good natural light is also key: Open your windows often and let as much natural light as possible flood into the home to maximize the good vibrations.

How do you set a positive, welcoming tone in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.