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How Much House $500k Gets You in These American Cities

Depending on the city, square footage will vary.

What does half of a million dollars get you these days? It all depends on where you are searching. In Dallas or Detroit, you can find a four-bedroom home on plenty of property. However, if your heart is set on one of the more expensive cities, you may wind up with just one bedroom. Check out how far your dollar will go in the largest cities in the U.S.

  1. 1. New York City

    One-bedroom condo on the Lower East Side

    $499,000 for 550 square feet

  2. 2. Los Angeles

    One-bedroom condo in West Hollywood

    $489,000 for 871 square feet

  3. 3. Chicago

    Duplex in Wicker Park

    $519,000 for 2,600 square feet

  4. 4. Dallas

    Three-bedroom home in Hollywood Heights

    $512,000 for 2,526 square feet

  5. 5. Houston

    Two-bedroom home in Neartown

    $499,000 for 2,905 square feet

  6. 6. Washington, D.C.

    Loft in Logan Circle

    $489,000 for 638 square feet

  7. 7. Philadelphia

    Two-bedroom condo in Rittenhouse Square

    $489,900 for 1,272 square feet

  8. 8. Miami

    Two-bedroom condo in North Shores

    $510,000 for 997 square feet

  9. 9. Atlanta

    Five-bedroom home in Kirkwood

    $499,900 for 2,951 square feet

  10. 10. Boston

    One-bedroom condo in Beacon Hill

    $499,000 for 407 square feet

  11. 11. San Francisco

    Studio in Potrero Hill

    $498,000 for N/A square feet

  12. 12. Phoenix

    Three-bedroom home in Cambelback East

    $509,000 for 2,081 square feet

  13. 13. Riverside

    Four-bedroom home in Canyon Crest

    $499,000 for 2,817 square feet

  14. 14. Detroit

    Four-bedroom home in Indian Village

    $499,000 for 3,500 square feet

  15. 15. Seattle

    One-bedroom condo in Minor

    $525,000 for 691 square feet

Which of these would you spend $500K on? Let us know if the comments!