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5 Pieces of College Furniture that Need to Be Phased Out

collegefurniture0328When you go straight from a college dorm room to your first apartment you found on Trulia, there are some furniture pieces you might want to consider upgrading. Of course it’s going to take a bit of time and money to decorate like an adult, but getting started now will help you graduate to a more grown-up style in no time. Here are five types of college furniture to phase out first:

1. Futons

So, what’s wrong with a futon? Using one as your main source of living room seating can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Instead, upgrade to a sturdy couch or loveseat, then move the futon into the guest room or office. These foldable pieces of furniture actually come in handy when you need extra seats or a spot for unexpected overnight guests. If you decide to keep it though, please get rid of that zebra print slipcover.

2. Posters

Posters are quintessential to dorm room decor. They’re inexpensive, add personality, and are simple to tape to the wall. But when you’re out of college, trying to establish some semblance of an adult environment, posters aren’t cute. Instead, hang family pictures or unique artwork. If you must keep your precious posters, at least frame them!

3. The Mini Fridge

Once you have a house or apartment, a mini fridge just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll likely need to upgrade to a full-size model because, you know, grown ups grocery shop and cook meals and entertain. If you’re lucky, your new apartment will already have one — and you can always move your mini to the garage, basement, man cave, or anywhere else you might get a hankering for a couple of cold ones.

4. Folding Tables

Once you’ve left the frat house, throwing a tablecloth on a beer pong table for a formal sit-down is a no-no. You need a real dining set, and if you plan to entertain guests or have a family, you’re going to need something sturdy — and sizeable. We’re not saying you can’t still enjoy a frosty beverage from a red cup off your new table, but try using it as a side to your meal, rather than a swimming pool for a little white ball.

5. Beanbag Chairs

Did you lounge around your dorm on a beanbag? Maybe you even have a beanbag couch (yes, they exist)? As you’re going about upgrading your digs, you’ll need to get rid of anything that changes shape when you sit on it. Sure, they’re fun and comfortable, but they’re not great for entertaining. Instead, get some comfortable, well-built chairs that you and your guests can relax in — and easily get out of.

Upgrading your furniture is simply a rite of passage that everyone goes through when they move from dorm to apartment or house. It’s not as fun as pulling an all-nighter, but it’s necessary. What leftovers do you have from your college days? Share what you scrapped, and what you saved, in the comments below.