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5 Clever IKEA Hacks for Your Closet

Easy ways to take your closet from good to amazing.

Every January, so many of us resolve to spend less time at work, exercise more often, and save more money. But the start of the new year is also the perfect incentive to tackle one of the most daunting home improvement tasks: reorganizing your closets.

No matter how big or small your space is, smart storage always seems hard to come by. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most clever IKEA hacks from around the Web. Once you see how these homeowners and renters have made the most of their closets (or lack thereof) by tweaking finds from the ubiquitous Swedish chain, it’ll be impossible not to feel inspired!

A more beautiful, organized closet without breaking the bank? Sign us up.

Image via IKEA Hackers

1. Modular “built-in”

Storing sweaters, tops, jeans, and shoes in practical, easy-to-browse modules is as easy as stacking simple bookcases along one wall as in this customized “walk-in” from IKEA Hackers. Here, the addition of a hanging rod gives it even more functionality, and a coat of bright paint really pops behind the white shelving units. So genius.

Image via XO Jordan

2. Accessories island

A true dream closet has not only tons of shelves, but also surfaces and receptacles designed to stow and show off accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, and hats. We’re in love with blogger XO, Jordan’s DIY closet, which she built by adding legs to simple shelving cubes from IKEA topped off with a slab of granite she scored on Craigslist for $60.

3. Instant mudroom

Cramped closets near the entryway often go overlooked when it comes to renovations, but this post from Entirely Eventful Day proves you might be able to get way more mileage out of yours. Here, the crafty renovators transformed a $40 Lack coffee table into a fully functional shoe rack to take advantage of the entire vertical space, all the way to the floor. The finishing touches: a top shelf with labeled, pull-out baskets for hats and scarves, plenty of hooks, and a swipe of chalkboard paint so that every family member can claim a spot to hang their stuff.

Image via Smile and Wave

4. Floating wardrobe

Got a room with zero closet space? An IKEA Billy bookcase might be all you need. When blogger Rachel Denbow and her husband found themselves living in a one-bedroom apartment after their first son was born, they had a lightbulb moment and outfitted a single Billy with a rod and hooks. The unit’s adjustable slide-in shelves make it easy to change according to new wardrobe needs. Another thing that’s great about this? You can move it to any wall or area of a room, any time.

5 vanity

Image via IKEA Hackers

5. Shallow vanity

There’s one extra element that really takes a closet from good to amazing: a place to plop down and finish getting ready once you’re dressed! We like the simple elegance of this upgraded Malm dressing table from IKEA Hackers, which benefits from just a few smart additions: a mirror, caddy for hair tools, and comfy patterned chair.

Got less space in your wardrobe area? We’d take this console table idea — crafted around a $15 Lack wall shelf — from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff from the living room to the closet, and add a mirror and slim folding chair. Voilà!