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10 Easy Fall Decorating Projects

Celebrate the season with these simple DIY projects.

Fall is such a tease: Just as nature decides to put on one of its most colorful shows, it gets too cold to spend all your time outdoors. This can be a good thing, though. You have more time to do a few fun DIY projects, and in the process, you can bring the cozy mood of the season, along with those gorgeous golds, oranges and reds, to your home. We’ve arranged these from easiest to most involved, so you can decide how Martha Stewart-y you want to get:

1. Hit the Farmers Market

Load up on maize, pumpkins, squash, apples and pears. However you want to group them — in bowls, on your porch, on the mantle, in a fancy cornucopia — they’re readymade celebrations of the harvest.

2. Preserve Those Pumpkins

If you want those pumpkins to last the season instead of becoming a rotting reminder of winter’s impending doom, you just need to take two easy steps: Clean them with a little bleach spray, and polish them with a touch of Vaseline.

3. Gather Leaves, Branches and Acorns

Enjoy a romp in the park or through the neighborhood, and pick out some perfect specimens to place in vases, candleholders, and even clear ornament balls.

leaf candles

Image via Jenislovinglife

4. Set Those Leaves Ablaze

You can use ribbons, like Instagram user Jenislovinglife did above, or spray adhesive, as Martha Stewart directs here, to affix fall foliage to jars or tea lights. Either way, the candlelight coming through those golden leaves will beautiful.

5. Turn a Pumpkin Into a Flower Pot

If you’re ready to get out the Jack-o-Lantern carving knife, try making one of these pretty flower pots for a slightly more grown-up look.  Great for some seasonal ​curb appeal!

6. “Age” a Galvanized Bucket

It’s the perfect season to pretend you live in an old farmhouse, and if you actually aren’t near a barn full of old galvanized buckets (which make great rustic vases), you can artificially age a new one just by soaking it in vinegar, as explained here.

7. Make a Burlap Table Runner

Burlap is another texture that can hint at farmhouse chic. With a pair of scissors, you can decorate flowerpots or create a table runner that’s just calling out for Thanksgiving goodies.

8. Personalize Your Front Door

Instead of buying a cutesy wreath, pick up one of these wood slices at a craft store and slap on some chalkboard paint. Then you can create your pick of seasonal messages or tasteful monograms.

blankets on chair

Image via West Elm

9. Dress Up Your Living Room

Just as you begin layering on cozy sweaters, warm up your sofas and chairs with plaid, knit or faux fur throw blankets. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can knit your own blanket and/or built your own rustic blanket ladder.

10. Build a Wood Block Lamp

Finally, here’s a project that requires actually drilling and wiring (though not much). As daylight slips away, this will banish the darkness while bringing just a little more of the outdoors in from the cold.

What do you do to celebrate fall in your home?