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10918 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 10918 is located in Chester, New York.
Research shows that when it comes to ZIP code 10918, people residing here earn above average income levels.
Home listing prices in ZIP code 10918 increased by 4.9 percent last year, with the average listing price reaching $304,380 this year. Inventory increased year-over-year, albeit minimally at 2.5 percent, from 79 to 81 listings. Nonetheless, a bigger scope allows buyers interested in this area more options when narrowing down their search based on personal criteria. Many of the homes in this locale have real fireplaces to help you shake off the chill after a long day out with your loved ones. Quite a few homes in ZIP code 10918 boast master bedroom suites with adjoining bathrooms and plenty of closet space to help you live in comfort.