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02120 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 02120 is located in Boston, Massachusetts.
One of the great things about ZIP code 02120 is the abundance of restaurants - sandwiches, Spanish and Caribbean - perfect for meeting up with you friends and having a fun evening. There are some great places to hang out at night in this locale, which has several different choices for a wide variety of people. This area boasts venues such as performing arts spots, museums and music halls, so you will have a choice of entertainment for any occasion or special event. Gyms are a great way to get into shape while being in a social environment and there is a good selection of gyms near ZIP code 02120 that offer different specializations in equipment and trainers. Variety is the key to satisfying the shopping enthusiast and this location has the diversity to please; arts & crafts shops, tobacco shops and musical instrument stores are just some of the fantastic stores found in the area. ZIP code 02120 is served by a great transit system and many people use it to get to work each day. Thanks to the wide roads, abundant bike paths, and high safety awareness, riding bicycles is a popular activity here.
There are plenty of rental opportunities in ZIP code 02120, with only a small percentage of homes being owner occupied. This vicinity would be just the right area to move into if you are looking for neighbors with a low average age.
Buyers looking to move to ZIP code 02120 can be optimistic in rising home values. The price appreciation last year rose 15.1 percent, from $701,975 to $808,300, allowing homeowners to benefit from a favorable, climbing market. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in this locale. The number of homes for sale decreased 25 percent year-over-year, with 4 homes for sale in last year and 3 homes for sale in this year. There are stainless steel appliances in various residential properties around ZIP code 02120; these appliances are very durable and add a professional touch to your kitchen.