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30474 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 30474 is located in Vidalia, Georgia.

The demographic balance in ZIP code 30474 is a bit unusual - you may notice the percentage of men in the area is lower than average.

The average home listing price in ZIP code 30474, currently at $175,146, decreased modestly 0.1 percent from $175,313 last year. Inventory increased year-over-year, albeit minimally at 1.1 percent, from 92 to 93 listings. Nonetheless, a bigger scope allows buyers interested in this vicinity more options when narrowing down their search based on personal criteria. For those who like to keep their clothes organized, many homes around here have a walk-in-closet that provides plenty of storage space. There's nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in front of a fireplace that's burning real logs on a cold day - and plenty of the homes in ZIP code 30474 can offer you that experience.