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I have a Double wide3BR and 2full baths . I have a 2 1/2 car port and a 8X10 shed and 32'x32' shop. How much would that increase the?
selling price? I would like to move to SC in the next few months. I am looking to sell my home in Vermont I still owe quite a bit on my current location.
Has anybody experienced significant delays on Equator lately?
They are genrally very quick. I seem to be have issues in the last few weeks
Our house is 300 square feet smaller than we thought it was. Is there anything we can do?
We purchased our house seven years ago in North Carolina thinking that the square footage was around 300 sqft more than it is (1900 sqft vs. 1600 sqft). In the process of selling our house, an assessor…
What are the latest short sale regs?
new short-sale timeline process has changed effective June 25, 2012
Help! 4 bed, 2 bath home for sale in Mesquite 75149 listed 5% lower than orginial asking price. It's been on market for almost yr now; what can
I do? $77K reduced to $69K in Oct 2010. Built in 1960, new carpet & paint. 1,222 sq ft. Next to park & walking trails, quiet neighborhood. Curb appeal is nice, house clean & appealing as well.…
Why Bank of America Is Offering the Cooperative Short Sale? ( coop vs HAFA/etc)
Pros and Cons in your experience working wish short sales? We all know coop is easier and faster~ we like it, but what was your experience with both? I hear sometimes agents suggest to opt out of HAFA…
How do I delete old listings?
I have just added my new listings, but I want to delete my old listings
What exactly is the State of Texas set fee to charge for the Title Insurance?
I was looking at the answers at the question "i am the seller, what are the fees the title company charges to close a home? who buys the title policy?" but none actually said what the Texas…
Does a low appraisal on a house deal really need to be the end of it? what else can we do?
We made a full price offer on a house, and the appraisal came back $40,000.00 under the asking price. Does this mean the offer no longer good? Does this really have to mean the deal is off? What else…
discloser of contaminated property
i live in an area close to a cement plant,if i chose to sell must i disclose cement dust contamination?
What I want when I search?
I do not want to find raw land when I ask for home with acres, I want to know PRICE, how many acres, outbuildings, water source and supply, septic. How many bedrooms, baths, if it has trees and garden…
Under what conditions will YOU NOT accept a listing?
I reside in a small community in NW Ohio 60 miles east and west of two metro areas. Our county of 38,000 /- is represented by 60 /- real estate pros. In all candor, I have viewed every online listing…
Tenant, haven't pay me morgage for several months, they finally move out
I 'm looking for an experience short sale person in phila area contact me please
I just sold my house and the inspection is coming up. Does the inspection always find damages that need repairing?
This is an older house that me and my family have used as a second house along with my siblings. How much are the repairs usually for a house that is just sold. Does the inspection always find repairs?…
if my landlord sells our house "as-is" in a short sale, are we entitled to the full damage deposit?
There are minor damages to the home. A few scuffs on the walls, some writing on them from my small kids. The carpets also will need to be cleaned. If the house sells "as-is" and the landlord…
has anyone successfully used ebay auctions to sell residential house?
If yes, I would love to hear the details and the realtor information (if available). thank you for the assitance
Hi, I have recently sold a property on southern dunes and i am trying to get my withholding tax back from the irs. Can you help. thanks craig
I have been in touch with an accountant who wants to charge me $750 to complete the process. Is there a way I can complete the process myself as I can not afford to instruct an accountant. Many Thanks…
Looking for Investors for a 2 bedroom 1 bath Condo in Edison, 08817
I have a condo on College Drive in edison that I am looking to sell to investors or anyone interested. Looking for realtors that have investor clients as well. Only willing to list if you have an interested…
buyer not responding to seller's offer for inspection item
The house is under contract. Inspection occurred. Buyer submitted written request for repairs. Seller offered to repair subset of requests. Buyer responded with revision whereby they asked for $$ at…
Extention of Time Addendum
My sister and I co-own a house and we had a contract that expired two days ago (Friday 11th) while the buyer was waiting for loan approval. The appraiser finally showed up the day before expiration, the…
Is there any way I can terminate the offer, other than refusing to pay for the repairs after inspection?
I am having second thoughts about selling my father's house, but I already signed a purchase offer agreement (not purchase and sale agreement). It says in the paperwork that this was legally binding,…
Thinking about selling my condo for a pretty big loss
I am thinking about selling my rental condo at a loss. I am paying a significant amount of money out of pocket, and it's really getting harder tokeep doing it. I think I'll probably take about…
I want to know the sold prices of homes similiar to mine so that I can have my taxes reappraised and
hopefully lowered. What is a good website to use that will help me?
Wholesale Buyers
Hello: I have run into some good real estate deals in Colorado, but have enough properties and don't want to flip it. I have heard I could possibly wholesale these properties and make a little profit…
Inventories are low in some areas of Bucks County and many homes are selling quickly. What is holding you back from llisting your home?
Interest rates are historically low and yet, inventories are lacking in many areas. The Spring market actually started in January and the market has stabilized. What is keeping you from putting your…
looking for a real estate attorney for my property in orlando
someone is interested in renting to own my property and I would like to be protected
My home will be taken for eminent domain. Can I find it's worth without appraisal?
525 S. 7th Ave. Wausau, Wi sold for $233,000? My home is MUCH larger, in better condition, has a 5 car garage, gorgeous decks and patio. If the information is correct for 525 S. 7th Ave., then my home…
I have a home for sale in north Georgia beautiful 2007 custom built and would like to find someone to buy it
not suck with it we are relocating , if you know anyone mail me or what is a good site to post it on as a fsbo ad . Agents need info can mail me too leave me a email address so i can reach you . Thank…
average per square foot for 4 story brownstone
upper duplex in brownstone on garfield between 7th and 8th avenues. average square foot cost?
I live in the States Streets area and considering selling my home. Is this a good time, or should I wait until year end?
I see that some similar homes are reselling for an increase of $40K. My home is a 950 sq ft. 2 bed, 1 bath with lots of upgrades: new CH&A, new roof, new landscaping (front yard) with sprinkler…
The sale of our home fell through when 5 days before closing it was discovered that the Buyer already had an
FHA mortgage and had been approved for the one to buy our home. Apparently you can't have two FHA mortages at one time. Who's responsibility was it to check for this information? We are now out a great…
my condo is listed with the WRONG PRICE and I cannot get anyone to correct it!!! The condo is listed for $1125,000 and it has NEVER been that price.
The current price of my condo is $875. Please Please PLEASE correct the information. unit 804 the Stratford in Naples FL 34108
How important is the neighbors' influence when selling a home?
I have heard stories of For Sale By Owner's who exhibit bad behavior to a listed property. Can the neighbors "blow the deal" for a seller?
Question on when repairs are to be made according to PRDS
Since many inspection reports state that repairs should be made prior to the close of escrow, what is the official paragraph or statement according to PRDS?
I have gotten some great feed back about our situation, I am looking for more so that my neighbors will help us do something about the sports compex.
Hi I live in a townhome community that has zoning for research and light manufactoring next to us. There is a buffer of about 20' of protected woods between us. The private business is asking approval…
Sun Room Square Footage
My mom has a 1000' home built in the 60's with a 350' sunroom added in 2009 The build quality is actually as nice or nicer then the existing home. The room has its own Heat and Air. Has…
"Short sale" Sample Situation
An offer is submitted on a "short sale" that is countered by the lender. In addition to the price adjustment the lender is cutting the fee for professional services from 6% to 5%. After posting…
Termite Re-inspection during selling home
Termite company (A) performed an inspection and stated some issues in the report, I was looking for some help to understand . I completed the Section 1 work with Company (B), do I need to call back again…
In CA, are there any laws that absolutely require the seller to accept an offer at the listing price, or above the listing price?
If our realtor is suggesting that we lower our asking price to be more competitive in our local market, are we legally obligated to accept any offers that match or even exceed our listing price but not…
Should one set or not set a small dining room table when getting a house ready for sale?
If so, with what kinds of items? If not, why not? The house is a typical suburban, mid sized home.
I have a mobile home on a piece of property in the Staunton, VA area. I've been renting it out but my tenant recently passed away. I'm a
widow and I live in another state so I'm thinking of selling it but holding the mortgage. I know I have to obtain an attorney before I make a final decision, but how do I go about finding out the…
How are homes in Pine Ridge being sold? I've had my house listed for almost a year & seems like my agent waits for someone to call her.
Besides posting on the internet what else is done? Do agents actually sell or are they just order takers?
I just bought a townhouse and want to do some remodeling to increase the value, specifically
replacing the worn carpet with hardwood floors. Given the price difference between laminate and real wood, is there any added value increase for laying wood floors vice laminate?
how can I list my house for sale on trulia ?
I wanted to know how I go about listing my house for sale on trulia.com
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