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where is tangle wood gardens?
Looking for my father who is 87
Is it the sellers responsibility to make sure that the seller can have a thorough inspection?
We have an approved offer on a bank owned home. Have been unable to have a inspection due to a part missing from the electrical box. The listing agent has come up with several options but I am not certain…
Is the living room or bedroom large enough to divide for a second small bedroom?
can you get photos of the back yard -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106796805-116-S-Pine-St-Sheridan-MI-48884
What towns in the Raleigh area would be good for a young growing family relocating from NJ?
Looking for at least 1/2acre lot, 4 bed, 3 bath, inground pool built within last 10 years
Home inspector missed a serious issue, can we get our money back?
We found out 1 month after we purchased our home that the fill pipe for our heating oil tank is corroded and causes leaks into our foundation during a fill-up. When the oil company came by to examine,…
If a walk-through home inspection reveals a problem...
If a walk-through inspection reveals a problem, but one chooses to go through with closing anyway, can they retain a percentage of the down payment (or mortgage amount) - - not to be paid until the repairs…
title company and listing agent
We are buying a condo in Orlando with cash. One hour after I wired 12k deposit to the title company, I found out the title company officer and the listing agent share the same office suite and same LAST…
Why is my virtual tour not supported?
Thinking about making an offer on a house in Ptown which is heated by Propane. There is a large unit on the floor in the living room which heats the
entire unit. I am not familiar with propane....is it safe, effecient, etc? Should I have concerns? Thanks
Hello, I am in the market to buy a home. I have a decent credit score of 709 and good job that pays around 72000 per year. My problem is my debt to in
Its been hard to qualify me for a good loan amount because of my DTI. Yes I have some debt, about 20000 in revolving credit card debt. I think whats a big factor is the amount of child support I pay. Can…
Do all this home's have HOA?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3083438132-2481-Lakeshore-Dr-Canyon-Lake-TX-78133
What is the avrage cost of flood insurance for homes 2 blocks from the ocean?
Looking for a vacation home with partial rental. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105520511-112-SE-55th-St-Oak-Island-NC-28465
Commuting in Campo
My husband and I are HIGHLY interested in buying a home in Campo; we foresee it becoming the "new Temecula", so we want to strike while the iron is hot! The only deterrent is the commute; we…
how hard is it and whats the process to get a house to rent to own?
currently a marine bought to go back home and wanting to find a rent to own house
im wanting to rent to own, how hard is it to get approved for a house to rent then eventually buy?
im currently a marine and going home to tn soon, looking for a house.
Are there lower priced condos (less than 100K) that are on the Sugarbush shuttle line that do not have high condo/assessment fees?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1074332713-26-Mountainside-Dr-Warren-VT-05674
Where can I find a real estate agent who has closed HomePath Renovation mortgage loans near Miramar/Pembroke Pines, Florida?
I've done some homework/comparisons between the FHA and HomePath. I would like someone experienced in HomePath Renovation to work with. (I am pre-qual/pre-approved) Thanks in advanced
What can I expect to pay for insurance for a condo in Carolina Beach NC?
2BR, 1 Bath. oceanfront to a few blocks away. Figure in the area of $160K purchase price. We plan to look for a condo with a pool also. Thanks
Looking for waterfront lot on lake Conroe under $220k
Like longmire on lake Conroe and others...not bent water
I am considering purchasing a property from the Lackawanna county sheriff Auction.
Just to make sure, I have to pay 10% of the house price at the auction, and the remaining within 30 days, right? Also, should I expect the plaintiff attorney to allow me to visit the house before the auction?…
What are the HOA fees and also which utitlty company serves this area?
What are the special deed restricitions to these properties. Average median age of neighborhood? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089271347-3202-Marsh-Ha…
mortgage points
I need to explain mortgage points to a buyer. Any help with trying to explain this would be appreciated.
conventional loan and CHDAP combined or FHA? Which is best?
hi, i am extremely worried and stressed because my spouse and i have just started the process of purchasing our new home, however.. i am very skeptical about conventional loan PLUS the chdap loan (combined)…
K, first up, thanks smart people for taking the time to read my question. Currently desperate to move into new house (1yr old twins)
K, first up, thanks smart people for taking the time to read my question. Currently desperate to move into new house (1yr old twins) current condo is underwater owe=82k, rate=10.250, next door condo listed…
Please help find a missing person lived in Brunswick Sleepy Hollow Rd.
I am sorry this isn't a real estate related question. I am trying to help a friend find her father that lived on Sleepy Hollow Rd. back late 1970's early 1980's name William Frame. William's family owned…
How long does it take for a pre-approval?
We have been pre-qualified and sent in our W-2's, bank statements, and pay stubs to our finance manager. We are also on the same page with her that we are shooting for the USDA loan.
Second home, underwater on first
First townhouse owe 250k, current priced at 100k , sal 138k ,credit score 720, mortgage payment on first 1500 with hoa , insurance and property taxes, can i afford a larger second home worth 320000 with…
Thinking of purchasing a foreclosed/bank owned home or a fixer upper in the Arcadia area...
How much time in advance would I need to start the process if I want to move by August? We've got a down payment and we'll be first time home buyers... Is there a difference in loans between a foreclosed…
Interested in buying a first time home. I make 70k a year and have ok credit
I'm looking to buy either in Brooklyn or Queens for 250-300k, fha and saved 20k so far. Is it realistic to start looking for a house now or should I wait a few months. Can anyone give example of what past…
Can a foreign investor to be owner(physical person) of an appartment in Chicago?
Hello, I'm a foreign investor. Can a foreign investor to be owner(physical person) of an appartment in Chicago?
Buy vs rent in my area now
I dont have a house to sell. Renting for $1500 in Sierra Madre . Can I get 3 beds , say 1500 sq ft living area close by, with no increase in overall cost to me [ down of 10% max] . I hv great credit
Does anyone know the status of 3877 English Turn. It was on the market about a year ago - is it vacant? . We are in love with that house
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3054929879-3877-English-Turn-Dr-Medina-OH-44256
Building a new home Vs Buying an inventory home
The builders don't lower the base price and the lot price. Then customizing it with the upgrades and options will raise the price. Is choosing an inventory home and negotiating it to lower better…
need help with VA Loan and home purchasing
i am currently in the navy and have been for the past 8 1/2 year and recently re-enlisted for another 6 years. after 8 1/2 years i am finally getting stationed back home in san diego for at least 7 to…
Standard Pacific Vs K Hovnanion Vs First Texas.
Considering a home to buy in Murphy. Who's the best in quality and who's the best in price?
Wylie ISD Vs Plano ISD
Doesn't the Murphy city have an ISD? Is the Wylie ISD good as Plano ISD?
Real Estate agent
I'm buying a new brand home where the builder does not negotiate for the base price and premium. Should I go with a real estate agent who will give me 1.5% back or someone who won't give me?
I am looking for about 20 acres of land in northern Idaho
power and well owner financing. I am retiring and have a 10K down and Im willing to build my own cabin. Land must have trees I can use to build. -- This question was asked from this property: http://…
I have a residential lot in Bella Vista, how do I go about selling it?
Lot 21 Block 2 Subdivision: Dumfries Sub-BVV, property ID #16-10644-000 P roperty Address: Dumfries Lane , Joe Bland, Florence, Texas PH: 254-793-2081 or 254-258-0949
Where are the good places in the I.E. to look for a home Don't want high-crime areas or places too windy or smogy.
I would have around $250K to spend and would like at least 2 beds, and 2 baths.
Separation and trying to get a home loan...
Will still being married affect me getting a home loan? We have been separated for a year and a half and the divorse is in the early stages as of now. Will I have any chance of getting a loan or do I…
Im looking to start the home buying process in Matteson or Richton Park areas. Any help?
Im looking to start the home buying process, but im not sure where to start i don't have perfect credit but my score is a 648 with a yearly income of about 48k a year. ive done some research and i want…
First time buyer in NYC (but currently on work assignment overseas)
I want to buy a place to rent it out initially but also to live when I move back. Is it possible in NYC?
Which is a better option an FHA or Physician loan for a 1st time buyer?
I am currently an attending physician in the Miami area looking for my 1st home. Currently i'm spending about $2600 rent, and that along with student loans and personal credit card debt have not been…
How much are the rent and dues?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096206269-43300-Little-River-Airport-Rd-92-Little-River-CA-95456
I am looking for an oceanfront home in Florida that is also a ranch
I want to own a few horses on a ranch but also want an oceanfront home so I was hoping to get both in one home
Is the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program available in North Wales/Montgomery County?
I'm interested in buying a townhouse in North Wales soon. I understand the $8000 stimulus money is no longer :(. A search on google revealed that there's this MCC Program that may be available. Does anyone…
My son was going to purchase a house and paid for city inspection. He backed out of the contract due to excessive repairs needed.
If someone else wants to purchase that house, do they have to pay again for a city inspection?
I am trying to do a Deed in Lieu with SunTrust.
I have spoken to Loss Mitigation several times and they keep trying to steer me towards a Short Sale. How do I find the forms I need to fill out and the list of what paperwork I need to send them?
What is the max front/back ratio for a VA Loan? and does price of home matter?
My front end ratio is only 21% but my back end is over 50% I pay all my bills each month but I carry alot of debt.
San Diego has become a sellers market. When I see a house I want, should I go to the seller's agent or get my own?
I know it is better to have a buyer's agent to represent me in normal circumstances, but in a tight market - with multiple offers - wouldn't the selling agent try to push the one where s/he would…
Would you buy a home backing up to a semi-busy street?
WE are looking to buy a house that backs up to a semi busy street. There isn't any traffic noise inside the house. There is some noise in the backyard. We feel we will be fine with that limited noise.…
Should I keep my current home and rent it out or should I sell it?
My current home is almost paid off, owing less than $20k. I would like to upgrade a bit and buy a home in a better neighborhood.
are there any convenience stores or little grocery stores in the area near burning tree elementary school?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3067176970-9310-Burning-Tree-Rd-Bethesda-MD-20817
Conventional 90/10 home loans?
We are looking to purchase either a single-family or multi-unit property in the next few months in Chicago. Can anyone let me know of any good brokers who offer 90/10 loans? We have pursued FHA in the…
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