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I want to change my password
Glen Lillund (new mexico bound)
Does Trulia check if the person listing a property is the real owner or listing agent?
I have just been e-mail by a listing party wanting me to send them money to hold a house before they will let me see it. I worry for people who are too trusting.
I am needing a 3 bedroom, 2 full Baths, nice size backyard in the North Dallas or Richardson area.
I would prefer to have a Rent to Own property. I am looking for a very long term commitment proprty.
Unsubscribe from trulia is not successful
In spite of several attempts to unsubscribe from Trulia I am still receiving unsolicited information. Can somebody do something to stop me receiving these unwanted emails. Sent to Hopefully…
Problem with Trulia site itself
I have several homes on my save list that I'd like to delete. When I delete something from the list, it disappears for a few seconds then re-appears on the page. The delete function doesn't work.
How Is This Even Possible?
Take a look at Doug Zeller's blog here: Notice that the blog has over 130,000 views. If one gets awarded one point per view, then how is Doug not a Level…
Well, I see the "escort service" spam is now being posted in broad daylight (no pun intended!!) - I can't seem to flag it
I can't flag it from the main Q&A page - in order to flag it I have to click on the the post and then it will allow me to flag it on the actual thread.........just curious if anyone else is having this…
How to set up an email signature on Trulia email?
Name, Last Name Tittle Phone Number Address etc...
Can someone give me a thumbs down?
I'm interested in knowing if I get the same type of email notification in the morning when someone says that they don't like what I have to say. I'll put an answer below myself that you can vote down…
Trulia Administrators - what can we do to help you rid your site of spam?
Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Now it's sports events from other countries. It's becoming increasingly difficult for contributors to contribute! Something needs to be done, we're…
Blog problem is now fixed and now I am not able to answer a question.
I click the answer button and a message box pops up stating your answer does not appear valid. Please Fix
I wanted to delete sold homes from "My Homes"
When I tried to do it one at a time from the last page of my listings it was very erratic and slow. I tried to delete all from a page. The dialog specifically read that it would delete all listing on that…
HOw can I tag a scam or almost a scam listing on trulia?
saw a house for rent, clled the number the lady said I can not talk to the listed agent but in order tosee the house I had to go to her website and pay 40 dollars to see the house and all the houses they…
Identity theft scammers
I requested more information for the following two properties. 1bd, 1 full ba condo in Northridge 18205 Roscoe Blvd #4, Northridge, CA 91325 1bd, 1 bath, 3,534 sqft Single-Family Home 22343 Pacific…
Comparing Properties
All the houses you are comparing my house to have only one or two acres. I have 10.01 acres and many other features for a boarding facility. I have a 12 stall barn 100' x 150 ft riding arena etc.…
my house is still listed
I bought my house three months ago and just searched under recently sold tab and my house is listed there with all the interior pictures and all the listing descriptions still shown. My house is the only…
is anybody else having problems seeing pictures?
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I don't have FEATURED function in my listing.
I purchased trulia pro. I featured my listing. but I don't see word "featured" on my listing.
why do the public records still not show the added floor to my house that was done in 2010?
when I bought this home in 2001 the sq ftg was 2750 - so the sq ftg was never correct now its 3750 with the add'l floor added. Where do I go to change this?
why is the heat map no longer working?
Do You Think This Might Help End the Spam Here?
I was thinking that maybe if we started awarding one point to people who flagged spam posts, we could get a mini-army of people pulling down the junk clogging up the voices area. Do you think it would…
How can I get Trulia to stop emailing me?
I have tried editing email preferences, as well as deleting all the properties I was interested in. Still the emails wont stop. Can someone help me figure out how to get Trulia to leave me alone?
Why won't trulia let me submit a listing.?
I went to and ii tried logging in and signing up for a new account multiple times. All that happens is I get kicked back to sign up page. I sent an email inquiry…
About to lose client - HELP!
I'm an agent & my listing is being posted incorrectly on Trulia (it is a 1-1/2 bath and is showing as a 1. My seller feels this is hurting her saleability!!! How do I get the listing (on Trulia)…
Why can't I unsubscribe from Trulia e-mails?
I have done everything possible to stop getting e-mails from Trulia. No matter what settings I click on, or which 'unsubscribes' I click on, they keep coming. I've gone into my settings,…
Hidden property inconsistencies
Today I received an email for a house price reduction for a property I've hidden. This seems completely counter-intuitive and a waste of my time. Also, I often receive hidden homes in the "Properties…
i was woundering if you can find out if this message is true or not that i recived it realy sounds to good to be true i sent a recuest and i got back
a latter. about a house. i recived the address it came from was [4111 leigh ave san jose calf 95124
I would like to purchase this property
61 Ed dings Point Road, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920, Please send me more details, is there a house there, is it occupied? Lot size? Access to the road
Home Style Rehab loan?
Is a "Homestyle rehab loan"considered a "conventional loan," or are they two separate loans? Must the work done on the property be done by a certified contractor or can I perform the work myself?
Why can't I search by lot size?
Zillow lets users search by lot size. Step up your game, Trulia! Personally, I won't even consider a property unless it's at least an acre. It would be really handy to be able to sort out all…
Does anyone know of any good jobs that are hiring right now within Lindburgh Elem. school so my grandchildren can be transported to a daycare near by?
Please I need to find a job for Christmas so my grandchildren will have a good Christmas like they always have. Times are hard and i just need a break. I have a degree in medical billing and cannot find…
6367 W Sandpiper Way, Florence AZ
You are showing this as a 1 bath home, why does it show that way when the listing has it as 1-3/4? Can it not show as 2? My seller is less than happy that it shows this way. Thank you for the assistance. Debbie…
Please call me I set up an agent as their advertising agency, I need to change Agent name asap, my name appears, Please call me 973-900-4484
Your program is defaulting to me-I need the Real Estate Agent listed not me, Helping someone as their advertising agency but my name appears on listing agent. I am not a licensed Realtor, Please call to…
Gonna ever fix the fake street view?
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Listings are under the wrong names (not mine)
Why are my listings all of a sudden showing my broker, my website, and an incorrect website for who is listing it? It didn't use to show that and now they are. What's going on and how can I change…
My phone number is now being used as the contact number for property in Grand Rapids Michigan, and I am renter that lives in Oklahoma.
What do I need to do to remove my phone number from Trulia concerning anything but my own rental needs?
I purchased 586 Fountain Drive in Toms River in December of 2012. I would like the pictures of my house taken off of Trulia. How do I go about this?
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Email auto reply
Is there an option to set up an auto reply to incoming emails when you are on vacation or out of the office?
I own the home at 320 Dehart Street in West Lafayette, Ind., that we are trying to sell by owner. How do I get that info corrected on your website?
Some current info you list is wrong and I would like to add a current picture so folks can see what the place actually looks like.
This has been sold months ago why is it still advertised?
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REMOVE PICTURE from Trulia's homepage for advice, etc.
HELP!!!!! PO-LEEEEEZ defriend me!!! NOT because I do not "like" Trulia. Rather, it's due to my not wanting to endorse any entity with my picture. I lean on Trulia for information frequently and will…
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