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How are you still allowing so many scams?
For every 5 places I inquire about, at least 3 are scams. It's getting really ridiculous and difficult to trust your site now that all of these creeps have my email address.
In town to view rentals thru the end of March
My Fiancee and I are looking at a move in June and need to look at rentals. Thinking a 3 or 4 bedroom, cat-friendly and in S. Charlotte or NoDa. I would like to connect with local realtors / rentals,…
Hello, I am interested in renting a 2 bed 1 bath pet friendly apartment near Owls Head park in Bay Ridge beginning June 1st.
Hoping to stay around 2k. Laundry and green space would be a welcomed plus. My fiance is beginning residency at Maimonides Med. Center so close access to transportation also needed! Thanks!
What happens if 2 different brokers show the same building??
Clients are husband & wife... Wife sees an apt with agent from "brokerage A" and signs registration form/ fee agreement. A few days later, husband sees same apt with an agent from "brokerage B"...and…
Hello I am relocating to the Phoenix area from California . And I would Like to know what areas around Phoenix are safe for me and my 2 dogs
Also I am looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with a washer and dryer inside that accepts large dogs near that downtown area. My price point is no more that $850 per month.
Apartments in Bronx NY that except ESOD enhanced one shot deal.
Apartment excepting EOSD enhanced one shot deal for $1100 Hello my name is Monica. I would like to move in as soon as possible into an apartment. Its myself my husband and 7 month old daughter. We just…
Hi! I have wanted to inquire about the following place, but cannot seem to get a response from the agent. Is there anything else I should do?
I would like to know if heat is included and if so, when I could come view it? Thank you!
(Maybe) I am moving to Florida in one month! And anything you have interesting in the way of rental I would like to see!
I cannot tell if my question got through so I am repeating! I am permanently on SSI (about $750/month) and 60 years old! I am looking for something cheap like, unfurnished, the size of a car garage! I…
(Maybe) I am moving to Florida, from California in one month!
I am on SSI permanently, and am 60 years old! I am looking for something cheap like, unfurnished the size of a car garage, Near city busses! I am not sure yet about SSI rules for cooking facilities…
I rent a house and the owner has decided to sell. Whenever they have someone interested, the manager contacts me for an appointment. I appreciate
that, but I have now shown the house almost ten times, myself. The manager doesn't come so I'm shaking hands with realtors and their clients, just weird. Plus, they're quizzing me on any…
How do I find owner to a home I'm renting a room in?
landlord is illegally renting a room and trying to get us out by a restraining order we pay rent on time and her reason is we don't mesh with her family
i need a fenced in yard for a husky and a beagle. can you help me out?
looking for a single family home for an educated couple with some pets. fenced in yard ks the most important thing. all the pets are very well behaved.
Renting 1br apt with private balcony on Stockholm st for $1950. Sunny and spacious.
All brand new. s/s appliances with full dishwasher and more.
I am in need of a place to rent. I am a section 8 recipient. I have 3 children. 2 living at home. I work a full time job with the county.
I take extreme pride in where I live. I just need to get out of this crime ridden neighborhood. Preferrably in the 32808 or 32818 zip code area.
I'm looking for an agent to help find a rental property for young couple (Med. Fellow) moving to Augusta from NYC. Max mo. budget is
$1,000/month. Prefer to be in nice area close to Medical College. Will be in Augusta Thursday and Friday this week. Would like to meet, establish relationship and see a few properties as well as learn…
Going up for auction for unpaid taxes. What will happen to us, the tenants?
We have lived in this house for 8 yrs. Now we are finding out that the landlord has not paid the taxes and the house will go to auction in a few months. What happens to us, the tenants
Bay Area( Peninsula) Section 8
I'm having trouble searching for a landlord or property owner that will accept a section 8 housing voucher. Has anyone had any luck finding anything in the peninsula? Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm need someone to sublet my 2 bd/1 bth luxury apartment with only 4 months left in the lease. Fenced yard/Furnished Optional! No Deposit!
I need someone to sublet my apartment at Ethos (4 months left). You are tucked away on 55 acres of woodland views and have 4 miles of hike and bike trails! It's an extremely unique living space, if you…
Need Help!! ISO a rental property in any of the following areas: Spring, Humble, Porter, Klein, Conroe, Tomball
I've been looking to make a move but haven't had any luck finding a place, mainly because I live In East Texas. I would like to speak with a realtor that would work with me on my credit issues and help…
Application Process
Are there any realtors that will send applications by email to help start off the application process since when someone lives 3-4 hrs away?
Trying to find a 2 bedroom 1 bath in Eastside King County. Found several that I like but get no response from them. Scam maybe?
Have found multiple listing in our price range and locations but get no response from the renters, the first one I did was a scam but had high hopes for the others. Our lease will be up at the end of April…
Do you have an agent that can help me with my search?
I'm currently searching for a home to rent on the westside of Indianapolis. After tirelessy searching, I've become frustrated with my results.
Can you please have Trulia send me listings of rentals that accept section 8.?
I've already made a request for listings of properties that accept section 8 but Trulia is sending me listings of properties that don't accept section 8. For health reasons I prefer listings…
Film production rentals -- commissions
I'm considering putting my house up for short-term lease for movie productions or for A-list actors who are starting in the films. What is a typical commission structure for the agents involved?…
How would I know if the contact person/landlord who posted a property is legitimate?
False information about the property. No contact phone number, only an email address.
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