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Hello,,Musician moving to Naples from Nov.1 thru April2
Hi,looking for a room with private bath,in downtown Naples area. I have a steady gig, and looking to keep my rent under $1000 a month, Thank you for your time.
This is a very frustrating site. Many, many SCAM RENTALS on it. If there are any legitimate offers, I am looking for a 3-4 BR that will allow pets.
Please send viable available units that are in a family friendly, decent to great school zone area, to me. I have wasted way too much time looking. A person who works hard should be able to provide a…
Relocating to Springfield
Hi, I'm moving to Springfield, IL in about a month. I need at least 2 bedrooms and 1-2 bath apartment or rental house with a price range of $600-1000 a month. I have 2 cats so would prefer non-carpet…
Hello, I rented a property in Feb of 2015, it was supposed to be a year lease. The PM said he has no issue listing on MLS to get it rented.
It's been 45 days and it is not on the MLS only a rent sign in the yard. He is an older gentlemen, and his son owns the property, they've always been honest. He wrote up an agreement, that I'd pay my month…
Ive been renting our house for 10 yrs and owner refuses to upgrade unless its emergency plumbing. There is mold, leaky faucets, fallen trees and shed
Rent increased to $1850.00 w/ assurance that upgrades would be made. The only upgrade we've received is fake wood flooring which was covered under insurance bcuz our toilet overflowed onto carpeting.…
I need help!!!! PLEASE READ- eviction on credit need a place to rent!
I need help are there programs that are legitimate consigner companies a list anywhere of places that will accept evictions? Credit is pretty messed up too :( I'm a 27 year old mom with a 6 year…
housing voucher
hello am looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom home in dc and takes housing vouchers
Are there any agents that can help me find a 3 or 4 bedroom in northern Illinois.?
Are there any agents that can help me find a 3 or 4 bedroom in northern Illinois. I am using a section 8 voucher. I would like to move to zion, il or Vernon hills, Waukegan, Deerfield, beach park, or…
Landlord Breaks Lease
We signed a contract and gave security deposit on 9/11 to agent. The day before we moved in 10/2, the owner calls and says he is not letting us move in because I said I was moving in alone, but was moving…
Big dog friendly house?
I'm moving to San Antonio in December and we have 3 dogs. 2 are huskies and 1 boxer mix. I'm looking for a home with a yard. We do not mind paying a pet deposit and whatever deposits are required. I'm…
Looking for a rental for about 3-4 months
Looking for a studio/1 bedroom along Waikiki. Flexible with price (looking for a good location and good value).
Hello, Do you have any information about houses or apts for rent in Johnson VT?
Hello, Do you have any information about houses or apts for rent in Johnson VT? I'm looking for a short-term, furnished one (1- or 2-br) from early January to late January 2016. Will really appreciate…
Hi. I found a rental property yesterday listed On your site. The owners have agreed to rent to us but are asking for money...
In an unconventional manner so I'm thinking it may be a scam. The Owners are Mark and Karen Murphy. The ad was live yesterday for s rental property located at 817 Fall Creek Drive in Murfreesboro,…
Thanks for taking my question. I am moving to Statesville, NC living with a dear friend until I find a place to live. Is there a possibility?
Of finding an apartment to rent with payments between $600 and $700 in the mountains of NC? Clearly, it seems Asheville will not offer this. Where is there a place in the mountains which may offer this…
Hello, Im a mother of 3 job is relocating to Rock Hill, SC and I am looking for a nice affordable place that takes Section 8 voucher.
Im coming from a nice area in TX, so I would like to move my kids in a home thats just as nice. Please give me a call at 3307055570 asap please
what is the rental market in Jackson, NJ?
what type of people are renting - are they singles, families etc? Are they looking to rent condos, single family homes and in what price range? any advice would be appreciated.
I have a sweet pit bul and other small pets, I need a 2-1 apartment between Pompano y Boca Raton, Powerline being the western limit.
Does a place exist where pets and owners aren't discriminate by the pet's breed in this area??? FYI.. I can pay a Maximun of $1200
I am currently renting a condo and I am having trouble with scorpions.
I have a four year old and a 16 month old, do I have any legal rights to break my lease without any penalties?
Can your rental have a "as is" clause?
I rented a single family house months ago. When I moved in both of my toilets worked to some extent just not the best plumbing. 19 days ago one of the toilets wouldnt flush and raw sewage started coming…
My 20 year old daughter moved to Atlanta, GA to work. She is getting her first rental property in her name. Having issues finding a private landlord.
I need #s for landlords in safe neighborhoods to look at properties with my daughter. I'm coming from FL for 2-3 days to search. Immediate need.
Removing properties from your site?
Please remove my properties from your site completely. Units that have been rented for at least a year I've found on your site. This is very misleading to users.
Abandoned buildings
I am trying to find an old abandoned building like a hospital or a jail to shoot part of a local independent film . My question is can you give me advice on how to go about finding one
Looking for place within the next month asap
I have bad credit due to losing my job and being out of work for three years. Finally back to work after creating my own. Can someone direct me in the direction of a place willing to rent to someone with…
I can not delete a rental as directed on your directions can you please delete this home rental we already rented it 1807 Doris Dr Menlo Park
FOR RENT 1807 Doris Dr Menlo Park, CA 94025 Please delete we already rented it I can not delete it I tried everything
Do you have a 6 month lease rental in GA with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths? Private landlord vs Management
Hello, I am looking to relocate to GA in Novemeber/December. I would love to be down there before it gets cold here but I have to give my current landlord notice. I would like to be 30 to hour away from…
Harbors at Haverstraw
Are any utilities included in the rentals at the harbors?
i was wondering if your realty took section 8.
-- This question was asked from this property:
apartment i found on your site
hi i requested information on a rental on your site 112 cascade st deltona fl 32725 i was contacted and asked to fill out a renters application then they asked to send the money which was a deposit for…
Moving from MD to NV
Hello. I'm relocating from MD to NV and need help with finding a realtor. I will be renting, have bad credit from previous job loss but very good income. Also I won't be leaving MD until i…
2Bed&Bath condo in Redmond, WA close to 148th and Redmond way -- what is good price to rent?
I have a Condo in Redmond, WA and would like to know best price to rent. 2 bed and 2 bath with 1081 Sqft.
Hi my name is Krys and I have a section 8 voucher for a 1 bedroom.
Hi my name is Krys and I have a section 8 voucher and I'm looking for a house or townhome/condo/duplex. Im having a hard time trying to find a landlord or real estate company who excepts section 8 and…
Love your Rental search, but your filters suck. When I select "Large Dogs", I do NOT want to see an apartment that only accepts dogs up to?
20 pounds. Obviously, you and I have a very different view of what a large dog is. I know that is not really a question...more of a problem with your program. Please fix it.
Best way to find short term reputable leases.
I am a pharmacy student planning for rotations, I may need to have a short term 3 month lease in this area and want to know your opinion of the best way to find a reputable short term lease. Thanks in…
Does Colorado have a tax that tenants have to pay monthly?
I am getting ready to sign a 12 month lease and they are informing me that I have to pay a tax each month based on the amount I pay for rent and I have never experienced this before and want to make sure…
Not Perfect House For Rent in Perfect Location - Doable?
We have a great house with THE best location and amenities but it needs updates that we cant afford right now. Nothing that stops the house from being safe or functional, just cosmetic type things. We…
How important is credit history vs rental history?
We have bad credit but an excellent source income and rental history, how hard would it be to find a home to rent. We are relocating due to a job transfer and would like to rent for the first year or…
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