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Master Bath clogged what are our renters rights?
What rights does a renter have if a landlord is unwilling to fix something? We have had a blocked pipe in the master bath for 2 weeks now. The toilet is flushing up sewage into the shower and tub. The…
Why do you allow an individual to list on your site who practices very poor and illegal rental practices?
I located a house on your site which I rented from an individual named Joe Burnett I moved into this house on 9/25/15 beginning on 10/8/15 I started having major plumbing issues with sewage backing into…
I never get any feedback from any of the homes I inquire about, why is that?
I do not get any responses via email/phone from the houses I want to view or apply for. This is very frustrating.
Temp housing in Danville, CA
A nice family of 5 is looking for temp housing in Danville (close to Greenbrook) for July thru Oct., while our house is being renovated. Min 2 bdr. We have no pets. Thnx so much!
How much time does a SSN Disabled person legally.have to vacate a rental house, if landlord is selling and requests a move ASAP.for renov.
Fixed income, Second Open Heart Surgery scheduled for Feb 1st, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota at my expense. Post Op Convelesing in Minnispta for two to three weeks. Returning home, further convalescing…
Hi, I need to look at a rental listing from 6 months ago (or less) that is no longer listed, #3200495295. Is there a way to do this?
I need to clarify the original rental listing to what is now a contradictory issue with the new landlords, please help me in this matter, thank you.
Looking for a 1 bdrm house or apartment in Arcata, Mckinleyville, or Trinidad that will allow 1 large dog.
I am an oyster farmer that will begin a job for a professional company located in Samoa, CA January 1st. Hard to find a place that will allow a large dog (80 lbs). He is 5 yrs old and trained. Anything…
Can anyone help me find a 5 bedroom house that accept section 8?
I am looking for a Section 8 house and need to be move in by Dec 15. I am open Carrollton Farmers Branch Plano lewisville area as well as garland. my voucher amount is 2200 can anyone help please.
I need help, I'm relocating from Manchester NH to Albany-Colonie NY area in less than a month. I need to find a house rental quick.
Looking for good school system, great neighborhood to raise 3 children, close to shopping, parks & recreation. House I'm looking for is an updated home with at least 4 bedrooms, 2baths, playroom…
Does the Statute of Frauds in NJ apply to residential leases or is it only for commercial?
I have not found any information on SOF that mentions residential property. It mostly refers to commercial leases in what I have been reading. Does anyone know how this is applied in NJ?
Are NJ landlords be held liable for several Security Deposit reporting infractions?
In NJ the landlord must notify tenant of security deposit bank details within 30 days…if they do not, does it become the tenant’s responsibility to request it? Is there a “notice of cure” that…
I'm trying to manage my listings for an apartment that I listed. there is no option for My LIstings in any of the navigation menus
I have no option to access my listings, in any menu or help hyperlink. This sit is becoming impossible for me to use. I need to cancel one of my listings, there is no way for me to do that.
Am I able to rent a house with bad credit ? In Raleigh North Carolina,
Wife and children going to be here in less than a week and I still don't have a place !! No one returns emails ??? I need help fast
Do we have a valid and legal lease?
We are leasing a home (Started in June)-(for rent) and recently found out in September that the city hadn't inspected the electrical or mechanical when we received a call from the landlord asking…
I'm interested in renting a property in Edgewood, Md or in Hartford county area if possible . I'm a single mother with son and daughter.
II'm looking for a nice 3 bed, 2 bath single family or townehome with basement, If you accept section 8 voucher I would like for someone to give me the opportunity to rent.The amount of the voucher is…
I'm looking a rental home in Mansfield, Texas and unsure as to what type of agent should I be looking for. Any suggestions?
So far, I've looked over various rental homes in Mansfield and am wondering what a next step might be. Is there a special type of agent who specializes in rental properties? I'm looking at either…
Looking for 2 Bedroom in West LA or Brentwood
I will be attending graduate school at UCLA and am looking to rent a two bedroom in Brentwood or West LA that includes parking for two. Am flexible on moving date (any time in August, beginning of September…
Reasonable rent in Bella Casa community near Apex nature park
I am planning to rent a home in the Bella Casa community near Apex nature park for $2000. What is the reasonable rent for 4 bed room, 3 bath single family home in that area? Your input is highly appreciated.
How can I report an agent with fake reviews?
I just reported this same agent on zillow. They have exactly the same reviews here and there, 34 reviews exactly in both places, and 5 stars every single one. Each individual review could look legit on…
Delete Listing of rental
3 Pleasant Street Apt 3 Fayville, Ma 01745
Is there a limit to how many homes can be converted to rentals in Aptos?
I've noticed that a lot of recent home sales in the area are being converted into rentals. Doesn't the city set a limit on how many homes can be converted into rentals? And if so, how can I find out the…
I have been trying to sign up to get emails for home rentals and the sign up is not user friendly at all.
so far I have signed in with three plus one of my own passwords and NONE of them work. Then I got to one page where it kept asking for a valid location, so I put in USA, United states, Frenchtown NJ and…
What do i do if the property manager stops answering my calls and requests and the company tells me to call him.?
I have mold from a leaky bathroom that took 3 months to fix afer multiple corospondance written and verbal and there is still a hole in my ceiling. And they said i have no mold. Its everywhere i had an…
How do I find homes that accepts section 8 in Denver co?
I'm looking for a place that accepts section 8 and is a 2bedroom if you know any please email me
I'm a single mother with 2 teens and I find it impossible to find a 3 bedroom home that accepts Section 8 vouchers. Any suggestions, please?
I need something in the area of West Harrison high school district but there doesn't seem to be anyone taking these vouchers that I was told were taken by most places.
I am need of help. I have an eviction on my credit report and need a place to rent by Jan 2016
My son and I are in need of a place to rent in a few months. I have a past eviction on my credit report which is making it hard for me to rent. Does anyone know of any companies or rental prop companies…
Desperately looking for a (at least) 4-5 bedroom home that takes Section 8 (Family of 6)
Hi, I am 22 years old and a family member of 6. We are desperately looking for a place to live that takes section 8. My mother is in kidney failure due to a hereditary disease and my grandmother is disabled.…
I need help finding an apartment.
My husband and I moved from out of town almost a year ago, since then we have both secured good jobs, transportation, and have started our plan to rebuild our credit. We are literally starting over. We…
Where would I fine a house that is on section 8?
Looking for a house that is on section 8 that I could rent on the southwest near Fondren/ Bellaire area
Unable to list post for rent.
I try to put my listing for rent and it makes me go through Postlet but the page doesn't load. What should I do? This page won't load and if I refresh it just…
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