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I am seeking a 4 bed/2 bathroom house in Lancaster with rent no more than $1275. Relocating from VA for a job at California Correctional Institution.
I will need to do everything online . since I won't be in the area again until I move. The house is for myself and my two children (13 and 9). Don't have the best credit, but good rental history. No evictions…
How do I take down a rental listing?
1274 Dakota Ave., Clovis, CA has been rented.
I want to rent a house in the Jacksonville area. I have a credit rating in the 500's.
Credit due to issues that have been resolved. Have a secure job with guarantee income of $75,000. What are my options??
NJ Renter ...Landlord wants to evict....
I live in NJ my landlord handed me a typed letter signed by him stating he wants me out in 30 days no reason stated in the letter, what are my rights ? He has a for sale sign out side the apartment,…
Why don't I get a response from this website when I hit the contact property button. It's frustrating because it's the only way I see
to find out about more and get a showing. Very rarely if ever is there a number to call.
How do I delete a listing?
Apt has been rented...but inquiries are still coming thru Trulia
I need to cancel my listing?? I can't find anywhere to cancel it. My Apartment has been rented and I keep getting messages from your website
My listing in under 490 Michigan Ave. Apt #5. Beaumont. Please cancel it. Thank you, Shannon Thomas
Do you offer any live work units?
I'm looking for a place that can serve as my apartment and home office weekdays with employees.
Do you offer any live work units?
I'm looking for a place that can serve as my apartment and home office weekdays with employees.
Validating our Tenants payments? Can Trulia help with their credit score?
Our tenants want us to somehow validate their payments (showing that they are on time - and somehow this will help their credit score). My wife and I new to being landlords. Can someone help us through…
DO NOT rent from "Tony" at 9290 Concordia... He holds it against you if you lived in a house owned by your family for the last 6 years. He is RUDE!!
He is arrogant and thinks his 'school of hard knocks' is justification to treat an Air Force war veteran (Afghanistan) like crap and criticize my living arrangements when he doesn't know my life history.…
2BR/2BA townhouse rental in the Dilworth/South End area of Charlotte?
I am looking to rent a townhouse in the Dilworth/South End area of Charlotte. Preferably 2BR/2BA & pets must be permitted (I have a small dog). Something newer is preferred and I am flexible on monthly…
Hello, I am looking for a 1 or 2 bedrooms rental in mystic/stonington/noank that allows pets and is less than 1100 a month. Thanks!
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question on eviction
Hi I wanted to know if their is anyone who will work with someone with an eviction on background. It is payed off and I am willing to agree to any terms. I can put down up to 12,000 looking for a…
I need to expire this post on Trulia and Hotpads. I took it off zillow last week but it's still up. I've emailed zillow 3 times asking for
assistance. Can you please help?
Hello, I am currently searching for somewhere to live with my two daughters and their father, however i have 2 prior evictions from student living
apartments 3-4 years back ;since then i have rented an apartment for 12 months and never paid late, finished out my whole lease on good terms. Me and the father of my children both work and im also a student…
I'm looking for a ROOM to rent....not apartment or house. Is this possible in Irvington?
I'm visiting my daughter who lives Irvington, and only need a room, possibly in someone's home for about 30 days. Much of this time, I will be travelling as well...
Rittenhouse/Grad Hospital 1 bedroom search
I'm looking for a one bedroom apartment in the Graduate Hospital/Rittenhouse Square area for around $1500 or less/month including off-street parking. The parking spot seems to be tough to find within the…
Need Legal Advice! - Hey guys I rented a place in Palmyra, NJ that is slowly turning out to be a disaster. The water makes us itchy when we shower,
the ventilation was essentially a cave filled with dust and god knows what else, i initially figured it was just vacant for a while and needed to be turned on but a month into the rental it didnt improved…
rent short terms
I am looking for a house / townhouse / apartment for rent for a maximum of five months since my husband and I are going to study in orlando, but find only rent for 7 months or vacation property rental,…
Hi, I just got out of the military and my husband is still active duty. We are due to move to the San Diego area in the next month or so but we are
trying to find a place before we get there but the issue is we don't know when orders are going to officially come in. We would like information on places local agents might have available towards…
Hello I Have A section 8 Voucher I'm looking to move To Tinley park, Orland Park, Palos heights , Orland Hills, Hickory Hills, Oak lawn and
surrounding Areas . my Voucher is for a 3 bedroom and up to $1850 depending on zip code . If you know of any please help looking to move ASAP or if you know landlords or realtors .
I'm a single mom with two boys. I make less than 3k a month and less than half of that is child support and the rest is income that I don't
have paystubs for because it is contract work. Most places want proof of payments and will only accept paystubs or something comparable and I don't have what they want. I'm stuck living with…
I am looking for a rental in Plainville, CT for $800-$1000/month.
I am looking for a rental in Plainville, CT for up to $1000/month. I would like heat and hot water to be included and they must have a good pet policy because we have a cat and a pitbull that would be…
Looking for a nice rental home
Family of 6 looking for a 4-5 bedroom home in Franklin. our current lease ends Aug 2014. We are hoping to find a long term rental we can live in until we are ready to buy our first home. Since we have…
I had offered an apartment for rent on Zillow, and now I have found a tenant. I discontinued the listing on Zillow, will it now auto delete on Trulia?
I received another inquiry about the apartment from Trulia--can you delete the listing? Or how do I do that?
Why would the mailbox be full on a brand new rental listing in Blue Jay, CA address 721 Old Toll Rd. It makes me wonder if the listing is
"true". My name is Pam Scofield, phone in Colorado 303-697-2734 Thank you for your help! Pam
I'm looking to find a 3bd home or apt. I have a recent rental judgement that has been paid in full, still have a difficult time finding something.
looking for help with finding a home staying in a hotel currently and it is very expensive need help to find place for me and my child and help is greatly appreciated.
Looking to rent a mobile home while our family is stationed in SD for 3 years but having a hard time finding information on rentals. Can anyone help?
We are a military family and will be transferring to San Diego in the fall. We are a one income household with several children and two dogs. We are looking to rent a mobile home in San Diego as other…
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