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How much could you pay for breaking a lease in san jose ca?
I gave a 30 day hardship notice and they are making me pay 2 months rent to break my lease. Is this what they can do?
Is there anyway I can get rid of my contract without having to pay the termination fee?
I just got a job in SF, but still have an NYC apt with 8 mo. left on my lease. I don't want to pay the contract termination fee, but I won't be penalized if I can find someone to take it over. Is there…
I need a house for rent
Hello .. I 'm looking for a 3 bedroom house forma rent in the area of brick , toms river or jackson new jersey, i need a private owner, my credit is 660 , but I have excellent references from my…
Landlord increased rent in September 100.00, and I just received another increase of 245.00 to start in December. I had given a repair list in August
The existing heat/air conditioning unit did not work. They replaced it with an air conditioner September 10th...Still no heater. I complained about roaches they came in and just put roach bait in just…
Turned down for an apartment - rental history problems
I am moving to a new location and applied for an apartment because I want to be there a few months before purchasing a home. I make a great salary working for a federal agency and teach online classes.…
Can a landlord limit the # of people living in an apartment?
I'm about to list my 1BR co-op for rent again in Kew Garden Hills. Can I limit the number of people allowed in an apartment, or does that violate the Fair Housing law? (I can't remember the exact name…
rent listing sold by other
Can I get commission if a house listed for rent with my company sold by others
How to deal with troublesome neighbors and what are our rights as far as renting goes ?
me and my room mates moved in only about a month ago which was july and now are looking for another place again reason being is the neighbors are very disrespectful , don't watch there kids , have…
I can't figure out how to use your rental search.
I am a little confused on how to use your rental search. Can I put more city in at one time? Also how can I just get the search to actually just show only the requirements I am looking for. Every time…
Any recommendation for a tenant screening?
Dear fellow agents, anyone can recommend a good and reliable tenant screening application? Thank you for your reply
Landlord's obligation to paint apartment while tenant is still living there
I gut renovated my apartment 5 years ago, and the current tenant moved in 4 years ago. The tenant wants the whole apartment re-painted, but the apartment still looks great, the walls still look clean,…
Landlord's painting obligations while tenant is still in unit
I gut-renovated the apartment I own 5 years ago and the current tenant has been living in the apartment for 4 years now. The tenant wants the place repainted, but the apartment still looks great, the walls…
Is it ok to raise the price of a rental house after the application fee is paid?
Applied and my application was accepted for a rental house. The realtor then said the monthly rent was higher than advertised. Is this legal?
How long does a listing last in your system?
If I list an apartment for rent, does it automatically end after a certain period? If so, how long? If not, how does one go about delisting it, once the apartment is rented? Please reply to
I am looking for a house to rent in McCall Idaho,All I can find is VACATION RENTAL, I am not looking for that,we are moving to McCall Idaho and would
just like to rent a house there first,maybe buying later ,can you direct me to the right listing Please? Thank You Alice Miller
Rental listing by owner--any brokerage fees
I'm a first time landlord with my place listed for rent. I received an email from a broker who has a "buddy/client" who is interested in my place. If his buddy ends up wanting to rent…
A potential landlord is asking for 6 months up front because of my lack of credit! First, Last, security deposit and 3 additional months up front!
I have already proven I make a minimum of 50k a year. The rent is $850. Is this an excessive request? What if the toilet blows up second day or the roof leaks? How "motivated" will he be to fix any…
Is a Tennant able to sublet rooms in a house?
I live in Sarasota, FL, my neighbor next door, who rents the home, sublets the vacant rooms in the house. This has created a problem being that they are picked off Craigslist with no background checks…
What is the average price to rent a 2-BR apartment for the winter season?
I am researching an article on the cost of aging, and will cite Trulia as the source.
I need help finding an affordable 2 bedroom apartment in Peoria (85382), AZ
I need help finding an affordable 2 bedroom apartment in Peoria (85382), AZ
I am renting a house in So Cal. We pay the water. Can the owner excessively water the lawn on our dime?
She comes over several times a week and sends the gardener over once/twice a week to water during the day. Also, has sprinklers watering at night, a few times a week. Here the drought guidelines are twice…
Facebook Listing
Hi. My apartment is listed for rent on Trulia, however I was wondering if there was a way to share the link on my FaceBook page as well. Can you please let me know. Thank you. I can be reached at fr…
We are having a problem with our landlord in Oak Lawn, Il. My friend and I live in a basement apartment and the owners (husband and wife) live
directly upstairs. My roommate and I are not from the USA (I am Polish she is Slovakian) and we are not aware of rental rules and renter's rights. Our apartment has only one entrance---our new American…
Hello, my husband and I are looking to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom private house for our student daughter.
Hello, my husband and I are looking to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom private house for our student daughter. She is a full time pre med student and we want to pay her full rent for her till she graduates, she…
What's the best way to rent mt home quickly for a fair price?
We're buying a home and renting our previous home, and we've got a time limit. We could use some tips.
I need an apt to rent ASAP.
Not a resident yet, but need the warm weather because of health issues. I've called many websites and realtors with ok luck at all. My monthly income is a little over &900.00, my credit is non…
I need an apt to rent ASAP.
Not a resident yet, but need the warm weather because of health issues. I've called many websites and realtors with ok luck at all. My monthly income is a little over &900.00, my credit is non…
so...say if i have a car payment thats past due and my boyfriend and i go to apply for an apartment together...
are they just looking to see if we ever had a house or apartment before. or will they use my car situation too?
How long does a landlord have to fix central air in the summer if it states in the lease that it is their responsibility?
We rent a house in media, pa and the C/A broke 6 days ago. The home warranty company that the landlord uses subcontracts and the HVAC company may not have it fixed for 5 more business days. What is an…
Can I, being a mexican citizen, buy a condo and rent it while I stay living in Mexico.?
I want to buy a 4 or 6 apartment condo in mcallen texas, I want to keep one for me and rent the others while I stay living in Mexico. Can I do this, do i have to have an employee, where can I read about…
Why do I get rental info for San Francisco when I never set up a search for there?
I'm going to bail from Trulia if I keep getting emails with searches I did not set up to receive. Just saying.
A roommate is having difficulty understanding the math of what it means when one person is to pay $100 more than the other renter.
2 Roommates are in a disagreement about how they initially agreed to split the rent. The inital agreement was that Megan is to pay $100 more than Bridget. Bridget is dividing the rent by 2 and then addint…
3BR 1-2BA rentable property needed. $800 month or lower.
We've got a little one coming in October and the house we live in now isn't suitable for a baby. Trying to move as soon as possible before she arrives. If you can help please contact at this…
I am interested in 4358 Forest Park Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108.
I am interested in 4358 Forest Park Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108. I am looking for a furnished small apartment or studio in Saint Louis. I would like to know prices. I intend to go this October, for 3 months. I…
Las Vegas NV Breaking lease due to bedbugs
I told landlord about bedbugs. I had a licensed pest control company at my house that detected them. Landlord said will not pay for. It's around $4500 for full house fumagation. Can I break my lease?…
I understand it is illegal for landlord to ask for more than 1 1/2 month security on rental. but is it illegal to accept more if tenant credit is not
good so they offer more security deposit or just insurance against damage in addition to security
Hello, we are an apartment locating business. We work with numbers communities in our area. Can we post general availability on this site?
We offer a free service to apartment seekers. Can we use our office address on each of the listings and information on the apartments we have available?
Yearly Rental inSouth County RI
Looking for a 3 bed 1 rental in the South County (possibly Warwick area) for under $2k. Pets need to negotiable.
Commission for rental renewal?
So I leased my property via a realtor last year and the lease is coming to an end in a few months. If the tenant wants to renew the lease, should I ask the same realtor that leased my property to renew…
We are selling our home in Colorado and would like to rent a house in the Tampa area. Do I have to sign a year lease?
Want to take a few months to check out different neighborhoods to find a permanent home within 6 mos to a year.
Hi, if renting, is it required that bedroom windows open and close?
I am renting a two-bedroom town home and I have been instructed(after moving in) not to open or close the upstairs bedroom windows. One of the bedroom windows is stuck partially open. The management…
occupancy limit
can i have more than the occupancy limit, that my landlord required in the lease, even though that i have a two bedroom apartments and over 1200 sq what is the occupancy limit in Harrison, NJ
Advice needed - how do I complain to my landlord for renting me an apartment with two windowless, basement bedrooms? (New York City)
Our apartment is on the ground floor of the building, and a duplex with two bedrooms in the basement. Thus, the bedrooms have no windows at all. Each room has its own door and besides that, there are no…
What should I do if renter is asking for advance payment before getting my house keys?
Owner of property is currently renting their home. How can I be sure that I am doing the right move on renting from someone out of state.
What's market value for office rental in Torrance downtown area?
About 400 sqft of space with 1 bathroom & 1 sink..
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