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Why does Trulia not show the name of the brokerage for agents on the listing??
This is basic information. Why does it only show the agent's name and phone number, not their company (brokerage)? This essential / basic information should be clearly visible on each listing.
I need help fast
I need to move asap I'm in pueblo need a house or duplex two or three rooms I'm disabled n I work on a ticket have staedy income please help
Moving cross country and looking for help finding a rental property, any agents/agencies that can help me?
By the end of March/beginning of April, my boyfriend and I are planning on relocating to NY/NJ/CT from Denver, Colorado. Since it's a cross country move, it requires lots of time and details to be worked…
I have a room for rent. How do I post it?
I want to post on Trulia, directly, not through Zillow
Does a landlord have the right to take your application fee if they already know you won't qualify for the apartment?
I found a three bedroom apartment in my price range. I submitted an online application providing income information to the property manager. We had some family issues and told the complex we would have…
How can I edit my listing?
My listing with Craigslist and/or Zillow is showing on your site too. I just set up a password on your site but it won't let me edit/change that listing
I'm looking for a studio to rent in Boca Raton in a safe neighborhood which is not too far from FAU.
Fully amenities. Gym, Markets and easy access to transportation.
Crime Rate near 6949 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605
I am seeing Crime Rate near 6949 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 as low but recent crime reports states lot of assault and vehicle theft are happening. Could you please suggest it is safe…
How do I take a post off online?
How do I take a post away??
I was using a property manager. He recently sent me a letter noting he was in ill health and had transferred my account to another agent.
Nothing is in our contract noting he has the ability to transfer my account. Is this legal? My renters were in the process of moving out and no one picked up the ball. No one showed up to coordinate their…
Looking for a room to rent from January 1st
Hi I am looking for a room to rent from January 1st for 6 months. I would be able to pay 1/2 of the overall rent upfront. Kind regards Diana Passinke email:
In California can I break a rental lease to purchase a home?
I have 10 months left on a 2 year lease.
I have been told by a few places that they don't rent to families, isn't this against the law?
I need to move to a bigger space for my wife and 2 kids, but am finding it difficult, and one landlord in particular said she only rents to the elderly or "professional" people and not families. I explained…
Why can I not find any landlords in Berwyn that will accept section 8 vouchers? Is this illegal?
I have good credit, good recommendations, I work part time, and I have no problem paying my security deposit. However whenever I ask a landlord if they will accept my section 8 voucher none of the rest…
I am re-locating to Largo with my company, I need a rental by June 1st need help locating one as most of the good ones rent to fast, need help.
I am currently in Dallas and need a realtor who specializes in rentals, may buy after I know the areas better. I want to live on the island within walking distance to beach, need 2 bedroom at least 900…
Multifamily homes
What does it mean when the listing says multifamily homes?
Is it required by law that a realtor in the California Association of Realtors must use the lease provided through C.A.R?
My company owns the homes and the realtor we have has informed us that she can only use that specific lease. We wanted to make a new lease with modified details and she said we cannot use any other lease.
Not receiving emails from the contact form
I am an RE agent. I just listed an apartment to rent and I was testing if I would receive an email if somebody is interested and filled out the form offered in the website, I put my name as a test, but…
How do I change the picture that comes up when my rental is viewed?
I want a different picture when the rental is viewed.
Will an apartment leasing company reject my application in California if I am currently leasing another home in Texas?
I currently have a lease in Texas with 9 months remaining and a subletter paying for the remainder of this lease. I am looking to move to California and am worried that with the two apartments, my ability…
I need to know how to delete a rental listing. Thanks!
Hello, I am with Choice Property Brokers in Pine Junction, CO. The realtor is David Petersmith. We currently have a rental listed at 34677 Circle Dr. in Pine, CO. This property has been rented and I am…
correcting previous inquiry..
Previous inquiry think I made mistake on info..senior inquiring on rate of 1-2 bedroom if has electric included in rent for a reasonable rent only living on less than $2000 a month..
Looking for a three bedroom house
Hello, I am looking for a 3 bedroom home, in a nice neighborhood. I don't have any pets, so if you know of anything please let me know. The most I can pay for rent is $969.
In general, who should pay for pets control in rental property?
Our tenants live our rental house for 2yrs, I am wondering who's responsible for house spray to kill unwanted pets. I don't remember that I see something like this in the rental contract.
Slow Removal of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy from Otherwise Very Good Credit Scores
I am currently working with an attorney to remove a chapter 7 bankruptcy I had to file in Feb. of 2009 due to a mental illness know most commonly as bipolar 1 disorder (manic/depression as I like to call…
How can I rent an apartment in NYC with a recent bankruptcy?
I've been renting a Studio apt in Manhattan for the past three years but it's VERY expensive and I need to lower my monthly rent & expenses but am concerned if I'll be able to get a landlord to rent to…
The Case of "The Terrible, Terrible, No Good Credit and The Good Girl"
My building was sold to LAX as part of a huge relocation program. I moved to this area from Venice for cheaper rent and to get back on my feet after suffering a disabling injury and coping with lupus.…
Can an Investor that owns multiple properties hire a person to manage and lease his properties that is NOT a Licensed Real Estate Agent?
Before I became a Realtor I briefly worked as a New Home Sales Representative with KB Homes and did much of what we, as agents, do when representing a Seller listing a property. But I was not required…
Slow Removal of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy from Otherwise Very Good Credit Report.* Help? *(All 3 are over 700, according to Experian)
I am currently working with an attorney to remove a chapter 7 bankruptcy I had to file in Feb. of 2009 due to a mental illness know most commonly as bipolar 1 disorder (manic/depression as I like to call…
Why doesn't it keep the information I've given when it comes to price, number of bedrooms and the type of home we are looking for?
I'll check out listings, going from one area to the other and I have to give the same information again and again in regards to what we're looking for in a home. I thought when I entered the…
How binding are real-estate listings?
Can a landlord refuse to allow something such as pets after signing a lease, even though the original listing declared that pets were allowed?
does the tenent have to clean the carpets before he moves out?
does the tenent have to clean the carpets before they moves out ?
Shall we report to bad tenants listings?
Our previous tenants left the country on visa issues and will return in future. If we report to bad tenants listings, their reputation will be damaged. Seek your professional opinions. They had a…
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