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What are some tips on what should be done before-hand when a buyer is expecting to remodel a home after completing the purchase?
i.e. Check in with the city about permits, find potential contractors for bids, etc.
Two electricity meters in a single family house legal or not?
I just want to make sure is it legal to have two electricity meters reading for two different floors in a single family house? Thanks.
I am looking for a reputable general contractor for a 203k home repair in Dallas TX. Home has been inspected. Any recommendations? Need ASAPThank you.
House needs foundation, roofing, and plumbing repairs (gas and water). Am in a hurry to find someone good - the seller is being difficult and is wanting to close on Sept. 15, which is probably not going…
looking for builders in naples fl.
Hello, we purchased some property off of immokalee road. We are looking for a builder that will work with us and we obviously don't want to pay too much! We need an idea of what the square footage…
Window Replacement
I would like to find a resonable, reputable, reliable, and cost effective window replacement company near University Area?
I want to remodel my house and need an architect in north Los Angeles. I don't know where to start looking for one. Anyone have recommendations?
for someone reasonable who does good work? I don't know of any friends who have hired anyone good. Any suggestions for a first timer working with an architect? Thank you!
Minority contractor needed for major renovation
Looking for Minority contractor in the Philadelphia area, to do major construction and renovation. Be prepared with references, licenses and insurance
Does anyone have recommendations for a good pool installation company in the Bay Area?
We are looking to install a new inground pool in our backyard. But this is seeming to be almost as complicated as building a new house - so many things that can go wrong! I want to find a trustworthy…
I purchased a home for cash, $122,000. and had $100,000 set aside for renovations. Now short about $50,000. best loan option?
I purchased a home for cash, $122,000. and had $100,000 set aside for renovations. One problem after another and I now find myself about $50,000. short of finishing. We were turned down by Capital One…
Polished concrete vs. hardwood
1 - Which costs more to install? 2 - Has anyone dealt with polished concrete for more than a couple years? How does it hold up? 3 - If the polished concrete stain comes out poorly, is it possible to…
I'm looking at a duplex foreclosure and wonder how much it is to remodel it. Focus would be on inside, new floors, kitchens, bathrooms. outside
paint. two units, 3 BR and 1 bath, 2 BR and 1 bath. all the floors, bathrooms and kitchens need to be remodeled. nothing there to work with. floors should be hardwood floors, 3k sqf is the total footage. furnace…
How much would a gut rehab cost?
I was looking at a garden unit at on Hinman near the Main St. El station. The unit is huge, with a private entrancec, and in an upscale neighborhood. But it is in horrible condition. The layout is odd,…
Extending bedroom and bath. Total addition is 225 sq feet. Building a new living room, size 225 sf feet (450 sq ft total). In Fremont, CA. Cost?
I am extending my master bedroom and bath. The total addition is 225 sq feet. I am also building a new living room, size 225 sf feet. Thus total additions are 450 sq feet. The new living room is next to…
Converting a garage to a "bonus studio" space in Los Angeles?
My detached garage is largely used as a dusty, disorganized closet space. I'm thinking about converting to an updated bonus studio. Ideally, I'd replace the garage doors with french doors, insulate & drywall,…
Cost for Repointing a Brick & Mortar, Multifloor Residence
3 tall stories, building is 50x100, in Northern NJ. Whats the cost/squarefoot?
Adding a rooftop garden to my row house in Harlem
I want to add a rooftop garden to my row house in Harlem. Do i need an architect ? If yes, does anyone have good recommendations? My husband wants to do most of the work himself with his friend - but…
Bathroom Upgrade
I'm planning to completely redo my bathroom. I live in a one bed/bath condo. I want to remove the tub completely and install an upscale walk-in shower . Do you think this is a wise idea?
I own a one Bed/Bath Condo across fro Piedmont Park in Midtown.
I want to install an upscale walk in shower and do away with the tub. Is this a thing I should do?
1726 S Chester Ave
Landscaping and exterior renovations / repair
I have yet to find any contractor or agents that can assist me with driveway repair and stamping; garage floor repair and refinishing; and foam jacking. No one seems to have any references or resources.…
Shower or bathtub
We are remodeling the bathroom in our vacation home. I just removed a huge jetted bath tub and I have a lot of space. I want to replace it with a really nice big 2 person shower stall. My concern is…
Home upgrades to raise the value.
What upgrades are the best to raise the value of the home. I am military and am purchasing a home. What upgrades should I concentrate on the increase the value if I must sell within a year or two?
The cost to remodel in Campbell, CA (San Jose, CA Area)
I'm looking to buy a new house in Campbell, CA for the purpose of taking it down to the studs and remodeling it. I will probably move a few walls but my desire is to update the electrical, plumbing,…
Anyone go as far out as Wellington area? Or do you know a site to go to?
Looking for bids to do renovation and addition to 1328 sq ft home on foundation. interested in 600 sq ft addition with unfinished basement under addition. In Weld county, zoned Ag, rural property,
Making your basement deeper?
I live in Chicago and I'm planning on buying a house in the Norwood park, Edison park or forest glen area. I was wondering how much does it cost to make your basement deeper in a home? My wife and…
Putting down hardwood floor in an old (1970s) condo?
Hello. I'm considering putting down hardwood floors in an old (1970s) condo unit. Subflooring's uneven. Will it be worth it when selling ten years from now? Who can I consult to see if it's appropriate…
Moving from remodel costs in TX?
I understand the answer depends on many factors, but I am looking for some ballpark figures/general guidelines. If I buy a 50-60 year old fixer-upper, single family house in the Irving or Dallas area,…
Home Improvements - Storage/Living Space
Our home is 2600sf with a value of $349K and it's located in the Hill Country just outside San Antonio, in a gated community on a 1 acre lot. The house was designed to be a two story but was…
Extending a bedroom
Hi people. What would it cost to extend a bedroom by probably ~60 sq ft. Including foundation and roof. With permission at Fremont ca. It is 1960 house. What are the assumptions in the pricing? Of course…
Grandfathering laws in Ca
My gramps built our home in 1960. We want to convert the garage into a bedroom and the attic for storage. Is the current framing and electrical grandfathered? Or will we need new permits. We live in Ca.
Appraisal - Deck Stairs
I am having my home appraised and I am concerned about my deck stairs. The deck itself is a second floor deck that has seen better days but seems structurally stable. The stairs, however, are a complete…
Looking to buy wood frame home in S. Florida. Problem: insurance & locals advise not to buy - moisture, efficiency, resale. Can I cover with brick?
Found home in great area WPB (S. Florida) but it's wood frame, built 1984. No noticeable rotting or water damage, but locals & insurance shun wood frames citing moisure retention issues, poor insulator…
Looking for reliable/affordible contractor to build an addition and garage conversion in Santa Barbara. Any reccomendations?
Much like the subject says, I have submitted plans for a garage conversion and remodel of a small house in Santa Barbara (Westside). Looking for a relaible and affordible contractor for the rough construction…
What options are available to finance a very much needed home remodel/renovation?
What options are available to finance a very much needed home remodel/renovation? We have been in our house for approximately 4 months. Our house appraised for what we financed and our loan company did…
How to obtain floor plans for existing home in Durham, N.C.?
Home built by Sunstar which was bought by Lennar
Prop 58 and renovating my home
Do Prop 58 taxes fall under the same rules as a renovation under Prop 13? I own a home that falls under Prop 58, so my property taxes are very low. I would like to renovate (update everything on the same…
Renovate/rehab or sell? Guestimate the cost to renovate based on the description below.
I am deciding if I should sell the home as is or "modernize" it. The home was built in 1924, has three bedrooms and 1 full bath with one half bath. The home has been neglected for the past 15…
How much will a new AC cost me?
I have a very old swamp cooler I need to replace. How much will a brand new air conditioner cost me with installation? Has anyone bought one in the last few months that can give me a close approximation?…
General Contractor
Does anyone know some good reputable General Contractors for Rehab Projects on the Florence, AL area ?
Office build out cost per sq ft?
What is the typical cost one can expect to pay to build out a general office in NYC starting with a completely raw space?
I want to add a second floor as well as extend my house. I want to save money but still use a licensed contractor. Will contractors be willing...?
Will contractors be willing to do an extension just up to say sheetrock walls and plywood floors. Or are they required by code to finish the entire project. My goal is to do the finish work myself.
How much would it cost to finish building a house in Staten island (4500 sq ft).?
It's just a frame right now standing up with plans available. Exterior and interior needs to be finished. I want to get three competitive estimates from reputable builders. Advice on prices and builder…
How durable is Reward Hardwood Flooring?
I am in the process of switching my flooring from Carpet/Tile to all Hardwood floors. Has anyone heard of or know about Reward Flooring? If so, what information can you share with me. I know the manufacturer…
Any ideas of the difference in cost between a tear-off roof on a Chicago bungalow and adding the basic construction of a couple dormers?
I have a Chicago bungalow and need a new roof in 1-2 years. I also want to build a couple dormers up there in the somewhat near future. I don't have to money to finish the second floor, but anyone have…
How important do you think is carpet cleaning in a home remodel?
I have decided on a home remodel and have somethings I need to clean as well. I am confused, should I include carpet cleaning in this house cleanup? Does it really help to change the look of that room? Your…
Should I get a residential roofer?
Is there any benefit to hiring a residential roofer who doesn't do commercial work? If I hire someone who does both, will I see any decline in quality? Or is the opposite true? Would it be better…
Will installing wood plank ceramic tile in my Charlotte, NC area home hurt resale value?
My home was built in 2012 and I'd like to upgrade the flooring. Most homes have hardwoods but my dog's nails will ruin them, if I went that route. I plan on selling within the next 5 years…
Pros and cons of vinyl siding
I've been doing some research, and I'm considering having new siding installed on my house. Can someone help me out with some pros and cons? The siding I'm using currently is about twelve years old, and…
What's the average cost per sq ft to rebuild in San Mateo? Our house has foundation issues and we would like to go up to 2,300 sf ft in Sunnybrae.
Our rebuild will be more complicated because we need to keep our 1 car garage to be grandfathered in under code. If we do a complete tear down we need to put in a 2 car garage which we don't want.
I recently got a quote for all new windows in my Parkmont, Fremont home. I understand Andersen is a good brand, but does $40k sound right?
The quote includes replacement of 11 windows and 1 sliding glass door. Does this sound high?
we have a house that an extemely old house that needs the whole house remodeled.
Any experts who can give us guidance on if we should rebuild or sell? Please give me some guidance here.
Standard tub or walk in shower for resale value?
We have a 4 BR, 2 full bath home in Orlando, FL. Considering removing the standard tub for a walk in shower. Good idea for resale and value? Thanks, Pat
I have a small (1650sf) 4 bedroom, 2 full bath home in Orlando Fl. Planning to remodel the 2nd/guest bathroom.
Considering removing the tub and replacing with a full size "wow" shower with a frameless door. Is this a good move or is the 2nd tub a must for resale down the road a few years? Thanks, Pat
Should I do my own drywall?
I've done a little bit before, but I wonder if I should hire someone to drywall my basement. I know it will probably look a little nicer, but will it be worth the cost? And what can I expect to pay?
Why hire a roofer?
Can somebody give me some pros and cons to hiring a roofer? I've got a little bit of experience myself, and I'm wondering whether it'd be better to hire someone or just do it myself with…
Is vinyl siding more desirable than aluminum siding for resale value?
I'm fixing up a house. I have a choice between vinyl vs alum siding. The vinyl will cost $4000 more than the aluminum. In my market (Royal Oak, MI), this house is consider in the middle-upper class.
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