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How do you like Rockledge and how long have you lived there? If you had a do over, where would you be living?
We will retire in two years and are just starting our search. We are leaning toward the Atlantic side, central.
My neighbor who is an owner is a chronic problem banging on the shared walls at 7am or slamming her apartment door late at night I have called the PD
to file noise complaints but the building mgr has refused to address my complaints stating "we live too close to each other" or "what do I expect him to do" the prior tenents had similiar…
Are there any good running/jogging routes in the Scottsdale area?
I was particularly wondering about the canal situation.
Can I evict tenant when sub tenant involve in illegal activity?
Subtenant is involved in illegal activity and sentenced to jail. Tenant sublet without my permission.
What are a great weekend trips for someone living in NYC?
What are some reachable destinations if one were to rent a car or hop on the train?
Allergies in El Dorado Hills?
I currently live in the South Bay Area and my allergies have been challenging since the onset at age 30. My family and I are considering moving to EDH this year and I was curious to know if other folks…
What is your favorite thing about Smyrna's growth?
There are so many things happening in Smyrna TN right now--new stores, restaurants, and new homes. What is your favorite part of the growth in Smyrna? Anyone concerned about traffic?
Thinking of relocating to Fort Myers Bch FL from NJ. I am an RN, will be bringing my husband and 3 kids.
What can you tell me about the area, schools (kids are now in pre-k, 5th grade, and h.s. junior), quality of life. Will be looking to rent or lease w/option to buy. Will need at least 4 bdrm. Are such…
Is this house available now?
I would like to see this on-line and rent immediately. Please provide feedback. Tricia Kolsby 404-229-5389
Best For home sale purchase
Are you searching a good website for home searching or another different thing for real estate. http://healthwealthidea.tumblr.com/
How is the quality of life in Souderton?
How is this town? What is the school system like? My husband and I are looking at homes in this town. We are relocating from NJ. Thanks!
fixer-uppers for rent?
I have my own tools, and do old house restorations. Where do I find these properties?
Garden Grove Vero
I saw a home in this community on Hawthorne Ln also saw one in Waterford Lakes. Can't decide which community is the best. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
We're looking to move into the Audubon area. How far does the sound of guns from the Rod and Gun club travel?
The Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club is at 2857 Egypt Rd. The club is open until midnight-- how loud are the shots, and how often do you hear them?
I have a section 8 voucher for 2 BR.I cannot find a real estate that has any listings.I have searched the internet for rentals & found nothing .
I use to live in Far NE Phila on sec 8 & had to move to mayfair for 12 years.I Have been looking for 6 mths & running out of time.I don,t have a lot of money for a sucurity deposit.I don't…
Commercial Recylcing
I am needing to get recycling for my commercial building, but I am unsure if I can get the residential recycling center to do it for us. Do I need to hire a special company? Recycling is something that…
Is sunnyvale california right for me?
Im from minnesota and going to the art insitute i want to know the ups adn downs of this city and if it is expensive, is it a party city or a chill city, close to the beach, good employment rates? etc.
I've noticed a few very appealing homes in the Eastmont Hills section of Oakland. I'm aware that there isn't
any local retail and that Eastmont has a terrible crime rate. I'm wondering if the hilly sections are set apart enough to make the streets safe and generally friendly. If anyone has in depth knowledge…
We are looking for a rental house in the Cottonwood area or Sugarhouse area.
We need a 3-4 bdrm 2 bath w/ 2 car garage & RV parking, allowing pets(2dogs/2cats). Needed by January...Max Rental would be $1300.00 pm. Please contact me if you have anything to offer. lsimpkins248@comcast.net
I just accepted a job in Greensboro (New Irving Park)can you reco great family and school neighborhoods
We are moving from Worthington OH - which we love all the amenities and great schools... looking for great walkable town feel, walk to coffee shops, schools, parks close to everything else
I may be moving to the Akron area (yipes!) Where would you recommend me to live?
I live in the Cleveland area now and am looking for nice neighborhoods, good schools and very light crime! I will be working early hours so a short drive would be appreciated. Is there a good place…
Whats It like in San Diego?
I live in pittsburgh and I am deathly scared of storms and tornados. And thats all it does here is storm... I am so tired of living like this, I just want to live life happily.
Looking for the rate of change in income and property values in this area over periods 1965-1975; 1976-1986, 1987-1997, 1998-2008, and 2008-present.
I'm doing a sociological assessment of established but eclectic communities in the Appalachian area. Claysville, 15323 was of interest because of unusually disparate income variances over a small…
the rental listing you have for 1075 Amador St Claremont CA 91711 is fraudulent. My wife and I own this house, and it's not for rent - please
remove that listing and block anyone from trying to sell or rent our house. Signed the owners; Living Trust for Andrew Flagg & Pacita Enabacan e-mail me at aaflagg@yahoo.com if you need something…
What can a non-smoker do to stop a smoker from buying up wind. Do agents have a responsibility to inform the perspective home buyer?
Do I have any rights to fresh air? -- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/price/3094015105-5274-Javier-St-San-Diego-CA-92117
Who convey's and is it conveayance same there're your convienence?
Convey Like Convey same as like a sunder is as to No Cheating!?
I am relocating and looking for a good (pleasant, safe) neighborhood for a one to two bedroom condo or apartment for rental or purchase.
will be working in the 78216 zip code. Would prefer a unit with a washer dryer and pool.
Looking for Money lender. That can help me as soon as possible
I need money as soon as possible. I'm selling my car but its longer to sell then I thought. I need to barrow money anyone know people who lend money and I can pay by week or monthly back?
What is the most enjoyable aspect about living in the City of Aventura, Florida 33180?
What is the least desirable experience you had from living in Aventura?
What are the nicest Active Adult communities in and around Phoenix?
I am looking for an Active Adult community in the area of Phoenix for about $200K, and at least 1400 sqft in a single story SFR. What do you think is a good one, and why? Please include the subdivision…
Are roads and services still being maintained in hot springs village?
Are the Housing Association fees sufficient to cover maintenance of amenities
What is the % of college educated residents in Hot Springs Village? What percent are retired, What kinds of?
businesses, occupations, professions are represented? Is there a profile available of the residents?
My husband just got an offer to relocate to Dallas, TX by November of 2014. We now live in Upstate New York and are originally from California.
We have two children who will be entering 2nd and 4th grades. Main concerns are 1.) schools, 2.) manageable commute time into downtown Dallas, 3.) safe community with lots of families, 4.) walking/bike…
I purchased home in a hoa. Was never disclosed to me.
Hoa will not disclose financial statements, bylaws, nothing. What are my rights. Residents are hestitant to ask
Which town would be best for two working parents and two young children? Westport or Weston?
We like Westport because of its excellent schools and it's a beautiful town, but we also like Weston because it's a nice small community (small population) and all kids go to the same schools. Can you…
Condo club fees
There are a few 55 condos here in Florida that require membership in the condo club at rates of around $70,000 and $81,000. Do they ask for a lump sum or payout over time? If a lump sum, how in the world…
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