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I am looking to buy in Andover and have a young family. Are there any best bets for family friendly?
neighborhoods or elementary school areas where I would be best to focus my attention?
What's the deal with allergies and sickness in the Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, etc areas?
Is there some definitive reasoning behind this that I should be aware of before buying in one of these areas? We notice ours and many other family's children seem to be sick often and in fact more…
OFF TOPIC; NOT RE RELATED - Fun question about the Winter Olynpics
If you could be a Winter Olympian in Vancouver 2010, which sport would you participate in? For me it would be Ski Jumping. Those athletes are amazing and fearless! Imagine going down a 45 angle ramp…
I would like to hear from someone who has or is buying a house thru Dallas' Enterprise program, Please.
I want to speak with someone who has shared a decision with me & their peerspective.
Question for pros and every one familiar with Baton Rouge, LA: how the upcoming construction on WalMart on
Burbank/Bluebonnet intersection will affect quality of life in Springlake and Faihill SBDV ? Thank in advance
I am an interior architect/designer, health coach, and mode originally from San Francisco. Am looking for a guest house - ione bedroom to rent.?
Would also like possibility of some traded services- business, health coaching, writing - cooking that might be needed. Any suggestions - I could certainly help with any remodels as well, as I have worked…
Is there a water tabel map available for zip code 19711?
The U. of Delaware has a water tabel map and it has been on the net but the last time I saw it the range was from 10 to 40 and it wasn't clear if it was inches or feet.
It's Presidents Day! Who was your favorite President?
There were many great presidents from Washington to Obama. Who was your favorite? I liked Regan and Kennedy. Those were the days when the office of the President was respected. Today we have division…
HOA changed property management Co. and was never notified!!!
So after nearly 5 years in our current home and paying all of our HOA fees through automatic payment. And evan recieving letters on how well maintained our front yard was. Apparently our HOA hired a new…
Looking for a Simsbury neighborhood where kids (all ages through upper teens) come outside to shoot hoops,etc
We are planning a relocation to Simsbury next summer. We are looking for a home in a kid-friendly neighborhood.
Is it a good idea to install solar panels now?
Cost of installing solar panels is still very high. Does it eventually pay off? Does property value go up if you have solar panels?
just want to hear from people who have relocated from Northern NJ to Knightdale, NC
Just came back from visiting the Realeigh/Durham area and even looked at new construction single family homes in Knightdale and I just want to ask folks who have relocated from Northern NJ to Knightdale,…
Will the Staten Island Board of Realtors ask their elected officials to adopt the same Fair Housing Law as LIBOR and Suffolk County did?
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, flanked by members of the Long Island Board of REALTORS, signed landmark legislation Monday which provides protection for prospective cooperative home buyers against…
My family (wife and kids 10, 8 and 6) are interested in moving to the burbs for the schools
and lifestyle (weather, outdoors,etc). We're looking at Piedmont and Mill Valley. Can someone tell us about: (i) commutes into the City; (ii) schools; and (iii) community/culture. One other thing, we're…
Do you currently live with three generations under one roof?
Meaning you've got either your parents/in-laws, relatives, teenage kid or young child/baby living with you. We’re currently working with a national media who’s interested in speaking…
I am a profoundly deaf person,age 66,retired with complete disability(SSDI) due to my handicap.I have a dog that I rely on to make me aware of
sounds I can not hear,doorbell,smoke alarm,telephone,etc.WhenI apply for condo and it list "NO PETS ALLOWED" Wouldn't my dog be considered a "SERVICE DOG" in Westchester County…
Are you close to retiring but still have a mortgage hanging over your head?
If you fit the bill, we'd like to speak with you. We're currently working with a national media outlet and they want your story. Please either respond here or email us at pr@trulia.com.
The best city in California to raise a family
We have to move to California due to my husband's work, we have the opportunity to choose the city because my husband work is mostly at home. We have 5 kids from 2 to 11 years old and we need an urgent…
What is Los Angeles like to grow up in? Is it a enjoyable/safe place for teenagers?
Our nephew and niece are moving with us to Los Angeles, they are 15 and 18 in age. Is it a good place to have teenagers around? Some of the things I have seen have made me wonder!
Is Hollywood hills safe, and a good place to raise a young child?
Myself and my husband are looking to move out to the Hills, from London, England. We have an 8month old daughter and want an area that is family friendly. We're finding it hard to find houses with…
How much is the monthly residential water bill?
Is water more expensive than gold in Arizonia?
Hi what are the differences in the towns of Keller, Allen and Collyville. Are any of these towns under the flight path? Heavy Traffic? Crime? Etc.
Please share with us the differences in these towns. We are potentailly relocating from Southern California. Thank you!
Are college rentals prevalent on the west end of College Hill, in Easton, and if so, how do they impact the tranquility of the neighborhood?
We're considering buying one of the unique Victorian homes on College Hill, in Easton, but are concerned about the impact of college rental properties on the tranquility of the neighborhood. Is there…
If you were thinking about building a house and a garden on an acre, where would you start to get
information. The areas I am most interested in buying an acre lot from are Beaumont, Banning or Cherry Valley areas
A great, safe, pretty place for a young blue collar family.
My daughter's family has been living in Santa Cruz county but they are selling to relocate to a place in CA where they can live with a very nice home for under $350,000. They have family in Springfield,…
Was your property recently affected by fire?
This link is through our state Association, you may find it helpful. http://www.mofo.com/about/socalfire2007/index.html
Good places to live near Pacoima, CA?
My husband is hoping to work in Pacoima, CA and I'm trying to find the best location within a 30 mile radius to live. We lived near Irvine and really liked the "community" within a community feel plus…
I recently backed out on my and my husbands plans to move to california-bay area- with our 2 kids due to the
high rising economy, we live in the midwest and things stilldomt look that bad here!! but we are so ready to be back with family, does anybody think this is wise or should i not worry that much?
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i am in desperate need of a minivan for medical transportation who can help me
the van is needed for diabetics who sometimes have to do without insulin,because no way to the doctors office
I am interested in comparing property tax amounts..what is the Mil rate? Where would I search for properties on the edge of a community?
I may be interested in a small acreage on the edge of a town. Most interested in the property tax rate of the area also is there state tax in Arizona?
Is it feasible to life in SF and work in Palo Alto?
I have heard a lot of people take the Caltrain to Palo Alto and live near it in SoMa, but haven't met any in person. Are there any issues with this? Does anyone ever take the BART to the Caltrain…
Which Sacramento neighborhood is good for elementary aged special needs child and commute to Mather Field?
Looking at a potential job that is located on Mather AFB and have a special needs child in elementary school that is friendly in Special Ed inclusion. Commute times should be within 20minutes of AFB and…
Looking to move to kimball here in the near futre, and as any parent i have concerns and questions about where i am moving my children... i currently
live in a relativly small town in wyoming however the crime and drug element has overcome our little town in the past 5 yrs its turned to an undesirable place to live, plz can i ask how is the crimal…
I'm moving out of Manhattan by early next year. Looking for a house in a country setting, in a warmer
climate, not far from a city and ocean/lakes/rivers. Also looking for a locale with a community of innovative, non-traditional artists of all genres. Any suggestions?
is santa real?
tell me
Is there any quick ways to get REO listings?
Please let me know is there is any quick ways to get REO listings...
Hi anyone has information about crime and safety in 15129?
I am planning to move to an apartment in Library Road,15129.Does anyone have inputs about the safety and crime in this area.
We are moving from Houston, TX to work in Boston, MA. Any suggestions on a good place to raise a family and?
buy a house? We do not know what to expect when moving to a market with considerably higher home prices? What do most young families do? We live in a three thousand square foot house now, but don't see…
Help rain water is not my friend
My property sits at the lowest location on the block so all of the rain water collects on my property on its way to the drainage system however itjust collects and then seeps into my home. Is the township…
It looks like the center of Eureka is along the river, do the houses in this area have a lot of crime. Am?
thinking of moving and would love to walk. Is this possible in the downtown area?
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. My husband is working in Morristown, NJ. The kids and I are in SC right now and we are looking to find
an affordable, family oriented place to live, maybe in Pa that he could commute to. Does anyone have an town in mind that would be a good fit? He took a huge paycut for this job and it seems that the…
How do you go about discovering foreclosure homes, and do you need to use a realtor to buy one? We live in SF, but are considering either Piedmont,
Orinda, or San Mateo (our initial list), and notice some bank-owned homes show up in these markets, which seem like a good deal.
What did the property at 43 Villa Ave sell for and who bought it?
I believe the house is possibly owned by the state as a half-way house. Trying to verify if this is fact or rumor.
Loan Modifications?
I am seeing a lot of Realtors® and agents jumping on the Band Wagon and charging fees for Loan Modifications? Some are as high as $2500.00. WOW! I know that the greed of several, in this industry have…
We have 2 kids (2 yr old and 7 mo old) and live in SF near West Portal. I currently work in Pleasanton, and my husband works in SF near
Mission/Potrero Hill. Due to crummy schools, lack of a yard, plus a general desire to live in a kid-friendly city, we'd love to re-locate but are in a quandary. I of course, am interested in E.…
Need a 2/3 bed 2 bath home in Sierra Madre with yard..therapy dog
I lived 22 years in Sierra Madre and want to move back in fall. I'm letting go of a home in a bad neighborhood and want to rent and start over. My kids all went to St. Rita and La Salle and I'm an emptynester.…
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