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Family of 6 Moving from AZ to Jacksonville-Augustine area
Moving to Jacksonville, in about 5 wks from AZ. Looking for lots of diversity, culture, community support, rental home for 4 bd 2 ba, in the subs or outskirts of town, performing arts programs for dance,…
I may be accepting a job that will bring me to the Jacksonville area soon, and I'm hoping to get some advice on what part of town I should live
in. I am 31 years old and single. I may get married eventually but will probably not have children, so please don't direct me to a part of town that is primarily for families. As I am a single female,…
Subject: Accuracy of map locations.
This is more of a comment. When looking at the locations of house for sale, recently sold etc. I notice your map location is frequently inaccurate. Sometimes as much as quarter mile (1509 Valley Rd, Washington,…
At this point in time, would it be a wise decision to move to Jacksonville Florida?
I currently live in Idaho, and with little luck living here, my family invited me to join them in Jacksonville, Fl. as I would love to make this move, I find it very nerve wracking and am uneasy about…
Need Assistance !
My family and I are moving to Jacksonville from CT , in a few months or so , we are ready for a fresh start , and need some help since most of the communicating will be done over phone. We need someone…
Hello, we are relocating to the Austin area from Connecticut. Our daughter has Down syndrome, and goes to a special school. Any help?
We currently live in a community with over 4000 students but because she is the only down syndrome kid in the school district, they bus her to a special school. I am so happy to leave, but love her school.…
Searching for apartment near Lindridge Martin Manor
I am moving from Texas and do not know the area at all. I am looking for an apartment near Lindridge Martin Manor or somewhere very close to that. I am a single female so some place that is safe would…
Hello, We are a family of 5 people relocating from Montreal, Canada to New Jersey probably this summer. I'm looking for information about areas.
My job will be based in Bridgewater. But we're looking for a nice, young and dynamic modern orthodox jewish community with temples and jewish schools for kids. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your…
Need rental in French Quarter/Marigny but struggling with details.
I'm a 24 year old Tulane student looking for a place in the FQ or Marigny. However, my credit isn't so great. I have a trust fund solely for my living expenses/apartment. I cannot find a place that doesn't…
rent or buy house near private is necesary?
We are going to move to Austion from China! It's hard to make decison where to live and find a good school for my 7-year-old son. I need your recommendation for rent a house first and buy a single…
Military family moving to Pensacola area looking for rental with pool and allowing 2 labradors, in a great elementary school district.
looking for house to rent. moving in march or april 2013. have 2 dogs. need great school. looking for fenced yard and in ground pool.
best place in Charlotte for Flight Attendants?
We are 4 female Flight Attendants looking for a 4bd apartment or house. Safe area a must, preferably close to shopping, parks etc. and of course relatively close to the airport.
I'm a 22 year old moving from Ft Lauderdale Florida to Dallas for a job transfer. I have never been to Dallas before so I have no idea where to
look. I would like to be in an area where there is a good amount of people in my age group so that I will have opportunities to make friends. My office is in Garland so I would like not to have a long…
Are their any job openings?
Part time with no education
My Husband and I are thinking of relocating from Southern California to Round Rock,TX. Are there any "bad" areas in Round Rock?
We're looking at renting first before we buy. We're going to be visiting the area in March but I just wanted to see if there are any areas to avoid. Thank you!
I am looking to relocate to the naples or surrounding area, I was curious if anyone can give me input on the best city or community to look for an
annual lease on a great home with the best amenities, I have a toddler and a college student so pool, playground, water for tots etc are a must looking for a 4-5 bedroom, I will be working in naples but…
My family will be moving to Santa Clarita Summer of 2013.
We have never been there, and only know information we have found on the internet. We will rent a house initially and possibly buy a home after one year. We will only be able to visit two times before…
market value of my condo
Where are good neighborhoods around or in Indianapolis?
I currently live in SC but received a possible job offer in Indianapolis on Senate St. What areas are safe, have lots of kids, good schools, easy commute, 4BR and under $150000? The age of the community…
job transferring me to Austin late July 2012.Looking for house to rent. 3bdr,2ba in good schooling area in the $900 or less price range.
need great location with good elementary school for my 8 years old. Need to be as close to Round Rock as possible but no more than 20 minutes away. Also looking for location on the bus line (for those…
I am relocating to the Austin area in a few weeks and I want to be in the Round Rock/Cedar Park or Leader area. Looking for a 3/2 or 4/2 for under $1100 West of I-35
Looking for a 3-2 single family home to lease in the Round Rock or Georgetown area.
My husband and I are retired and need to move by mid-October 2012, as the owners of our leased condo have decided to move in themselves. We'd like a single family home, or would consider a duplex,…
Looking for a house to rent within 15 to 20 minutes of round rock scott and white hospital near a great elementary school walking distance preferred.
Would also like to get a dog within the next year, so prefer pets allowed and needing to move end of February to mid March. Max rent or lease to own would be $1,500.
Bldg 4278 third ave Bronx apartments
My apologies renting for bldg 4278 third ave Bronx apts 2 bedrooms how many square feet are the bedrooms
Does anyone know where I can find private owner rental homes in Laveen, AZ?
My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Laveen, Arizona from a small town in Minnesota.
WATER - who delivers, wells, where can you buy it, is any well ok? how do i find if my well is working, any info for rural CR 40 35 acre parcels?
im relocating and any pertinent info, specifically water information would be appreciated and very helpful. i have been to all the web sites i can find and still can get much info. Does everyone out there…
Suggestions please for a couple over 45 wanting to live in a pretty town with less than 10,000 population?
Where would be a nice town to live in New Hampshire for baby boomers ...with views, natural sourroundings and a vibrant and cute downtown ?
Looking for quality rental options.
I am consdiering a position in Wayne, NJ. I will be moving from Illinois, and will probably be unable to sell my current home. I am looking for rental properties that are in a safe area, with good schools.…
Im a fisrt buyer and im scared to buy a house, but i have kids and they really need space to play around and so do we. How much is a house worth now?
2-3 Bedroom house 1 bathroom something simple I want to pay no more than 1,100 please any advises?
I currently live in Puerto Rico and am considering living working in Dadeland Mall in Kendal. Should I export my furniture?
Rental budget: 800-1,200 Married couple no kids New furmiture: 1 bedroom, dinnig table, sofa 2 tvs
Will be relocating to Aiken SC from Indiana?
needing to know even where to start to look for homes with a good school district will have to rent figured the first year web sites, newspapers area zip codes ect any help thank you
Moving to NC in the summer
In the summer we are planning to move to NC wanting to find out twhat the area schools are like as I have 2 boys ages 12 & 9. Also what the average rents are going to run. Would like to be near beach,…
who can i cal to lease to own or rent to own in the louisiville ky area?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I am a retired widow looking a nice well maintained/clean rental in the Mt. Airy, Dobson, Elkin area, 2-3 BR, 1 1/2- 2 BA, storage such as garage or
basement or out building. I am finding minimal rentals of this type in these areas; however there are many for sale. Would anyone that you are representing like to considerer renting for a year or two.…
I have Hasa and wanna move to a 1 bed 1 bath rm apt is there any available?
Just wanting to move out have a good tenant history. Live in a basement apt and need to move. Please if you have any information please call 6462564695 or email me at
What advice would you have for someone moving to SoMa?
What did you wish you knew before moving here?
Relocating from nyc to memphis area....young family looking to settle down for 3-5 years. Any suggestions on where to live, rent vs buy...etc....
Would ideally prefer new-er construction, single family home or luxury condo, gated community, family friendly, a town with a quaint "downtown" with small nice shops and maybe even a starbucks!
I am contemplating moving to Greenville or the surrounding areas, I am looking for a single family home rental with a fully fenced back yard.
I am trying to do as much as possible legwork from NY. Any suggestions from anyone who been through this process before, be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. I do prefer a rural area, if possible.…
Moving family to Eugene in the next couple of months due to better job opportunity. Looking for a 4 bed rental that would have an option to purchase
please if you have or know of such property email me. price range up to 250,000 purchase home within 2 years.
Is there any counties in Georgia that are absorbing section 8 tenants?
I currently live in Wichita ks and since my 4 bedroom voucher is alot less than the voucher in Georgia..Kansas will not pay the difference..basically they will not pay for the billing..So unfortunately…
New to Dallas Area
Hi Everyone and anyone. I may be accepting a job offer which requires me to move to Dallas area. What would be the best solution when it comes to rent for now. I am single a tennis teaching pro. Very active…
I am relocating to SA with a 14yr daughter who will be starting highschool. I was very interested in Brandeis
highschool after researching on the internet but wasn't impressed with the area around the school to rent or buy after a recent visit. Any suggestions?
We plan to move to San Antonio, is cheaper to own a mobile home?
Like a little farm, but very, very nice. My husband and I would like to take care of our grandchildren, what do you think? We are in our 50>s.
I am a stay at home mom w no income.I am in the process of getting divorced but need to move asap.I dont know where to begin.
What ,and how do i qualify for housing? My husband stopped paying our house payment (when he moved out a yr ago) I didnt know this until 10 days before the house went to auction on Oct.1.I am in need of…
Help! Since oct. we cannot find a 4 bed with storage building for rent or rent to own in gaylord and we have to move now! Job change! any ideas?
We currently own the home we are in now and we may loose it do to the market being on it a year now for sale no luck, but we have to move now because our jobs were relocated, we have to small kids and…
Thinking of relocating to the Dallas area from Memphis,TN. Are there any neighborhoods similar to Midtown Memphis in Dallas that are family friendly?
We have a 11yro and a newborn, my daughter currently attends private school and I am certain she would there as well so I'm not so much concerned about school districts. We are looking for walkable…
My family of 4 is considering relocating in the next 9 months. Where do we start?
We are a family of 4, two adults and to kids age 7 and 12. We need a safe, inexpensive rental area close to public transportation, We need to know what to expect about utiliity costs so we can get an…
may be moving to Eugene soon.?
I am from a small town in Brunswick, GA and may be moving to Eugene soon.What is life like there and is it possible to find a large house for a small price??? (rent-wise) Haven't found any yet.
I am a recent college graduate that just started my career and I'm looking to buy a home in the Bryan Station/Rookwood Area.
My credit isn't the best and my down payment is a gift. What are my options? Should I try to get a co-signer for a home mortgage? Or should I try to do it on my own considering my credit score? What…
Good areas to live that aren't too far from Western U in Pomona
I'm thinking about going to physician assistant school at Western University of Health sciences in Pomona, California. What are relatively safe areas that are also not too far from campus (i.e.,…
I am looking for homes to rent in the Memphis or Cordova area?
My husband and I will be relocating to Memphis soon. My house is going into foreclosure due to financial hardship (loss of income). We are interested in renting a home ranging between $800-1100.00. Although…
What advice would you have for someone moving to Lone Mountain?
What did you wish you knew before moving here?
What advice would you have for someone moving to Outer Richmond?
What did you wish you knew before moving here?
I am a hardworking student looking for a one bedroom apartment to move into in the next 2 weeks. I do have a broken lease from previous circumstances.
Can you help to find some thing off of I10 somewhere between Studemont and Beltway 8. Id like to live near the heights/montrose. Please contactbme Asap. Thanks
should i move to sammamish?
i have kids and well my husbands job pays really well but i never spoil my kids and i hear that people in sammamish are really spoiled and i dont want my kids to become spoiled like kids their but the…
Looking for a family friendly suburb outside of Philly. Great schools and active community a must.
We are looking to relocate from the Boston suburbs to Philadelphia. Office would be located in King of Prussia. We are looking for a close-knit suburban community with a very active recreation department…
Relocating to Charlotte Area- interested in SC/Fort Mill-Rock Hill. Great schools a must. Any advice on where to focus. I have very little time -help
Moving from Pittsburgh, I have 2 small children elementary age. I would like to find a home for rent in a good community.. I will have to commute for first 5 months until the school year is done here in…
looking to move to a nice, affordable area right outside of center city philadelphia, accessable by public transportation
my husband and I, and our bun in the oven, need more space for our growing family. We want to move just outside the city, but because my husband works in center city, we need to be close to a train station.…
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