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Is it better to repaint and replace the carpet prior to selling or is it better to let the buyers do this?
House is 7 years old. Currently have 8 different colors, all warm colors. Carpet is builders grade, but holding up fairly well. Definitely needs replacing, though.
Me and my sisters own a home. Which isn't big enough for a 3 young family's. Were trying to find out what our home is worth, and worth
selling for. Trying to sell to possibly get 2-3 Trailers in csl. To better fit our needs. This home has been in family for over 70 years, and has outgrown, and family has passed, and no longer care. So…
I rent now, in Illinois, and have entered a contest to win an Austin home. If I win this home, I would have to sell it as soon as possible (I assume
the estimated price of home will he added to my current income per the IRS and I would owe taxes on it.) What would my Texas tax be - if any - when I sell the home, please? Thanks! Est. Value of…
How do i put a house on trula for sale. I am not a real estate agent.
Paul Smith .... email to fl1smith@verizon.net
Can I terminate my contract with my realtor if they never sent the finalized contract & have the listing posted incorrectly on MLS/all websites?
My realtor never sent me the completed contract, only a "in process" contract. I asked her to change the dates and she never sent me back a finalized copy reflecting these dates. Come to find…
Help with posting home for sale
I need details of HOW to post MY home for sale
How do I post sell by owner with trulia?
How do I post sell by owner with trulia?
Question: We have a home under contract that was set to close 5/28. Loan fell through. When can I reset to active?
Today is 05/22. Loan fell through with the first lender. They are working with a second lender and it doesn't seem hopefully, although they have not given the definate decline yet. We are wanting…
Did you sell double wide mobile homes in 1973?
My father past away and we can not find a title to his mobile home, we do have the data plate, with the information on the mobile home. First we want to make sure we have the correct Manufacturer. Please…
Need a Home Staging Company
We are looking for home staging for property sale in Hoboken, NJ. 1 bedroom 650sq condo, old building railroad floorplan, with updated Kitchen. Condo is empty now and needs furniture in. Any recommendation?
Can an agent advertise our unlisted home without our permission?
Our home was never listed, since we found a buyer just as we were about to list. We are currently going through the various contingencies, and I just discovered our buyer's agent, who has been borderline…
Why didn't the home price increase as promised after my details update?
When I updated the details for 5563 Glen Hill Drive, Bethel Park, PA 15102, an increase of $14K was promised. but that update doesn't show on subsequent searches.
How do I list my home for sale on Trulia?
I have updated the details about my house and would like to add pictures and list it for sale by owner.
How do I list my home for sale by owner on your site?
I noticed it says FREE List a Property on your site, but every time I click on it and log in, it reverts me back to the create an account page. How do I list my property for sale?
Our subdivision says that adding ornamental aluminum fencing will decrease our home values.
We want one and are trying to prove to our neighbors that it is not true. Any ideas on this? I read an article somewhere that it actually will increase the value. Or, not effect it either way.
When realtors buy their own home, how does commission work?
We are putting our house on the market in a couple of weeks and will be selling it by owner. We have some aquaintences who may interested in buying our house and the husband is a realtor. If they ended…
We bought our house 10 yrs ago for $180,000 in a desirable growing town, a couple of investors are only offering $180,000 10 yrs later why?
House has an unfinished basement that they are not attributing any value to, why? The investors have bought several homes around us for a reasonable price but none have basements. If we finish the basement…
list for sale by owner
please provide info how to list property for sale
Uploading pictures
I am a home owner selling my condo myself. Can I upload pictures of my home ?
Please update the date built to 2004 on 308 Hyder Plainwell Mi. 49080
I edited the listing especially the year built which was 2004, not 1995 as is shown in the Tulia page. Please change this as this will impact the price estimate considerably. Thanks!! RE: FSBO 308 Hyder,…
What specific fees are sellers (not buyers) expected to pay?
I agreed to pay $1,500 closing costs for the buyer, but now am being asked to pay title co. fees in excess of $300. (The only consolation is the buyer is being asked to do the same.) This is not title…
My House at 558 Newport loop road Newport NC, 28570 Shows on this sites mobile version with wrong information. It is damaging to my listing
It shows no heat no ac no washer/dryer no everything. This day and age many people use mobile sites looking for homes and you are costing me potential buyers by showing incorrect information.
I am not getting the email that allows me to edit my property
you may have an old email address - please fix this?
Why can't I edit my ad?
I have a house on your site. It's location is W6526 Shore Lane, Elkhorn, 53121. I need to edit my ad but your site will not let me. I have asked you repeatedly to let me fix it. You keep sending…
Can a home owned by elderly parent and children be sold if parent refuses?
My mother lives in Florida and pays the mortgage of a home owned by and 3 daughters - per deed. She is 81 and is not financially solvent or responsible. We have been lending her money for over 17 years…
Why is my the information on my home that's for sale inaccurate and outdated?
MLS 488535 The square footage is wrong, the photos are not current, etc. Why hasn't trulia updated their information? Alicia Amato 2091 Huntington Ln. Easton PA 18040
how do i add pictures to my home listing?
how do i add pictures to my house?
For a Bank Appraisal does a room have to have a closet to be considered a 2nd bedroom. Will it affect the appraisal if it does not? By how much?
We took the closet out of the 2nd bedroom. Now we are selling our home. Will this affect the appraisal? If it does, do we have to add a permanent closet or will a california closet from Lowe's work?…
Is 105000 to much to ask?
6099 stanbury rd
How important is interior paint?
I'm looking to sell my house in the spring, so we're making a list of repairs and touch ups to do in the coming months. My entire downstairs is painted along with 2 of the bedrooms. I'm going to re-paint…
do I need to upgrade the electrical service to 100amp to sell a home or is there a grandfather clause?
home was built in 1950 in St. Paul's Eastside. It presently has a fusebox with 60-amp service
How can I get a presence for my home on Trulia.?
My home is selling on MLS but I don't see it on Trulia 12 Waterbury Lane, No. Easton, MA
Kitchen renovation needed
How imperative is it that a home have a brand new kicthen? I am not sure if i should invest in the kicthen prior to selling. I understand that i will not get the value back 100% that i put in however,…
How do I list my Sold properties on Trulia?
I want to show what I have sold.
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