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Can a buyer back out after inspection?
I agreed to a lease purchase. After the inspection, the buyer backed out of the contract. The contract states: "Inspections must be performed and BUYER must submit in writing to SELLER within 14…
This listing shows the wrong house and facts!
The photo and most of the facts about this house are incorrect. They describe 5 Kilian Drive, not 7 Kilian Drive. I own 7 Kilian Drive and have noticed that Google Maps also confuses 5 Kilian wit 7 Kilian.…
I'm thinking of selling my triplex.
I let my parents live in one free. I live in one & I rented the 3rd for about 6 months. My daughter moved into the 3rd one no rent. Thinking of selling. I clamed deprecation the first year & nothing after…
Selling when upside down on mortgage
Are there any solutions to selling your home when upside down on mortgage? We've grown out of our home and need to love on but feel trapped!
Can seller terminate contract with buyer during option period?
We wish to terminate our residential sales contract within the option period with the potential buyers. Can we do this by removing our home from the market? If so, how long must it remain off the market…
I have FSBO home listed, I am only getting
low offers from buyers agent 40 to 60 K below actual value of home based on comparative market analysis.property does not need any kind of repair and there has been no justification for these low offers.…
Paint or give allowance to buyer? We are getting to sell. We have been getting conflicting advice from
friends as to whether it is better to paint and install new carpet before llisting a property or sell as is with an allowance for these items. The home is a tract home in the 92117 zip code.
Can I make demands based on the home inspection to get out of a purchase contract for a house?
I am having buyers remorse about a property I put an offer to buy in. Can I make unnecessary demands to get the seller to cancel the contract? It is still within the contingency period.
Can I add photographs to the website describing my house?
The photograph shown is old and doesn't include significant home improvements.
My mother's house is listed for sale on Trulia and the "Days on Trulia" are wrong. On the computer it says 180 days and on the app it
is over 300 Here is the listing: http://www.trulia.com/property/3148565034-4302-Southpark-Dr-Tampa-FL-33624
Wrong information on my home.
My home is listed with only 3 bathrooms and it has 4 FULL baths. how do I get the correct information listed?!
Hi I am looking for a cash investor looking for a great home to live in or rent. My home is valued at over $300k z
I have a small sediment issue with an estimate of $20k to fix. I will sell it for $200k cash. This STUNNING home is located in the prime family neighborhood of Heritage Harbor. Enter through the foyer…
We're going to be listing our house soon. It needs a new roof.
Would it be better to list it with a price that we can come down on because of the roof. Or should we list it lower to begin with the roof taken in consideration?
Advice selling house with foundation repair done
I'm about to sell my house. It's an older house (approx 90 years) and one of the basement walls has multiple cracks and is bowing inwards. I've had a number of quotes and have decided on a local reputable…
Need to add photos. The listing is wrong in many respects
How do I add photos? The property is not sold, it is not located in Suffern (it is in Montebello), price is ridiculous, my description is not showing.
What are the things I need to do to sell a one-bedroom condo quickly in Naperville?
Do I need to make improvements on my condo for it to sell quickly? Do I need a new kitchen counter? A Backsplash?
Did Agent Jae Hee Kim posted the address 619 w. Nichols road, Arlington Heights, IL listing on truila?
The price to the house is incorrect. Also, could you delete the last year price of $252,000? Thank You, Karen
Our house has been listed on the market over 30 days. Get 10 showings in the first two weeks, one in the third week, after that no showings at all.
I wonder if it is price or condition problem? kitchen hardwood floor has two ares replaced, color isn't match other areas.However, no feedback mention it. Only couple of feedback mention prefer granite…
How do I find the top-selling real estate agents in my area?
I see a lot of For Sale signs around, but how do I know who is actually the most successful at selling homes? More specifically- homes that are similar to mine (a new 2 bedroom townhome)?
Trying to sell my home and getting no showings. How do I change agents?
I'm trying to sell my home in Pottstown and we haven't had any real interest in our house yet. We've been on the market since the last day of May and there hasn't been a single call on our home. We've…
I'm curious how to post a FSBO on Trulia.
I'm trying to figure out how to post a house for sale by owner?
My home is 1899 craftsman decorated inside w the newer popular style called Shabby Chic-in shades of white. Would it help to carry the theme outside?
I'm a designer and decorator and want to sell this, my 1899 Craftsman/Victorian masterpiece, for a good price. I've played with remodeling and decorating it for many years, but it's too…
We built in 2005 in 13 home community. Since, 4 homes went short sale. We want to sell within next year - how do we get a higher price?
We added many in home upgrades while building- have a pool,fenced in yard,corner lot in back,MIL apt. There aren't many comps in surrounding area as we live in an older town. How can we get a better…
How can I claim my home for sale by owner?
My home was listed with an agent for 8 months. I changed all websites I could to reflect that our home is now for sale by owner, not through our prior agent and realty agency, but the Trulia information…
What is a big selling factor of a house?
Our house is 36 years old in an excellent neighborhood. Do I need to improve things like kitchen and bathroom counters?
Need advice: selling home and changed mind, need to breach
No contingencies were in the contract for me on the selling side; realtor did not really look out for my interests.
Really desperate to help my in-laws post their house for sale by owner on Trulia. Does anyone have some quick advice?
I'm a realtor - but they live in a different state where I can't help them. I know how to list a property - just not on Trulia. Just need a quick link from the home page and can't seem to find it...
Selling by Owner on MLS with min. photos is this a problem with getting more action (calls, viewings) to the property than one with 35 photos?
Had my property with a Realtor for six months who believed it was overpriced for the market and showed less than a handful of times. Minimal photos not professional. I as owner listed it by myself on…
Is it true that I could sell my house without having to pay capital gains after a certain age?
If that is so, I don't need to buy another house to avoid the capital gains tax???
Have a house for sale,does have equity in it,Can no longer make payments.Is there some way to have payments accumulate and pay off at sale ? NJ
My wife (recent 3 yrs) Owns this. Lost all income(alimony) Now lives with me and is on my deed.she rented but now wants to sell. Looking to handle properly,no scams.
Realtors using comps?
I don't understand how realtors think comps are a good way to price your house for sale. There are all year houses some are all original with no updates and some are much newer with all kinds of upgrades.how…
What is the going rate for realtors' commissions in Durham in 2013?
If I offer 1/2% lower, will that be a factor in how buyers' realtors treat my house? The realtors' fees make the difference between breaking even or losing money, for me.
Although I edited information about my home several months ago, there is no change to the description on trulia.
It is a SINGLE FAMILY home with 5BR and 4.5BA but is listed as MULTI-FAMILY 4BR 3.5BA. Will be for sale in a few months. Need accurate info for potential buyers.
I am considering selling both units of property in Sacramento area.
They were bought almost 3 decades ago, in 1986 and 1988 respectively. I'd like to know the estimated total selling costs, I. e., property gain, taxes, fee charges...etc. putting into consideration…
Can I demand the buyer's agent to lower their share of the commission if they failed to submit the offer addendum to the closing attorney's?
We agreed to terms of the sale 30 days ago. The closing attorneys sent us the HUD so we can wire funds to cover the closing. Closing is in 3 days. The buyers agent failed to submit the last offer addendum…
Can I list a FSBO?
After 160 days with a broker I am going this route
Just received the completed Title search for a house in Philadelphia, PA. The information was on point until i got to Active Judgments and Liens.
The lien is for someone with a similar name at a totally different address. There should be no liens on the house. What is the next step?
I sold a home two years ago and the buyer is filing breach of contract because he thinks I had knowledge of a mold problem in basement.
I work for a contractor, so he assumed I covered a problem. I have the original inspection that states the basement was already dry walled. Furthermore, I had an independent foundation study done at…
My last 2 home sales have gone almost exactly the same way. Coincidence?
Realtor tells me my house will sell quickly for a high price and she has a friend who may be interested. Friend gets sent over the first day and talks about rich people overpricing their houses all the…
If I am selling my house in Florida at the end of the year, do I have to pay the property taxes? What is the typical tax year for property taxes?
I am planning on selling my house in Miami Dade sometime this winter. Now I received the bill for the property tax and I wonder if I have to pay it or the future buyer. Also, I am not sure what the "tax…
Why is Someone Else's Home Published as 4512 Dogwood Cove in Hattiesburg, MS? The Photo is NOT MY HOME!!!!
I have called and emailed numerous Trulia and Zillow agents..The home published is NOT MY HOME!!!! Why is this not important to you?? You will take a buyer to a house that is the WRONG ONE??? Many agents…
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