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I am an agent with the listing at 45 A st. Hull you have the property price incorrect how do i change it
You have the wrong amount for my listings how do i change it Marilyn@greenkeyrealtors.com
in the state of Michigan is the seller responsible for title insurance, Revenue Stamp, Administration fees, and fees for deed?
we bought title insurance when we got the home now I'm selling it and being told I need to pay for title insurance . I understand the commission fees but confused about administration fees? thank you for…
Incocorrect address
We own a home that we are trying to sell and have had the address 310 W. Green Rd for over 13 years. There is a house listed as that address on here that is incorrect. How do we list a house for sale…
Price of the home
what is the price of the home? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/3123084210-11307-Laurel-Brook-Ct-Riverview-FL-33569#nearby/demographics
Is it best to use the same person as a buying agent as well as a listing agent?
I'm looking to buy a new home and sell my current home. What is the best way to maximize value in working with real estate agents?
Do I need a realtor to sell my home?
I am selling my home and don't expect to get what I originally purchased it for. Do I have to use a realtor or can I simply use a Title Agency? I don't want to have to pay 6% commission when…
If my listings are branded to me on Zillow, why aren't they showing up as mine in Trulia?
Professional Agent question - I am a broker associate with Kettley Realtors of Illinois. My listings are in Zillow and I can access them without any problem from the Agent Hub there but Trulia will not…
If the FHA Appraisal came lower and it stays on file for 6 months. But can I sell the house to non-fha buyer with the higher price than the FHA appria
I am in a process of selling my home in OH. I was not aware the buyer will be using FHA loan and if the appraisal comes lower the value of the appraisal stays with the home. I was wondering if FHA appraisal…
Need some advice on next step...Appraisal less than offer on a USDA loan
Like many others, I am underwater with my mortgage. I am being relocated for work and need to sell. I will be 800 miles away and have no desire to be a land lord with that kind of distance. Originally…
How do I list my house for sale by owner?
trulia has a sell area, but when I go to it there is a section that I have to fill out to get an estimate on price and a referal section into a relator. I want to sell the property by owner and know my…
I have a house that will probably sell for 60-80k. It's 2000 sq ft with 10 acres of woods in rural NC; what upgrades/touches are worth it?
I'm looking at things like the toilet supply line (old plastic) and linoleum bathroom floor (fair condition). I know that a new kitchen is not warranted at this price point, but what upgrades are…
The county assessor came to our house and updated the site to 1680 sq feet and 3 bedroom, 2 full bath with a partially finished basement.
Could you please update the Trulia public records info with the above? Thank you. Our site is 399 Lake Drive Smyrna, DE 19977.
Why does my property not display when search is filtered by lot size.?
805 Park Place 32405 has a .26 size lot and does not display when 1/4 acre is selected.
why do agents call to set up an appointment then don't show or call to reschedule? i know any dim whit can get a real estate license but that is
just common courtesy.i'm sick of getting my house ready,putting the dogs @ the neighbors and then the lamebrain realtor does'nt show or call !
Can you correct an address of a condo for sale that had originally been placed on Zillow. They've since corrected it.
Trulia has the address incorrect as: POO1229 N Jackson St #303 Milwaukee, WI 53202 (Juneau Town). Most importantly, eliminate "POO" from the start of the address. Zillow Listing ID: 24091466…
What happens when you received a Mortgage Credit Certificate when purchasing a home but you want to sale within 3-5 years?
In the state of NC. Long story short, the original developer went bankrupt and there are amenities that were lost like a neighborhood pool. Plus the parking situation in the townhome community is atrocious.…
Why Seller usually chooses Escrow service? (CA)
Usually it is the Seller who chooses Escrow provider , often I'm asked why? It's just a custom to let the seller to choose Escrow and Title service in California. Do you have any other explanation…
Why is my house not selling ?
Move condition, nice neighborhood ,
Why are appraisers low-balling appraisals?
Just put a TON of renovations in my house and it didn't even appraise for 1/10 of what I put into it.
What conditions will legally let us back out of the contract?
We got a full price offer on our home, contingent upon home inspection and appraisal. Home inspection showed the roof is at the end of it's life. I had a General contractor come to give me a roof certification,…
Can a real estate agent refuse to show property because he/she doesn't like the commission structure offered on the buying side?
I had an agent come right out and tell me that he will steer his clients to other properties where he can earn a higher commission. Is this allowed?
I uploaded property information on my property 135 E 54th St, Apt 16K New York, NY 100022 into Zillow yesterday.
I uploaded property information on my property 135 E 54th St, Apt 16K New York, NY 100022 into Zillow yesterday. Trulia picked up the information, however has not transferred the detailed property information…
Can you change my listing so homesbyowners.co is not allowed to do the listing? I did not authorize them to list it.
All the photos you had on my listing have been removed! Information about my home has also been removed!
I am selling my NM rental home. How many days notice do I need to give our tenant?
He has broken many rules the last 18 months and I have kept him for the sake of paying the mortgage.
I'm selling a home by owner and don't want to hire a real estate agent. Can Trulia list my home in the MLS? What is the cost? Fee to
listing agent? Please describe my options and point me to where I can view this on your website. My home is now posted on Zillow.com. email: mariepridemore@yahoo.com
How to value a very productive fruit and vegetable garden, when estimating property value?
I would like to know how to find a new home with a well-developed vegetable garden, and how to value my property if I wanted to sell.
How to attract national and global buyers to a custom contemporary home?
My client has a beautiful custom contemporary home (roughly 20 years old) in a largely traditional area. What is the best way to attract contemporary and modernist buyers and investors on a global basis?
Should I repair my roof or replace it before selling my home?
Our home is a tri-level. Our roof is 13 yrs old, has architectural shingles. It developed leaks wear it meets the fireplace,where one roof ends and meets the house, and at the very edge of the roof over…
how do I get a better picture for my home on you website?
my listing in MLS and FSBO has much better pictures that the google splash that is currently showing for my home. How do I get that corrected? Thanks
I need to update photos!!!!
I own the home at 220 Howe Ct., Boise, Idaho, which I posted on Zillow. It somehow also posted to your site, however it only shows on photo - an old photo prior to renovation!!!!!!! This is damaging…
I signed in with email address and password. There is no Edit Home Facts button. I do not know what "claimed your home" means. There is no
list from which to select my name.name from the list. Here's a clue: 0 out of 23 found this helpful. 30 minutes wasted, including searching on google for instructions on how to edit my home facts…
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