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How do I add my house for sale?
How do I post my house listing?
Can a bank property owner take a cash buyer's much lower offer thus rejecting many pre-qualified buyers' much higher offers?
The bank acquired the property by deed in lieu of foreclosure. The bank required the other bidders to pre-qualify at the bank's choice of lenders, and were qualified. All bidders offers were above…
Is it appropriate for a broker to hold an open house listed as active on MLS when the seller has already fully accepted a buyer's offer?
I've found this happening lately, and the agent at the open house says they are holding the open house to try to get business from potential buyers as new clients.
Average sales price of homes in St Clair County compared to state equalized value or tax assessments? How close? I
I see most homes listed considerably over the current state equalized values, but I would like to know what the correspondence has been to either in the actual sales prices , this past year?
What rights do sellers have when the buyers having problem securing a loan before closing?
Our buyers just informed us that their lender could not offer them a conventional loan (even though they were pre-qualified). This sent them scrambling for a new lender when we are less than two weeks…
list of recent home sales
and who the purchaser was
Looking to sell home in North Avondale
I have a two story 2139 sq.ft home in Corte Sierra that I may be looking to sell. Its a 3 bed, 3 bath home with an office. Nicely upgraded home in good shape. I currently have it rented to a friend and…
I have a lot in California City to sell, are you buying?
I have a vacant lot I would consider selling. 20 A
We recently listed our 1998 manufactured house which is on our own land (less than an acre) at 89,500 and within a month we received an offer.
We had the purchase contract of 89,500 and we would pay 3,500 of the closing costs. Looked good, until the appraiser came in. Had a hard time finding comps but did and valued ours at 75,000 :( We agreed…
I'm looking to sell a house...it's in a great location...walking distance to the mall, downtown and the inner harbor.
Are there any companies or brokers who do buy houses? i'm looking to relocate asap.
Can a homeowner list his/her home for sale here?
I would like to list our home for sale on Trulia. Can you tell me how this is done? THANK YOU
Other than a personal loan, are there options to cover the cost difference of what my home is valued at and what I owe on the mortgage?
I own a home that was built and purchased 5 years ago. Like many homeowners the home is no longer valued at what I owe on the mortgage. I have no financial hardship but am desperate to move. If I were…
What is a typical Sub Escrow fee?
Sub escrow fee. We agreed to split closing costa. We sellers have been charged $75. So are the buyers also paying $75? They have not provide us with the Buyers Settlement costs yet so we don't…
I have a 4BR/2BA home on Park Blvd in Camden that I need to sell. I'm not looking to get low-balled either. I want to list for $75K.
Being a retiree, this home is no longer affordable to maintain. Needs TLC and is offered in strictly "As Is" condition. Buyer is responsible for all municipal and lender required repairs and…
I want to sell my condo in Miami but only to a cash buyer. Is this a wise choice? I do not want to rent it, lease it.
My loan balance is low and just want to sell, pay off debt and rent from here on out.
We need a VA Compromise expert. We need to move by November.
Would consider short sale, but VA loan, so probably need VA Compromise Sale
.8% Home Sales Tax as of January 1, 2013? Yes, it’s true
3.8% Home Sales Tax as of January 1, 2013? Yes, it’s true – but get the facts: There are rumors about a homes sales tax rate of 3.8% which goes into effect January 1, 2013 ... The National…
How does everyone feel about using Trulia as a selling tool?
I have been using it for several months and am not sure this tool is doing what it purports to do. What is the experience everyone else having?
Can I ask an opposing agent to lower their fee on the sale of my home if they don't know what they are doing?
I'm selling my home and am in negotiations with a lowball buyer. We are at our lowest possible price, but if we kick in a chunk of the brokerage fees, we can get the price lower for the buyers and…
Do I Need To Pay Real Estate Taxes When I Go In Short Sale?
Do I Need To Pay Real Estate Taxes When I Go In Short Sale
Are you uncertain about selling your home as a shortsale or letting it go to foreclosure?
With the boom market over and the reality of housing prices settling in, what are you doing with your home.
We bought our house in Deerfield beach, FL just 2 years ago for $399,000. We have have our house on the
market for 3 months and have had very little interest. We keep lowering the price and now it's at 344,000. We are working with a good realtor and realize the issues with the market. My question is do…
After 17 Days on Market and 2 Open Houses I have had only 1 call and 2 showings that resulted into an final offer of 91% of asking. Should I take it?
I put my home on the market on Oct 1st, had two open houses and 2 showings accompanied with buyers agents, one showing resulted from the open house; another from a call from a buyers agent that resulted…
"Ramblewood East" in Coral Springs FL.Looking for an agent whos familiar & has sold in our complex to give some advice/possibly hire to
sell for us Realistically were looking to sell our one bedroom condo but in our condo association alone there are 40 something units for sale most foreclosures and short sales, on the positive side for…
Can a Florida townhome association deny a buyer without giving a reason?
I have a cash buyer for my townhome; he even offered to put up 6 months of maintenance. The association docs say that the Board must approve the buyer. The approval requirements are not in the association…
the appraisal on my hose came back 15K short. I put it back on the market hoping for a difft. buyer. Is there a waiting period for a 2nd appraisal?
Someone told me I have to wait 3 months for a second appraisal. I was hoping a new buyer would do their own new appraisal and my property will appraise out since I feel that my first appraisal had some…
Mother bought a house in 2006 at height of market for 700,000 now she can't refinance (economy messing up work) and wishes to sell, she may
hopefully get around 400,000 is there any way to offset the difference with the bank or any help for home owners trying to do the right thing and not end up in foreclosure.
What professional are you using to start your short sale ?
Some sellers are going straight to their lenders instead of a professional outside of their lender.
assuming there is no mortgage and the price is $700k, what should I expect by way of closing costs.
This would be what the buyer would pay for closing closts on a condo in Aventura.
Hi, I am trying to sell my home in FL but now the title company has found that my name and my father´s name (who passed away a year ago) is on it.
Unfortunately I was not aware of this. I have a buyer but with this it would delay the transaction of selling. My mother is also on the title and they were still married when he passed. Would she be…
Do you know anybody to trade for my equity in the waterfront home on Isles of Capri ?
Which web page or procedure could be used to find a person to trade up for a waterfront home ?
Looking to sell a beautiful condo on Fort Lauderdale beach. Fantastic bldg, beautiful unit and a great ocean
view. Listing price will be 1.75mil . I want to be fair but I don't want to be stupid. What is a reasonable commission rate I should expect to pay a realtor?
Currently how long are houses staying on the market in South Florida ?
Once removed from the market what percentage of them have sold or are they taken off waiting for a better time? Secondly, how are things trending, are houses moving more quickly now then a year ago? Generally,…
Do lenders allow their short sale borrowers to list with Flat Fee brokers?
I recently spoke to a seller who submitted a signed offer to the lender for his short sale property. The lender refused to accept the offer. The lender further informed the seller that their decision to…
Urgent Sale. Coral Heights Oakland park SFR pool home: How can I get offers in a very short time on this attractive home in a quiet neighorhood
close to the beach. Short sale. Nearly 2000 sq. ft., garage, 2/2 but easily converts to 3/2, living room, dining, office, family room. I need an offer before June 28, 2010!
Desireable East Ft Laud. Income three 1/1's with 4/3 Home. Considering selling though not a distress sale.
What are the best ways to market an Income and residential property east Fort lauderdale to both SFH Buyers AND income property Buyers. Property includes a 4/3 house, three 1/1's and 2 garages? Very…
Hello, I have a fully renovated, turn key 3/2 property in North Andrews Gardens, FL 33334, do you know where can I find a Listing Agent?
Hello, I have a fully renovated, turn key 3/2 property in North Andrews Gardens, FL 33334, do you know where can I find a Listing Agent that is willing to list my property, an agent more focused in selling…
My house is getting smaller I have a 3/2 townhome with no crage its 1452 sqf . I have four kids , HOA will not allow rent . schools in our zoon is bad
what we should do . we cant rent it so we are thinking of our kids , we need to move to betters chools area and bigger house its really crowded but we dont want hurt ourselves . our morg is $ 1240 . rent…
Should I sell my postive cash flow duplex?
I have a duplex that is grossing 2500 a month that is located in Coral Ridge Isles. I would like to sell it since I no longer live there and have no homestead tax protection. Both side are fullly upgrade.…
Why is it so hard to sell a home here in S. Florida?? The banks and mortgage companies are making it miserable for both the seller AND the buyers!!!
It's not like they'll lose their money cuz if the home's aren't paid for, they can always take em back. If it was their own family wanting to buy a home, I'm sure they'd do…
What are my options to get out from under?
Bought our house in 2006 at peak price. Unfortunatly drank the kool aid and have an arm and currently have an interest only loan. So basically we still owe what we paid for the house 5 years later.…
If a buying agent pulled a C.L.U.E. Report (not allowed / Fed Trade Com) without the seller's authorization, would the agent be acting in bad
faith? We've a signed contract, inspections completed, waiting / final demands. The buyer’s agent advised that she had a C.L.U.E. Report on our home but we had not authorize anyone to access…
Hello, Do you know any addtional ways I can market my home? It is listed with a great realtor, but we havent had any luck yet. We would def.
consider it as a rental, but to cover our expenses we would need to list it at $8500/mo. This would included Assoic. Fees, Lawn Care, security system montintoring and 2 prof. cleanings per month. Is this…
Can one do a short sale after refinancing under HAMP OR HARP?
Now I found a nicer home, much cheaper& could own out right. Can someone please advise what is a better deal? Is a short sale a better deal or should I just give the house back or just deal with…
Rent and Sales Charts florida
Hi Everyone, I doing a research for my college. Can anybody there help me in finding datas about the number of house sold from 1997 to present days and the average prices as well as number of rentals…
Where can I get a list for mobile homes that sold in my park?
I live in Orange Ca. and I live in a mobile home in a park called Park Royal and I want to sell my mobile home and by a house in Las Vegas NV. but I want to know what the mobile homes in my park are selling…
2 or 3 bedroom?
My home is 100 years old so closet space is already limited. Two bedrooms have a closet however the 3rd bedroom does not have a closet. Can my home be sold as a"3 bedroom" if that third room…
is it legal to use old listing pictures of my home from previous seller to list my home for sale?
I have copied pictures from listing when i bought my home and house was empty. I like those pictures and want to use them for listing my home again. I assume that prospective buyers will like to see pictures…
Got an investment property @42K, rent=$800/mo mortgage=$500. May be able to sell between 79-85K. Possible roof repairs & plumb issues. Sell or
keep? The property is due for a full roof update (we think this includes supporting beams). The water heater may be on it's last limb along with a huge plumbing fix to the main water line since tree…
how much could i get for my home as is?
It is located at 17324, its a 5 bed 3 bath, with a sun room, and in ground pool, brand new roof, brand new septic system and sits on 2 acres.
Can the board turn down my buyer bc he has a 14yr old son????
Selling a large 1br coop.. have deposit, ,mortgage commitment, etc... apt empty.. newborn son, down to 1 income w 2 mortgages... and religious board president says no w/o interviewing buyer bc buyer has…
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