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Did my agent break any Virginia rules/laws when an offer was made on my home but did not get it in writing?
My agent brought me a verbal offer on my home. I made a counteroffer which was refused. I asked my agent to get the buyer's offer in writing and now the potential buyer has lowered their original…
Are any of your offices using safety guidelines for agents to use when they are showing homes and are hosting open houses.?
I am compiling a list of safety tips for my office; example: if you are showing a property to a new client for the first time - make a copy of their drivers license and leave it at your office - don't…
How important in $ is floor level in a bldg? How to translate into $, 9th flr vs. 19 flr. same unit?
Many people want to be on lower floor - faster in and out and easier and more fun to view in detail rather than at helicopter level.
Bad time to list a house so close to christmas?
I live in Central Florida and we are looking to sell our house within the next month or so. Is it a bad time to sell a house so close to christmas? Is it advisable to wait until January to list our house?
Preparing a home before putting on the market
We are wanting to place our home up for sale but not sure what the main focus should be for any improvements
Tips for selling house "for sale by owner"
My fiance and I are moving out of state and time is of the essence. We want to try and sell it "for sale by owner" at least to start w/, any suggestions?
how do I go about selling a house on this site?
Every time I attempted to do so I had a problem. It asked for my address and it said enter one and i did and it said enter one. who can I call to talk to a LIVE PERSON to help me? It keeps saying no…
If a closing contract is not executed by the stated date and no extension is signed, can I move on to other offers?
Hello, I've accepted an offer to sell a home to Buyer A. Agent for buyer A, asked for title company of their choice and due to various procrastinated actions on the Buyer's Agent and Title…
this is a major part of decision making on homes. It could be apprx., but put it in the ballpark.
Can a home owner review a home inspection report paid for by a buyer even after their loan fell through and the deal is off?
My mom was selling her home, the buyers chose a company and paid for them to come in and inspect the home. A few days after the inspection, their loan fell through and the deal was off. My mom would…
When would be the best time of year to sell our Harbor Beach home in Fort Lauderdale?
We would like to relocate out of the area by the spring of 2013 but also do now want to move in the midst of the holiday season. How long should we expect the home to be for sale before it goes under contract…
When purchasing homes or reviewing listings why aren't listings more accurate about details?
These listing often will not include the amount of repairs or upgrades necessary to bring many older homes up to code. In addition these photos do not accurately represent possible neglect from homes that…
Poss buyers have asked what is my mortgage bal and mo pmt-is this normal info for a seller to give?
I have a FSBO condo and the last 2 callers-prospective buyers-have asked what I owed and how much were my monthly pmts. I don't think this is info they need. Were the just fishing to see if I might be…
What are some things to consider when trying to decide which reality company is right for you? National or Independent?
What are some pro's for the independent realty company, discount brokers etc?
Help I need to sell my home in Chicago Heights. It's looking pretty grim.
I've been waiting for housing prices to rise in order to sell here in Chicago Heights. I can't believe how low the prices have dropped in the last year. Help, what is going on? The property taxes have…
If you are selling a house in another state, from which state should you get legal help?
Will hiring a paralegal be sufficient for filling out forms?
Anyone having problems with closings taking forever?
We had pre-approved buyers everything is done and in place, file is complete at the bank and has been for almost 2 weeks and still no clear to close. What's up?
Bedroom or 2nd Living Space
We currently have a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house with a living space on the main floor and one in the basement. We are getting ready to list our home and wondering if it would be more valuable to convert…
Selling and home appraisal is less than selling price?
In the process of selling my home and think there may be a bit of a glitch. We have a contract for $337,000 and the appraisal has come back at $320,000. The buyer is putting down $17,000 and thus will…
I own a fourth of a home with my siblings I no longer want the property and they do not have the money to buy me out. Is there anyway I can sell my?
share to an investor? Its a two family, in annadale. Mother/Daughter. I was under the assumption that it might mean I can get an investor like a company take over. If someone buys my shares and the others…
Can we claim Capital Gains Exclusion on a house we have owned 2 yrs if it was rented out for the past year, after we lived in it for a full year?
My husband and I have owned a property in Humble TX for 2 years. We resided in said home for the full year of 2012. In january 2013, we moved to Plano, because my husband got a new job. The property has…
We have some very potential buyers for our home that according to their realtor, tends to sit on tings for far too long. Our realtor has suggested tha
t we(the sellers) write up an offer to them to get things moving..has anybody heard of this?If so how effective is this move really? Isn't listing our house at a very fair price like an "offer"…
Currrently in loan mod process which dropped my credit score to 630. I want to sell and buy another house. Is this possible, or should I wait?
I need money from the sale to purchase a new house. Can I sell my house for more than its worth? What steps should i take to get started? Thanks!!
What is your opinion about the 680 Lake shore Drive building ?
With the Veteran building and CBS Studio now gone, will the future North Western Hospital development enhance the value of the property ?
I am having a hard time selling my home because the buyers I am running into are having a hard time qualifying for the full amount of the loan.
I want to know if a lender would agree to give the buyer the loan if I, as the seller, wanted to owner finance the buyer on 50% of the sales price. Would a lender like this structure if they have 1st lien…
Agents and Brokers: Are you using single property websites?
If you are using them, what company are you using??? what are they charging?? what's your overall opinion? If you are not using them, why not? I look forward to comments. thanks, fred
Replace or allowence?
Bedroom carpets removed, is it better to replace with real estate beige carpet or give a flooring allowance? Same goes for refinishing wooden floors!
How do I attract excitement & get people to view my listing?
I have a fsbo listing & want people to come through the door & make offers. I'm also willing to work with agents for a fee or reasonable commission of 1-2% depending upon the sale price. The asking…
how to determine good selling price of home?
Have a 1700 sq ft house with 3 bedroom 2 bath, 1/2 basement. carport, storage building, 3 bay covered parking and 3.4 acres of land, main highway frontage.
Does offering a right of first refusal on property lower the selling price?
My wife's elderly parents have owned an undeveloped lot on which they have created a garden since 1997. The lot does not have any water. A neighbor allows them to use his water but they pay for their share.…
How do I get photos removed from your site?
OWNER ...7610 Fleming Hills Dr., Huntsville, AL
my 3 family home has been on the market for over a year and have not yet sold....
my 3 family home has been on the market for over a year with my realtor and have not yet sold it.even though she has been trying her best...i am selling it a little above market value so that i have room…
Capital Gains Tax and Relocation
I'm selling my home in California and relocating to New York where my son and I will be buying a double. We both plan to live in the house. I am low income, Social Security Disability. I have quite…
This real estate thing looks pretty easy. Just list the home and get a fat commission check. The internet does all the work. Prove me wrong.
Seller agents do nothing. A marketing plan now is to put it on the internet. It appears all I need to do is get a listing and put it on the internet. The buyers agent and buyers use the internet and…
Sell Your Home & List -...!*
Like a Zillow App allows you to list & sell your own home ... Quick time none wasted...to " closing"- contingent orders - no problem...!
Sell home contingent upon a move months away?
We’re planning on moving abroad. As an example I am using a moving date of June 1, 2014. My question: can I currently put up my home for sale and have the sale be contingent upon our move in June…
I am considering putting my home for sale on your site and wrote up a description in that section. However, what I saved does not appear
How do you get to create a description of the property and correct the estimate? The comprehensive details that I entered show up when I go into edit mode, but do not appear on the web page when I save…
Looking for a cash investor to buy my home at market value. Please help.
5 Bedroom 2 Bath House Living Room Family Room Fireplace Screened in Pool 1 acre of land We can't continue to pay both our mortgage and rent so we are looking for a cash investor to buy our home…
What can we say to tactfully break ties with a realtor we do not have a contract with?
We have had her do a walk through/market analysis and have seen 4 homes with her. We are happy in our current home but were just curious of our options for possibly moving closer to my husbands job. The…
How can I market my home to international students that go to Shoreline CC or their parents?
Are you or anyone you know thinking of selling in Farmington or Kaysville?
I have some clients moving from out of state and are looking in those areas for an updated home, good neighborhood, and priced between $225k - $275k. If you have any referrals please have them contact…
If I am supposed to bring money to closing but do not have enough, what are my options?
I was just notified by the title company that after satisfying the 1st and 2nd mortgages and paying closing costs I would still have to bring approximately 10K to the table. There was a maintenance lien…
egress needed for a basement bedroom in cambridge?
what is the defintion of egress needed for a basement bedroom in cambridge? And is there a square foot minimum?
Information regarding for sale by owner
Trying to sell our house for sale by owner, where can I find a contract?
Buyers wont sign cancellation with clause " due to buyers breach"
The buyers are in breach of contract. Agent/& Broker/& Title co will not give me the cancellation paperwork that says buyers r in breach. Because buyers still want to buy the house. Im done with…
I have a highly motivated seller that will like to sell her studio coop in Portchester, NY 10573. I NEED A GREAT AGENT!
The coop is located at 360 Westchester Ave Portchester NY 10573. Unit has been fully renovated and sellers are highly motivated to sell. Please call me at 917-848-4655 if you can help!
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