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I want to know if I can buy new washer/dryer for the people who bought my home and take mine with me? Does it have to be the existing ones I leave?
I told my realtor that my appliances were to be excluded in the sale of my home.I don't think he listed it that way, not sure though. He brought me a contract and they asked for my appliances. He…
Sell both properties together?
we have a warehouse and a 2 bedroom house we would like to sell. They are right next door to each other. We thought we should sell the house first and then the warehouse. Our real estate suggests selling…
Open House Listing
How to add to Open House listing
Looking for investor to buy my short sale Montgomery home and rent it back to me
Home ion west side of Montgomery (Oswego schools). Listed for short sale at $209,000. Would like to sell to investor willing to rent it back to me.
Are there simple things I can do to get my house ready to sell?
I am thinking about selling my home. I know that there are a lot of things I could do to improve the appearance; however, every time I have a free weekend, I get overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects.…
Settlement costs for sellers - when should you find out?
I am selling my condo with an underwater mortgage and will be paying approx 10k at closing. I have stressed to my agent that I need to know how much I need to pay. I am closing on 18 Sept; is it unreasonable…
Selling Home on our Own
I have had my house on the market for 5 months now and have lowered the price 100K. I am currently at $450K and my contract expires on 9/15/08. Can I break the contract now and sell it on my own or do…
Why do people keep saying the banks are the losers if homes go into foreclosure??
In most cases the banks don't take the losses. The individual homeowner("home renter") takes the lose on defaulted mortgage. By means of lost downpayment and recked credit. These are the…
Add bathroom or save the money and lower the price?
Will be retiring and selling in 2 years in old Fitchburg. House is 40 years old, in older middle class neighborhood, 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms (1 full is in unfinished basement, 1 upstairs with bedrooms).…
Curious about what your home would sell for in todays market?
Ask around- see who is the leader in sales for your community. A comparable market anaylisis and review the statics from the past six months in sales can shed light on what your house would sell for today.…
Looking for Realtor to have "Open Listing" with to sell my 2 investment properties in Baltimore, MD.
I have 2 Tenant Occupied Properties for sale. Check this link or paste in browser for more info. http://www.loopnet.com/xNet/MainSite/Listing/Profile/Profile.aspx?LID=19067855&SRID=5321299211&StepID=101…
What are predictions for jan 2015 on resale homes. In boise, meridian idaho
I have been told new builds will rise so what about resale homes, especially those I. Subdivisions which have new and resale homes.
When is the best time to sell house?
When is the best time to sell house in New York state: winter,spring,summer?How to sell house fast?
Our home is currently listed on Zillow. How do we list with Trulia without locking into a relationship with a real estate agent?
We have been disappointed by the lack of information regarding how to list on Trulia as a FSBO. There seem to be no advantage to listing on Trulia because we could contact any number of agents ourselves…
My home is listed on Trulia, so I tried to go in and correct the mistakes.
I have corrected the mistakes you had listed on your site, but they are not showing up. Please correct them within 24 hours.
Your website will not allow me to list a home for sale. Can you help please?
When I load the information in the form keeps coming back with some of the information that I loaded gone! I am trying to list 37548 Ocean Reef in Willoughby, Ohio.
What improvements should I make to sell a home in 75229? Will sell from 150-200K depending on condition.?
2010- exterior paint - done. Should I replace the single pane windows? What kind of floors? What other projects should I do? Thanks
Realtor's commission for selling my home
I am considering a move to another State and would therefore want to sell my home. I have only been in it for 3yrs and so do not anticipate any profit over and above what I have paid off the mortgage.…
How can I get an updated photo of my home placed on Trulia?
I understand that despite your 'Free list a property' claim, you do not allow homeowners to list their properties for sale on Trulia. However, I've made edits to my listing so that if someone…
Can I continue showing my home with a sign contract?
I not to sure the contract buyer will get the mortgage and I want a backup buyer.
Affordable home stager in West LA?
Can someone please recommend an affordable home staging service? I checked Houzz and they all seem pretty expensive.
I purchased on a land contract a mobile home on a lot and after paying it off all I received was the title to the trailer, what else is needed
how do I get the deed is it something I need to do or the seller. the seller has moved to another state?
how do I list my home on trulia?
how do I list my home on trulia
the average number of days on the market for homes listed in Culpeper, va 22701
what is the average length of time homes are on the market in Culpeper, VA before they are sold?
Im a local Realtor, I took over a listing from a realtor that got fired, Brandon Longhurst. The listing is MLS # 194851 Address is 1354 N 45thE
Idaho Falls, The Property owner is mad because Trulia still has it listed as Brandon Longhurst listing, instead of James Billman. Can you help get this changed
how can i list my house for sale on your site as a for sale by owner or just show that is for sale?
how can i list my house for sale on your site as a for sale by owner or just show that is for sale
I am a Real Estate Agent. I have a listing that is not showing up on Trulia like all of my other ones do. Can you help? Its MLS #1450905.
The address is 500 Judah Way, Unit #125. Please let me know if there is something else I need to do to correct this issue. Thanks, Ted
How do you find a phone number from a potential seller?
I have a buyer that was loves a specific house, I have knocked on the door of the person but everytime noone answers and I never see any cars. What programs or how do you pull up phone numbers so I…
Why is there a difference in sq footage from when I bought the house to when I put back on market? It has been less than 1 year.
When I bought my house, the listing and all paperwork stated my hosue was 2200 sq ft. I have since put the house on the market (within less than 1 year) and my real estate broker listed it at 1500 sq ft.…
Can I list a house in Puerto Rico ?
If yes How will I procede ?
Where to get disclosure forms to sell lot in California?
My family is selling a lot in California. I see we need various disclosures to give to the buyer. Where can I get these? They are: Advisability of Title Insurance , Agency Disclosure and Agency Confirmation,…
Neighbor's illegal in-law unit
Neighbor bought his house about a year ago. It had the unit on the property already, but it seems with a foreclosure it was missed in the inspection (vegetation basically covered it). Now my neighbor…
My listing 667 Elderberry Dr. Milpitas, CA is not located on the correct place on your map.
I need you to correct that so that people are locating the right property. Call me for questions Jen Beehler 650-714-8216 Listing Agent
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