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what you think about Green Tree | Mortgage Loan?
what loan is better a FHA OR CONVENTIONAL for fist time home buyer, looking to choosing a mortgage company what you think about green tree mortgage loan? any experience with this company?
Looking for a mortgage broker in Baldwin County who is willing to work with someone with not so perfect credit in purchasing a home.
We need someone who will sit down and talk to us not like a fico # but real people. In the last month we have raised our credit score 40 points and it will continue to go up, we just need someone to work…
I'm looking at a two-story condo with electric heat (baseboard). Does anyone know the average monthly cost for electric heat in winter?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3037829141-19-Bridlewood-Preserve-Rochester-NH-03867
Is it wise to purchase a home near Towson Town Center (Fairmount Ave and Dulaney Valley Rd Corridor)?
We are looking at a townhouse in a gated condo community near Towson Town Center. Adjacent to the community is The Quarters, which we recently learned is now an Apartment community and NOT a condo community…
My tenants have a need for a really good credit repair person or entity to help them prepare to exercise an option contract.
Problem is past medical bills... Household is working three full time jobs to work off incurred bills and is 40 points shy of being able to qualify for an FHA mortgage. They are in Polk County, FL...
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I am interested in buying a town house in bordentown... but do not have much idea about the town. Can someone help me get info on the?
commuting, good communities, taxes, schools in bordentown area? Any help is appreciated.
i'm looking for nice mobile home parks that are NOT an adult only or 55 community. do these actually exist?
i'm from lakeland & would like to move back to the area...winter haven,auburndale...but all that seems available are adult communities. i've 2 cats & 1 small dog, 2 grandsons (6 & 10) & it'd be nice if…
need to know if I am qualified to get loan now
I lookup the McKinny properties especially 75070 and is really interesing to buy one. My status is 1. I will relocate there about at least 1 year later. 2. 75070 is the preferred area because the good…
I have a condo for sale in a fairly new building in streeterville. I'd like to sell the unit with the parking. I'm getting offers for the condo only
no parking. is it smart to sell the condo separate? From your experience, how hard is it to sell the parking space later? what would the realtors in streeterville recommend?
What is up with prices in Coppell???
I understand that prices are going up everywhere in the DFW area, but Coppell seems to be going a little overboard. Most good houses going within 24-48 hours. Houses that previously would be on the market…
Is it possible to get out of a buyer's representation agreement?
I want to look at a home and possibly put in an offer but my realtor is out of town. I would have never agreed to the representation had I known they would be gone the weekend I'm looking to buy.
Moving to Dallas
Off Plano/Carrolton/Richardon and Garland, which is a good place to live? I am looking to move to Dallas soon. I mostly will be working in Dallas or Richardson
a railroad track that crosses Campbell Rd near Custer. What is the train frequency?
I'm keen on a house in Canyon Creek/Prairie Creek in Richardson which is near this railroad track. What are the disadvantages of buying a house at this location ? I love the Canyon Creek / Prairie Creek…
What should I do about a landslide issue with my neighbor who just listed his house on the market?
My neighbor's slope is about to come down on my property and need help as I am a new homebuyer and don't know how to handle these issues. There is a wooden fence that has been holding up the slope. I'm…
Should seller consider addIng first floor master master bedroom?
WE HAVE THREE BR ON SECOND FLOOR plus bonus room. Plus two fall baths
Reasonable Settlement Charges for $750K loan?
Hi, I'm in contract for a home in San Mateo County and have received a preliminary settlement statement from a big well known lender (initials WF) I had planned to use. I was a bit surprised to see…
what is the cost of a house listed as a 3 bedroom dropping to a 1 bedroom?
Im wanting to buy a home that is listed as 3 bedroom. for $98,000 however it truly is only a 1 bedroom. my realtor said that the appraiser/inspector might label it as a 1 bedroom and I have a va loan so…
How large is the lot this house sits on?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3044045495-1140-S-River-Rd-Webster-NC-28788
Lake parsippany
Best place to live in Morris County
I have a credit score of 667, my annual income from a salary is $50,350...
How much financing can I get for a multifamily property where I can live in one unit and rent out the other units. 3-4plexes preferably around FAU or Boca Town Center to Spanish River... I have almost…
Where is the best place to purchase a home in America Today?
If you could purchase a home and expect the greatest appreciation in the next 5 years where would you buy a home at?
First time home buyer
Hello, I am a first time home buyer. My husband and I are looking for something in our price range. I would like to have 3 bedroom and 2 bath. I prefer two story house. Under 100K. We are looking ada…
Where can Buyer write the review to their Broker/realtor ?
Hello everyone, I have just closed my home purchasing. I must be happy about my first dream home but for some reasons I was not, because I found out somethings was uncomfortable/unhappy about my Broker/Realter.…
Are you a Boomerang Buyer?
inShare. It's estimated that 10% of the homes sold in 2013 will be to buyers who lost a home in the past five years. Approximately 500,000 buyers who may have thought they wouldn't own a home anytime…
Hi all, I'm from and currently live in the UK. We (my family and i ) are looking to relocate. Now there are some awesome properties around but
our final decision on where to go really has to include availablitiy of broadband. Currently i run a web based business which is ever expanding, and also contract develop software. So i need good internet.…
Are these assessments correct? Only $100 property tax and only $30 for homeowners insurance.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/16144987-993-Doire-Dr-Conroe-TX-77301
Melbourne florida Ive been on section 8 all my life. Is there a way they can help me buy my dream house??
I need a home with a backyard for my dog.Does section 8 help out with purchasing a home?
We happens if we miss the escrow close date?
We have been in escrow since mid February. They keep saying we should be done this week, then we hear it should be done next week, then next Friday and so forth. Finally they were like, you'll be…
Hola ,estoy interesada en la propiedad ubicada en 301 e 12 st hialeah fl y quisiera saber el estatus real de esta propiedad.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1084570823-Single-Family-Home-Hialeah-FL-33010
hi! I would like to know what area is 33125 and 33126, sweetwater, hialeah, and hialeah gardens as MLS for realtors. Thank u.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1084548725-8804-NW-115th-St-Hialeah-FL-33018
Question mostly for RE agents. Does anyone out there know how long does it take for Chase to approve a short sale?
We just put an offer on a house the house, we offered more. The seller's agent claims that this short sale should be approved in less than 90 days, probably before 60. Recently, we got out of a contract…
buying a new home is it expected that the seller will decide against against my request to buy their home
what kind of problems will I in counter trying to buy a brand new home
How much total savings would I need to purchase a home at $50,000?
For example: If I want to purchase a home that is $50,000 and using FHA how much money will I need to have on hand for my downpayment? How much additional would I need for closing costs? I have not set…
In January 2013, I will be ready to purchase a home in Capitol Heights, MD but?
i need names and numbers of good mortgage lenders or brokers to help me start this process. Any suggestions?
should the title search company informed me of a no road agreement?
my property value has decreased because there is limited people who can pay cash
I'm thinking about buying one of the houses ...
in one of the new developments near the addison road metro. I'm concerned about the safety of the community and the school system for future children. I'm also sort of feeling like the houses…
Como llego a la 20 NW con 20 street si voy por la 112
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3026323260-Income-Investment-Miami-FL-33172
I want to be within 30 minutes from Lexington.....
I have 5 kids so low crime and great schools are a must. I am an Italian Catholic which I know isnt the norm in the South but anything close to that type of community would be nice.we are also a very conservative…
I am looking to buy a home in the Phila suburbs w/ easy commute to the city (great school district)
Looking for something to fix up no matter how large the project. We love stone houses. 150k (cash) any suggestion on an area where I could find a place for that amount?
We are looking for a RTO LTO, take over a mortgage etc, in the Gold Country/Amador Cty We have been paying $1850 mthly rent for 6 years.
My husband has some medical bills he's paying off and was told he can't get a mortgage even with fair credit until they are all paid off. We are tired of paying someone else mortgage, and are…
Is a 4.5% APR a good rate right now
Trying to determine mortgage companies
Im a 30 year old, single guy moving to Miami in December. Where should I look for a deal on a home? Im open to any type but want bang for my buck.
I am moving to Miami for the first time and dont know my way around literally and as far as storm/flood/etc insurance and the general ins and outs of buying in Miami. I have a good sized down payment and…
I need to know if I am considered a first time home buyer. My boyfriend now my husband purchased a property.
Down the road a quick claim was done to add me and with mortgage now in my name.
What if the home is not in the deseaed name but his deceased wifes? She had several children of her own .
The kids did not know they only had 1 year to open her estate.The step dad remained there until he died.She bought the house on her own. His child opened his estate but the home is still in the wifes name…
What's the best way to find homes that are rent with option to buy?
Looking rent/sell our home and move into a larger home.
how many square foot in this room? can i rent it ? how much the maintenance fee?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104952773-147-37-Beech-Ave-2C-Queens-NY-11355
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