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Why would a bank pull an account back from collections?
I have a second mortgage with BofA that was sent to a collections agency about a year ago. I've been making timely payment every month in effort to settle the account. I have about $25k left to pay of…
Is it true listings are requiring a local lender?
Our realtor has been pushing us to use their local lender stating that "there are many listings now which state they will only accept offers including local lender prequals." Is this true?
my loan was not approved, yet the seller's agent will only return $1,000.00 and keep $4,0000 in my escrow. What is my recourse?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116364496-17757-Front-Beach-Rd-2108-Panama-City-Beach-FL-32413
Down payment assistance
Just recently we attended an 8hr home buying class in order to get down payment assistance. Now we feel this was a worthless effort. As we progressed through the requirements we soon realized we still…
looking to buy a home. townhome or single family?
Unable to decide on townhome or single family in princeton, plainsboro, west windsor area.
Can we rent without a co-signer if we filed a Chapter 7 a year ago?
Our income is $100,000 , no bills except Insurances, medical and utilities...We are interested in the Tracy or Livermore area...
I'm looking to buy an old house that has code violations.
How much time do I have to get the code violations remediated??
How do I start the house hunting and loan for buying process with VA?
I'm Active duty and I'm about to move to either Florida, especifically to either Tampa, Orlando, KIssimee or Jacksonville. It can also be Texas, in San Antonio, Dallas or Houston. Anyway, I'm trying to…
I have never done a short sale, or a loan mod, but is it true that negotiating with the second TD can have
upsetting consequences? I think I can save them most of their funds, save credit, save homes, and provide instant buyers for short sales. Grampa Jack grampa27@verizon.net
Do you think this project could be a useful real estate marketing tool?
People who are looking for new real estate could input their potential buy and find if it is a feasible prospect if they must use public transit to commute in big cities. http://www.kickstarter.com…
I am in need of finding a nice, patient realtor.
Currently, I am looking for buying a single house priced below $300k. Right now, I need to find a nice, patient realtor, who stands on my side, not just tries to get the deal done quickly. I also have…
How long does it take to obtain a certificate of occupancy for a garage conversion? And how much will taxes increase?
I just put an offer on a house in Nassau County, but just found out that they don't have a certificate of occupancy for the garage conversion. They converted the garage into about 3 rooms and extended…
first time buyer, please help with documents.
Hi , i am a first time buyer and going to buy a house in Philadelphia. what do i need to know or what documents should i check before buying a house? Or could anyone please tell me where to find the mentioned…
I'm looking for a condo that allows small pet and has a low maintenance fee in hackensack. Which buildings allow small pets?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095641215-125-Prospect-Ave-Hackensack-NJ-07601
how do i find move in ready model homes with furniture for sale in Colle Park GA?
I would like to find builders model homes that are for sale in College Park or McDonough that come with or without the furniture but with all the upgrades already installed
Foreclosed or Short Sale Homes?
I am interested in looking at foreclosed or short sale homes in Bossier City. Where do I look to find these homes in Bossier City?
What is a good area to buy rental property near Houston or Dallas. What is the expected rent and house prices.?
I am looking for houses < 400K as rental properties. What are some good areas in this price range. What is the expected rental in this area. Is it easy to find renters.
My fiancé and I are trying to decided on if we should rent or buy our first house.
We are getting married in July and I will be moving to North Carolina where he is station on New River Marine Base. I just feel like if we rent a house we are throwing that money away as to if we buy a…
Does anyone have details about the Lexington subdivision that is being built in Apex off of Highway 751?
I can't find any pricing information about this subdivision. It is located across the road from Apex Nursery. The lots are sized between 2-6 acres.
Can someone who will be coming regularly with his family for vacation in indianapolis buy a home?
Can someone who will be coming regularly with his family for vacation in indianapolis buy a home?
Owner occupancy and FHA question
A member of my immediate family passed away in my FHA financed home. In addition this is the home where I suffered many verbal attacks from a former partner. I tried to tough it out and continue to live…
Hello, I am looking to buy my first home in Indianapolis. I am young (22) and looking for a decent neighborhood.
The price point is kind of up in the air as it depends on what I am getting. I was considering a duplex, (renting one unit, living in the other), but am also open to a single family home. I currently live…
History Needed of Homes in Indiana
I am going to add more to this question so please wait to see the additional info. I can only type 150 spaces here.
Perry Twp, IN need advice.
It seems like the home prices in Perry Twp, IN are great. May I ask for some BLUNT opinions why this would be? I am moving to the greater Indy area and would like to know. Also, what is the south side…
Any opinions on quality of Standard Pacific homes in the San Ramon area?
Does anyone have an opinion on the build quality of Standard Pacific homes built around 1998-1999 in the San Ramon area? How d these properties compare with others in the area? Thanks!
Looking to relocate from Canada. Where will be great area near 46216?
Is there any way to find a lender to buy when you are not from the usa? As my first choice would be to buy around the area of the school.
I am a young single woman looking to buy my first home- any recommendations for safe areas within the city with cheaper homes??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3081755822-1133-Villa-Ave-Indianapolis-IN-46203
this home is available for purchase 518 n girls school rd. 46214
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060065991-518-N-Girls-School-Rd-Indianapolis-IN-46214?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com%2…
I am looking to buy a home and I talked to a Mortgage Broker here in Indianapolis and I have not heard anything in 2 weeks.
First time Home Buyer. I have called and emailed with no response, I am concerned because they have already pull my credit report. So should I wait a little while longer because of the lenders they may…
Can my husband and I qualify for a mortgage? Limited Work history...fresh out of college
I am a graduate student on a $2000 a month stipend for the last 2 years with a credit score (vantage not fico) 828. My husband has been working at his current job for a little over 1 year and makes $1800…
Home Purchase based on traffic
Some of Our thoughts on buying a house are waited in terms of Traffic...Rush Hour. If we work near Carmel, How long of a drive to/From work to a Home (Not miles ..Time struck in traffic) A. Down South…
Can anyone recommend a lendor for a 0 or 5% down jumbo mortgage on deep water waterfront primary residence?
Las Olas Isles price $1.25mm loan $1.2mm, 350K W2 income credit over 770 current house for sale but not under contract yet. Dont want to miss being able to buy this home
How do I find out if there are homes in my area, that have a rent (or lease) option, to buy?
I am debt free and have excellent credit, but I don't have $20,000 in my savings account for a down payment. I was told to see if there are homes in my area that may have a rent/lease option, that…
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