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We are looking to buy a home that is a short sale. There is currently a tenant in the house and we cannot
continue to rent to them because we are getting an fha loan to buy the house. Any advice on what needs to be done to get them out or does their lease agreement trump our new contract??
Can the Tahoe Verde homes be used for a vacation rental?
We'd like to buy a place in the Tahoe area that's an actual home instead of a condo. We live on the east coast and would like to vacation there a few times a year but the rest of the time it would be vacant.…
Looking to move soon, preferably in NC, and get a quaint home. We're looking into Southport NC, but would like to know if there are other options...
we're recently married couple ages 34 and 39, looking to find a charming home somewhere relaxing where it appeals to couples without kids
How do we find out if we qualify for financing on buying a house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1054082800-13716-E-24th-Ave-Spokane-Valley-WA-99216
Hello, I am interested in buying a home for my family with a FHA loan.
I have stable W-2 employment with my current job for close to two years at $74,000/year, however, I have been in the same industry for 12 years. I have low debt to income ratio. I have 12 months verifiable…
Seeking mortgage broker specializing in self-employed buyers
My husband and I are prepared to purchase a duplex, and we seek a broker who knows how to find the best mortgage for self-employed families. We have spoken with a few banks, and we understand that my husband's…
The listing agent has not been able to contact the seller in a short sale.
What's next? How can I help? Why could this be happening?
How to go about getting an fha loan.?
My husband an I are trying to purchase our first home. He is self employed with a score around 620..how would we go about getting an Fha loan? Would we even be able to qualify?
Should I buy a house in Nodine Hill, Yonkers NY?
Im looking at a townhouse in yonkers to move my family from the south bronx, im not too familiar with yonkers and I dont want to move somewhere worse than where we are currently at. The asking price is…
Hey guys, my family was thinking of moving into Lakemont, Richmond and just wanted to ask the Trulia community what their thoughts were about it.
Good place to raise family? Crime? Or would you guys recommend maybe Aliana which is next door more? Thank you in advance for all you guys help!
Trying to list a house for sale...
Is it really necessary for me to ask questions on here to list a property?
I can't get a realtor to call me back or reply to inquires about 39 Stugger Road. Can anyone help me?
I am interested in learning if the property is for sale and if the Perk Test and/or Soil Conditions Test are available. Are there any odd designations associated with this property?
May I view this house this evening?
Hi I would like to view this address asap please on Morsewood jaelhamilton@yahoo.com thank you
Buying my parents home & gift of equity
Im planning on buying my parents home for 280,000. Its asset for 459,000. How can my parents gift me the difference of 179,000 without being taxed if thats possible? I know they can each gift me 13,000…
I have an agent that helping me look for a house ,it has been 2 months now we didnt get any offer accepted !(over 20),is it normal ?
We are up to 46 offers now and nothing yet(except one that i really didnt want ) !i even ask him to be lenient on the offers ,i m paying the closing cost and i dont mind 1 or 2 months rent free for the…
Cooper Leaf mountain development
Moving here with airline industry. Love the proximity to airport and the food and shopping choices on baseline. All the blogs state that this is GANG town. Most dating back to 2007-2010. I looked at crime…
We are still interested in homes in Florida... why did you stop sending ?
Hi for some reason we stopped getting the homes you used to send...Please start sending again... we are now also interested in Rotonda, FL.... Thank you for time..Mrs. Rose Santiago
how can i find the mortgage hold on a porperty not my own?
my neighbor passed away the house is going to be foreclosed on, how do i find the mortgage holder?
How do I prepare to buy (3-5 year timeline)?
Hi - A few questions from a potential first time buyer. I'm 43, single, work for a nonprofit (have been here for 5 years), credit score is up to 650 now & working to bring it up further. By next year…
better area?east providence vs north providence vs downtown providence for single family home or condo.
I am new to providence and right now renting in north providence. I am planning to buy a single famly house or condo. This will be my first house. we are young couple with no kids so lookign for a cheerful…
We accepted a offer with a contingency that the buyer sells their home.
We were very apprehensive on this but our realtor talked us into it. We accepted it and all the concerns we had before have his us hard today. It's only been a day. Can we modify or cancel the agreement?…
I need information on a house at 164 Old Rome Road Aragon, Georgia.
Would you finance this property seeing how you still own it?
We are a military family relocating to San Antonio at least for two years. Big question, should we buy or rent a house?
Our approximate date of arrival would be June 15th. We are first time homeowners. Our tour to Lackland AFB, will be for two years and then who knows. We have started our homework looking for houses…
How is this area for walking/hiking trails? We are considering a move from CO & really enjoy parks, trails etc.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3050901324-1614-Devonshire-Dr-Tyler-TX-75703
i can't send a request for contac t, facebook won't quit popping up. then i got rid of that and your contact link won't send.
i'm in hoover. 637-6674 205 637 6674. if an agent wants to call about the house on shadybarook, that's cool. i'm having to go thru this facebook crap again to send this. GOD, THIS IS…
What is a fair price reduction on a condominium that's been listed over 100 days?
I like a condo I recently viewed but the price was a bit high. I've seen comparable units in the area up to $30,000 less and there was a unit in the same complex that sold for $70,000 less 6 months ago.…
As a first time buyer and hearing stories about builders walking away from unfinished projects and bankrupt, what is the best way to select a builder?
I want to make sure I find a builder who is going to give me an honest bid, give me all my options, help me find a lot, not cut corners, and complete the project timely. Is there a dollar per sq ft I should…
Can anyone tell me about the water quality at Anderson Pond/Blue Lake?
Can you swim or is it strictly for fishing/boating.The few times we have been there the bottom of the lake was covered with algae or some sort of growth.
Can you compare the cost of living for Marquette, Michigan and Dayton, OH.?
Need comparison of home prices, groceries, utilities, etc.
how is the Bauer Estates area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108028680-4011-Maltese-Way-Pensacola-FL-32506
looking for a 1bedroom for roughly 380k a month (market value?) in grandview 1, but taxes are scaring me off. worth it?
taxes would run me about 500-600 a month (with abatement) this seems kind've steep no? with the maintenance and taxes my mortgage would only be slightly higher than that.. and since the building was built…
I'm looking for 1 bed room apt in fort lee. What about 2400 hudson ter.??
I'm concerning about noise because the building is closed to highway. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106674153-2400-Hudson-Ter-Fort-Lee-NJ-07024
Public road access from subdivision
We are interested in a house which is located in 9 house subdivision. There is an access road ( from within subdivision ) to a public fishing pond which is open pretty much all around the year. It fits…
Does anybody know if it was common practice to bury oil tanks in 1948 in Fort Lee, N. J., given the density of the ground/earth.
My understanding is the Fort Lee area is under bedrock,so houses built in that area would require quite an effort to install an underground oil tank.
this is more of a comment...you have a home listed on kasteel Dr, and it says Hearth Stone under it - that is not part of Hearth Stone neighborhood -
and you have another home on Embers way that IS part of hearth stone that is listed incorrectly. FYI
When should we bid on a house?
We found a house we like but it has only been on the market for 12 days. The house is price right but the most we could afford to pay is 95% of asking. We've bid on other houses and won but for…
Average listing price around 48 Downing is $ 299k and average sale is $ 276k. Still priceed too high ?
Average listing prices around 48 Dowing is $ 299k and average sale price is $ 276k. Still priced too high ! -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1058966127-48…
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