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Looking for a 3 bedroom in Truckee for $300,000 or less. Recommended areas for families?
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I have had an offer on a Short Sale since last October with BofA. They have asked for my proof of funds 3 times and keep asking for sellers
financials. I keep hearing 30 more days for approval letter but still no letter. Am I getting any closer to thus closing?
Title agency from a sale 4 years ago wants signed access to court records regarding a lien they missed and I didn't know of - should I sign?
I sold my home in early 2009. No problems. A few weeks ago, the title agency started calling - the current owner wants to refi and the title search showed a lien that I apparently incurred which I did…
Pre foreclosure/Short sale..Should I wait longer for a response?
It's been 2 months now and no word from the bank. The selling Realtor told my Realtor that our all cash offer is the only offer that was presented to the bank. Considering that Wall street is falling apart…
MLS Misrepresentation on SQFT and year built
The Sellers have misrepresented the MLS SQFT by 10% and also stated the home was built in 2003 on the MLS when the actual appraisal shows 1999. We are 2 weeks away from closing. Is this considered fraud…
I am under contract with a REO home . We have already passed our closing date
and are waiting for the Deed Packet from the bank. Any suggestions as how to get this expedited?
I am a first time buyer with a 570-610 score waiting for a pre approval, Ive found a REO house and dont want
to miss out on it, how long does this process usually take, and are there any suggestions or other steps i should take at this time
According to my dads wilI can purchase the house at fair market value 1 sister does not approve, does she have to
I lived in the house all my life and took care of my parents, my father stipulated in the will I can buy the house at fair market value, we had all the appraisils and market anaysis, the estate attorney…
So next week I should get my clear to close from my lender and all of everything as far as packets, homeowners insurance has been handed in.
I also completed everything regarding my conditions and my lender said I am in line for clear to close next week. Is it safe to say that the money for my two/three month reserve can now be used to get…
i have a home in Whyman Haciendas,
should i sell or keep it till it goes up in value, i bought this house in 2010 for 74k.
Hi. We are looking at purchasing a home in Heber, Utah. We went out looking by ourselves and we noticed A TON
of REO amd Bank Owned and depressed properties that a BRAND NEW. Mostly in the areas by the airport and the cemetary in the new developments. We saw 2800-3000sf homes in the 200-299 range. My question…
Best Place for Young Professionals in Dallas
I'm moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and am looking to buy in a good neighborhood for mid-to-late 20's young professionals. I'd like the following as much as possible: - Close to DFW (Preston Hollow…
Desirable areas for single family rentals ?
I currently invest in single family houses in Austin Tx. I am interested in expanding my retirement portfolio to include properties in Dallas / Ft Worth areas. I am not familiar with Dallas / FT Worth…
At what stage does the bank own a property during a foreclosure process?
At what stage of a foreclosure can the bank enter a property?
First time home buyer HUD 580fico
I was doing some research online about the importance of your fico score. i noticed that it stated that all you need, as a first time home buyer, is a score of 580 to purchase a HUD home. We have seen…
My credit score is slightly under 620 and have been told that I don't have enough credit to purchase a home,
what steps should I take to obtain one, if possible before the credit deadline, Dec. 1?
how high do i need to be on my credit to be approved for a home?
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Get earnest money?
I am buying a condo in Dallas. The 10 days optional days have passed. But I try to cancel the contract. It is not because the mortgage issue. Because I did the inspection and my buyer agent sent the repair…
Relocating to Dallas area and are looking for buyer's agents to interview and suggestions for lenders who can expedite the closing process.
My family will be relocating to the Dallas area this Summer. Living out of state, we don't have any personal referrals of buyer's agents or lenders, so if you are interested or have any suggestions, please…
How can I find out about for sale house listings not on MLS?
Looking for a 1 family house at Dyker, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach or Gravesend
Im looking to purchase a home in the Dallas area as a first time buyer.
My credit score is 740 and annual income 80k. no debt. now the only problem is that i have no down payment (due to paying off all of my debt). what are my options? can borrow money from parents, but…
I want to buy my dad's house from the estate, can my siblings and I agree on a price and them sell it to me or does a judge have to be involved?
I am executrix, and my father left an invalid codicil saying he wanted me to have the house. I received all the money on bank accounts by survivorship and I want to buy the house to put some money into…
Building vs. Buying a house.
I really would like to build a house rather than buying one but I have very little information about the pro's and con's, building vs. buying. I am aware that building would possibly more expensive but…
New community suggestions?
Looking for new community - built or close out (even pre-owned but built after 2008 for energy efficiency). Anywhere from Roanoke heading east to Frisco. North of 183 only. Good schools priority. Price…
I am trying to find a new home in Coppell ISD? Are there any?
I am trying to find a new home in Coppell ISD for under 650K. I am aware of 4 new builders Toll, Darling, DW and Cambridge. Cambridge and Darling does fit my family needs (3 kids 1 dog = big yard) and…
townhome or condo----75010
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1043528334-2712-E-Wentwood-Dr-Carrollton-TX-75007
La Serena Ave Lakeland, FL 33809 3 bed / 2 full bath 1,424 sqft Single-Family Home
Boyfriend and girlfriend in late 20's moving from Detroit.
She'll be working downtown I will be working in Beverly Hills. Ideally would like to be on beach but not familiar with the state at all. We are very outgoing people. Enjoy the artsier, hipster, green lifestyles.…
How do I get escrow money back in IL?
I recently put an offer on a home in Illinois and I decided not to pursue the purchase after the inspection came back showing foundation problems with the home. The seller refues to give back the 500.00…
Average commission percentage
I'm curious about this - what is the average commission most brokers charge in the flushing area? I don't want to sign an exclusive agreement but need an agency to market my 1 family home (appraised…
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