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Loan immediately after bankruptcy.
I want to know who can approve ahome loan immediately after bankruptcy. I now have a 654 credit score according to quizzle.
Re- gated mobile home communities in Florida
We are trying to plan for our retirement in approx 8 years and are looking at a mobile home purchase in a gated community in Florida. The area we are most interested is Haines City. Love the look of Lake…
Is there a website where I can obtain a standard Florida Real Estate agreement.?
I've been in realty many years ago, so don't need a realtor to submit an offer on a property. Where can I locate a standard real estate agreement so I can complete it myself and send the offer to the…
Which home inspectors are the best in the South Bay Area?
Hi, I'd like to know who people consider the best home inspection companies in the South Bay? I'm considering using Magnum Property Inspection as their reviews on Yelp are great (though Yelp can't be…
I need help in my decision. Should I get a brand new duet home in a very nice location in Morgan Hill, CA or a single family home in north Gilroy?
I work in Sunnyvale, CA and my husband works in Watsonville, CA. We are looking for a new home where it meets us halfway (as far as commuting to and from work). Also, we are a looking for a safer and…
whats the current Sq ft rate in zip code 95135 San jose?
whats the current Sq ft rate in zip code 95135 San jose?The school district is evergreen elementry.
School ranking in this neighburhood
School ranking In this neighbouhood
Please remove homes on your site that have already sold like Twelve Oaks in Placerville,ca. & others. Help me to able to delete sold homes on my
Help me to be able to delete sold homes on my site. You have said you were having troubles but it has been quite some time now.
I'm looking for sheriff sale information in Anne Arundel Co, MD.
I'm familiar with the system here in Pennsylvania, but it seems to be different in MD. Does the Sheriff's office have listings available for properties facing upcoming auction? What days are the tax or…
i purchased a home in ky, through a bank, the seller was given 30 days to vacate the premises, he is not sticking to this agreement
the utilitys are transfered in my name, he has given me a key, and i have been mowing the lawn for the past 3 weeks, i was told he may be using kentuckys 3 day period along with the 30 days for changing…
Hi.I am a foreigner from spain interested in buying a house for rental investment aiming at a high yeld. Which areas are the best for rentals?
I heard that brentwood or penn hills might be good..I just want to make sure that the house will always be rented.Thanks.Ameen
I need a ranch in West Seneca that could be made handicap accessible. I'm finding this impossible to find. I would do the work.but need right
house. For example, bathrooms must be large enough to take a remodel. Walls and doors must be farther apart than usual. I must have two bathrooms to work with. I find no houses that are handicapped friendly…
Seeking buyer's agents in California Bay Area who would be willing to credit back 50% of commission to an independent, experienced buyer.
I'm actively searching on my own for a condo in the $200k range. I would pay all cash, and I'm capable of doing the financial analysis, writing the offer, arranging for inspections, etc. etc.…
What can I do about a possible FREC violation committed by a listing agent?
I was under contract for a place in Boca Raton (submitted deposit and everything). The appraisal came in a lot lower, so both the seller and I were working out a new price. However, the listing agent…
Possible Fraud alert
There is a possible fraud alert on Trulia. One phone number with 3 different names in 3 different cities for 3 different homes. The phone number is 978-786-3537 and the homes are in Grand Rapids,Mi and…
Due to medical issues we would like a single story home, with land (2-5 acres), not in any sort of a subdivision.
Hi, We have a two story home in Summerville. Due to medical issues we would like a single story home, with land (2-5 acres), not in any sort of a subdivision.
Best foreclosure real estate agents?
Where can I find a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about foreclosures and will show them to me? I'm only interested in the bank owned properties.
Building a home with DR Horton and they won't give us a copy of our contract. What to do?
We have asked multiple times and they won't give us a copy. Are there laws against it? Need advice.
I'm interested in learning more about the Mueller Development. When I search listings online, all I find are?
older homes. How do I see what the new construction looks like? Is there one central website for the whole development?
New homes Jefferson and Sunny Road in St. James.
600K for a 2400 sq.ft house or 699 for around 300 sq.ft. Need an expert to tell me if these are priced correctly ? I don't see any new houses sold for comparabes except for the new development on 347.…
In Corvallis, Oregon, what type of property is considered the best for student rentals?
single family home with 5 bedrooms? home that was divided into 2-3 units? townhome? always close to campus, or that doesn't matter much anymore?
How can I buy a home after filing for bankruptcy?
My husband and I filed for bankruptcy last year while living in Phoenix due to the housing market. We have since moved to Texas and would love to buy a home instead of wasting money on renting. Does anyone…
I want to move from jamaica to Pittsfield ma. I'm looking for a 4 bedroom home with a price range of $200k-$350k. I want a good neighborhood.
I want a kitchen with appliances and granite counter tops, a car garage attached to the house.
I am new to home buying.
I have a low credit score due to medical bills. I have $2000-4000 to put down on a home with payments around $500 and looking for contract for deed. I find that realtors do not want to talk to me....any…
How do you find out how much the Cap Improvement Impact Fee for a property is in Surprise/Sun City West? Even properties listed in the same
neighborhood show different amounts. Is that fee paid at closing or is it prorated on the loan like property taxes? Does the buyer always pay for it? Thanks in advance for any help...
I'm looking for land to build on or a home to do a major renovation on in Springfield, Maclean, Vienna or Fairfax as my primary residence.
I'm looking for land to build on or a SFH home to do a major renovation on in Springfield, Maclean, Vienna or Fairfax as my primary residence. Land must be $250k or less.
Can anyone offer any information on Madison Green in Royal Palm Beach, FL?
I would like to know about the quality of life, community amenities, and the crime rate in the area if any. Is it a gated community? Thanks.
Anyone willing to do land contracts in shorewood with a good down payment?
I found out I dont have significant credit history. I have owned a successful resturant for 12 years and money saved to buy a house. I want to buy a home in shorewood this year, but apparently I can't…
Can I just sell part of my property with a home on it and keep a smaller portion of it with a mobile home on it for me?
Property is L shaped about 1 acre combined. The mobile home is in front with house in back with shared road.
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