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My wife and I are looking at buying a new home listed at $385K. It is not yet built. Stanley Martin is the
builder. What is a good number to offer for the home? We do not have an agent involved. We are dealing directly with Stanley Martin. This is in Souther Maryland.
Backing up from buying the house
I have signed papers and I am waiting for the appraisal of the house, but the house price went up which means the monthly rent when up? I will not be able to pay the monthly rent.Can I cancel or resign
Do realtors and banks manipulate the housing market to keep house prices high?
I have seen houses go on the market then off the market without being sold. I saw a foreclosure on auction.com, that didn't make the reserve, but in there advertisement they were saying buy it now…
What would be the best way to purchase dream home when property tax and insurance exceed fixed income?
My client has the capital and funds to purchase their dream home from decades of modest living and sound investing, but is on a fixed income that falls below the costs to cover insurance, property tax,…
What is the water situation in Arizona, particularly in Surprise? We are out of state and don't know much about the area.
Is water a big problem in Arizona? What would an average utility bill run for a month? Looking to retire in a few years and would be happy to get your feedback. Any drawbacks? We can retire in 3 years,…
Can I get preapproved to buy a house making only $14,000 with good credit (no late payments in past 3 years)?
I am 23 (male) and my credit is good (equifax and transunion scores are in the 740s, and my fico is is 769) I have around $7,000 in savings (almost almost another $1k for any bills) I have a car payment…
I made a very good offer on a house almost 15% more than the asking price but still didn't win.
I made a very good offer on a priced-down house, almost 15% more than the asking price but someone else got the house, due to multiple offers situation. Do I have the right to ask for details of winning…
Credit score 680, Have 15K for down, Bankrupcty in 2012. Can I buy in now in Dallas,TX?
My company is moving to Plano, TX in March of 2017 and I would love to buy a home there. Do I need to wait till my BK drops off the credit score? Credit is 680 and I have a car loan right now.
How does one post a review regarding a managing broker who is not listed on your site?
I would like to make sure others are aware of how bad this agency is.
Why are short sales considered a "good deal" for buyers?
I know that a short sale listing is when the seller of a home owes the bank more than the house is worth on the market (I'm assuming including the commissions due to be paid at the sale). How does…
I'd like to revisit Collierville verses Arlington verses Germantown. Each has their own unique qualities but to me they seem extremely
similar. I am relocating from NTC and want opinions. I have 3 school age children so that is why I have honed in on those 3 areas.
How long does it typically take to close on a house with an FHA loan?
Recently applied for FHA and wondering how long until I can call the house my home!
Trulias estimate on our home is incorrect. It is 40k lower than Zillow (aren't you the same company) The homes in our tract are selling for 1m.
And ours upgrades throughout, remodeled and enlarged kitchen etc. If you cannot correct please delete our home from your site. Address: 8471 Ivy Circle, Huntington Beach 92646
How do students snag sterling TestoZyte tips?
Apparently, I smell a rat. It is like closing the gate after the horse escapes. I can stand that. There is grave risk in treating TestoZyte in the wrong way. http://www.findfitnessidea.com/testozyte/
Seller cancelled contract and realty will not return deposit unless I sign a form stating I will not sue. What can I do to recover my deposit?
Put a deposit down on a house and had inspection done that showed problems with the property. (Listing said new septic system but repeated calls for documentation of new septic were returned with, "will…
I am looking for a 3 bedroom, two bath, one level house, under $250,000. Preferably with an in-law or guest suite, but not necessary.
Please do not send any type of properties that do not fit this criteria as I do not have the time to browse through every thing that is for sale in Las Vegas. Also there have been properties that I may…
Should I buy a home just prior to retirement or wait until I retire?
I plan on retiring no later than two years. I live just outside Los Angeles and it's getting very expensive and renting an apartment along with my husband. Since I will be retiring a couple years…
wheres easiest qualifying loan low down payment loan for ok credit and 150k 1099 for 2015 income loan in bakersfield ca
single family home bakersfield ca 93304 good current income and proof good 6 year history wheres cheapest and easiest 5/1 arm loan ?
Could you please place 101 Arcaro Drive, Greensboro, nc in Churchill Downs...not the Orchard???
This is my house. Also, it has four bedrooms...not three, and it has two full baths...not 2.1.
Homes at $80,000
Is there anything available at Ave in the $80,000 range? What about the townhomes they built originally? Are any of them available?
Land Loan in Atlanta.
Hello. I would like to know where to get a Lot or Land Loan. I saw this lot in Atlanta, with an old house that needs to be demolished. I would like to get a loan to purchase the land and, if possible,…
Is it possible to get inspection and appraisal fee back if seller backs out or demands more money?
My sister submitted an offer on a house that was listed for $265,000 in Stockton, CA. Before she did the inspection and appraisal, the seller asked if my sister was willing to pay more then what the house…
I'm trying to find out what the actual or apx value is of 114 Butterfield Lane Lincolnton, NC 28092 (it's on the GASTON COUNTY SIDE, IN
GASTON COUNTY). It's 1.01 acres with a 1991 single wide mobile home with 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. A well & septic tank is already in place. Landscaping is beautiful with many very large…
Best area in Murrieta/Temecula to buy a condo as an investment $230k Max
Hello, I am trying to find the best area to buy a home as an investment and maybe to live in the future. I was thinking of Murrietta, does this area hold its value, and are homes renting in these areaa…
Best Practices: How to go about purchasing a home with a sibling?
My husband and I are looking to purchase a home with his brother and wife. Before I get bombarded with a bunch of caution, we have worked out the details and are aware of the complexities. My question:…
Journal Square Condos
Are there any new for sale condos being built in Journal square? It appears most construction is rental
Owner Financing/ lease to own
We are looking for an owner finance/lease to own in Panama City Beach, any advice? Where is the best place to look for these types of listings?
How far from a major highway is good enough for a house?
For example, Hwy-101 in CA bay area. Approximately how many miles away from such a major highway should one consider buying a home?
Is it worth buying a first home in your 50s?
Occurances in life sometimes hinders or postpones the American Dream especially here in California. But now that you've sent your children thru college and time and money are more available, is it…
Do have any legal recourse if I was sold a house without a termite clearance letter in Atlanta, GA?
My husband and I recently purchased a home. My agent represented both the seller and the buyer which I am finding to be a big mistake. At closing there was not a termite clearance letter and when requested…
New construction cost per square foot to build in St. George area.
We want to buy land in this area and build a new home. Never built new before so I am gathering information. Thanks!
Good morning. My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a 1 story home with a small dog. I recently moved out of my dad's house due to an
unhealthy relationship with him and I live with my boyfriends parents. We need help find cheap homes but we don't know where to start. Anywhere in the area of douglasville, dallas, powder springs…
Good morning. My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a 1 story home with a small dog. I recently moved out of my dad's house due to an
unhealthy relationship with him and I live with my boyfriends parents. We need help find cheap homes but we don't know where to start. Anywhere in the area of douglasville, dallas, powder springs…
I am buying 5 acres with cash from the land owner and would like to know what steps I need to take to do this - is it cash for deed? Any specifics?
We are conducting this transaction without realtors or representatives - I just want to be prepared and know what documents and/or guarantees the seller should provide. It is unimproved land without utilities.…
I'm a first time home buyer and need to find a lender.
I contacted a lender a few days ago she said my credit score is a 609 and needs to get up to a 620. I have corrected some issues on my credit report and paid off some bills, so my score should be up soon.…
Is it possible to get a loan for a mobile home?
...with not so great credit? My condo expenses are killing me, so I may be doing a short sale soon.
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