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New updates from my agent..
my agent said The listing agent spoke to the negotiator for the bank and the appraisal expired so he needs to re order the appraisal on January 27. So we should get an approval late next week. The good…
how long does it takes to move in after bank approved?
here is some details short sale condo/ $120k / i will pay cash ( no mortgage ) / Seller is still living in that condo for FREE. 1. So how long does it takes to do closing after bank approved? 2…
Time of Essence Legalities
I am in a real estate contract as the buyer and my mortgage company has held me up. I am about to go past the time of essence clause date. Other than breaking the contract what can seller do legally.…
Who would I contact for information on this house?
18 Countryside Lane Marblehead Ma 01945
Can we buy a home with a score of 550 in denver?
Hi I was wondering if you can get a home loan 1st time buyer with a score of 550 in v denver co it Jefferson county?
I am trying to buy in LBI is there a reason why ship bottom is so cheap compared to the rest of the island
I am looking to spend no more than a million dollars on LBI with a dock for a boat and walking distance to the beach. There are allot of affordable homes in ship bottom but they are pretty run down and…
assumbale nonqualify DeSoto, Texas
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What areas in Ocala have large, private lots and are tolerant of 18 wheel truck parking?
We hope for an area that'll be very private/ undeveloped and unpopulated at least for a few years to come. Large lots in neighborhoods where folk won't mind if you have your project cars or animals out,…
Road noise in Exton PA
I'm looking at a home in Exton PA. The house is in whiteland hills circle. There is some road noise outside the home as well as slight noise in the bedrooms. We are ok with this but worried if this will…
Help Me Searching A Park In Mexico?
A special treat either Paul a few years ago she discovered main on shared her love sightseeing this now tell from the back a motorbike I know if helpful last panel much on line helper okay I love go to…
I am a worker i want a well house in new york..
I am a worker i want a well house in new york.. please find a house in new york.. http://cleansefxcanada.org/
As I am paying off my debt on my credit report is there away I can build my credit back up?
My credit score is 517 and my debt is $3,000.00. I have a payment plan in affect.
hi i am victor is urgent to find a house or apartment one of two or three bedrooms have only one month to move have a stable job in black bear my annual salary is more than 23,000 dlls a year and also…
do you have foreclosured homes?
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Any tips on searching for a home in Miami from 1000 miles away?
Thinking of relocating from Boston to Miami area, probably north of the city. We can afford a home of up to $300,000, and of course there are plenty of homes under that amount. But because we may only…
Looking for a townhouse
It is possible to buy a townhouse with minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms under 230K in herndon?
Currently renting, want to buy home for renting!
I don't own a home and I am renting a home for $1900 in Herndon. There is a new construction happening close to where I live and am thinking of buying a townhome condo (~2,500 Sq ft) for $450,000 (it…
Why are Cedar Key homes so expensive? Many of them are old and need a lot of work.
I know realtors deliberately overprice at first to reduce quickly later but why are so many homes overpriced so high? And are you honest about condition when showing to buyers you are supposed to help?…
What is the problem trying to get an agent to show property no one wants to help after they find out all we want to spent is 20000.?
How will this property ever get off market if no one wants to work it 2 weeks waiting for some to help.... -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3073206599-619…
If you buy condo with cash ( no loan)
if you buy condo with cash (no loan) you will get a deed from escrow office right? questions. 1. do you get a deed when you give them your cashier's check on same time? 2. do i get a copy of deed…
What are the square footage requirements and elevation requirements in Waveland? Are homes required to be elevated on piers and if so how high ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116388372-111-Pine-Ridge-Dr-Waveland-MS-39576
How does this area compare with the sinkhole map?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090739353-24-Magnolia-Dunes-Cir-Saint-Augustine-FL-32080
we co-own 3 acres of riverfront property that is undivided. We want to sell our cabin; the buyer wants to buy our half (undivided interest)
the coowner will not divide it. Our cabin is not on this property. The potential buyer's banker told him this was not a good idea, because if the other owner goes bankrupt he would lose the land. Is this…
what is warrant deed?
what is warrant deed? do you get warrant deed when you buy house with cash? or something else? what kind of deed do you get when you buy home with cash
Trying to decide between two job offers-Hall's in Knoxville TN and Oak Ridge TN
Pay is similar so it really boils down to best place to raise a family. I have three young boys so schools and safety are top priorities. My dream home is a home in a nice neighborhood with a lake view.…
We are a couple of Brits (50 ) looking to buy a small condo in Naples. We will probably pay cash, but do not want to spend anymore than $150,000. Is?
this feasible in today's market? We would also need to be in a position to rent the condo from time to time should we wish. Any advice gratefully appreciated.
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