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How does the Real Estate Agent Relationship work?
I'm a first time homebuyer which means nervous. I was referred to a real estate agent that I don't feel comfortable with. I have asked her several question and she has given me the incorrect information…
I'm looking to buy a rental property in Colorado Springs and I'm after advice
I'm interested to know what the area between Palmer Park Boulevard and Palmer Park is like? What would be the best areas in town to look at?
What's the Tax Rate Code Area mean?
I assume there are different tax rates for different areas. Where do I find a listing of the code areas and the tax rate for each area? I assume once I know the assessed value and the rate for an area…
My credit score is 680. I pay 1800 a month for rent. I have a small reserve to put down. What should I look at for house costs ?
I have been paying $1800.00 a month for the last three years and looking to buy something reasonable.
How long take to get a answer from a fha loan?
Im the buyer and i have the date for the closing set up for next month the10 but i haven't hear anything from the bank
I have thru lazy work habbits have 3 agents looking for a condo. What do I do?
Over time sonehow I have gotten involved with 3 agents all sending me infi on a condo in an area. How do I handle this dumb move? If I finally buy with one where do I stand with the others who have sent…
Can the grandfathering on the use of property be canceled?
Mobile home park grandfathered in. I now have ownership and was told that as long as a mobile home was on the property the property would still be able to be a mobile home park. The one home belonged to…
Teacher trying to get approval on relocating and purchasing 2nd primary res home.
We relocated from FL to SC. FL home is leased out for a year (6 mos into lease). Both our credit scores are 800 . Are there any programs to qualify for? Im self employeed (hairstylist) rebuilding clientel.…
Buying high-rise condo to rent for a few years...
We're thinking of buying a Bellevue condo to rent for 3-5 years before (possibly) living there full time. I'm looking for information on whether the type of property we have in mind would be viable as…
Why are the taxes on a property not shown early in review? and only a proportion mentioned further down.?
Property taxes used to be listed early on the review of said property. It is a major proponent to deciding real interest for many kinds of buyers. It may not be pretty- but let the customer decide. A…
On/before/after closing what additional useful information may the buyer get from the previous owners.
I'm about to close on a home, which will need some fixes, so I was wandering if I should make a list with helpful information the previous owners could provide. I hope someone else could advise on this…
Should a realtor get commission on Late Fees?
Seems like his job is to manage my property and not be rewarded with a commission when my renter fails to pay his rent on time.
Is it difficult to get single family converted in to a multi-family ?
Considering efforts/cost and permit issue with Waltham town?
Is it necessary to inform the state of a septic inspection when buying or selling a home in NJ?
please tell me the law regarding septic inspection during the sale of a home in NJ
I am underwater with my home and have been unsuccessful trying to sell it the last couple of years- I am thinking of short sale but I
I have another property I own that I run a business on. Will that affect that asset? I have a mortgage on it
If im supposed to close on the 30th and my home insurance goes into effect that day, what if i end up closing sooner??
there is a possibility i close sooner since i did a homepath loan..Would the insurance company need to change the date or would it be ok to be like that
We are concerned about the logistics of selling our current home first so we would have the cash to make a full-price cash purchase on the next.
We would need to sell first, close and collect the money before being able to buy. Our current home is paid and clear so our next purchase would be cash. Making this work so that we don't end up having…
Is it possible to get 100% financing on a home?
I'm looking at a foreclosure that just dropped in price, and while I was planning to buy this summer I wouldn't mind buying now for the right place. I have some money saved, but want to keep that as an…
Approval financing
I have a credit score of 580 I don't have a down payment What are my chances of being approved As a 1 st time buyer Is there any incentive for 1st time buyers My income is 52000 per year
I believe my Realtor is trying to sabotage the deal, what can I do?
I am buying a foreclosed property for which the bank has already accepted my offer. The realtor the property was listed with was at first very helpful, then when we walked together through the house he…
Cash sale perks?
Does a cash sale get you a nice discount? For instance new construction home, do you get better discount then offering a private seller less?
Where to get a Bridge Loan?
What banks in Massachuetts still provide bridge loans? A bridge loan allows a loan for a person selling their home but wanting to buy another without a long term mortgage.
Rent to own in kyle tx
We rent in Plum Creek in Kyle but have bad credit. We want to buy and go through a va loan and want to see if there are any programs we can go through to qualify
Buyer commission rebates in New York - Westchester and Rockland
Buyer commission rebates in New York - Westchester and Rockland. Any help is appreciated
Deeded parking outside of real estate sale?
I recently bought a condo in Williamsburg but there wasn't an option to buy a deeded parking space, which was something I was really looking for. Is it possible to buy deeded parking spaces outside of…
How is the area of Olympia Estate at Missouri City, TX?
I just moved from Michigan to Houston. I'm renting in Sugar Land now. After several weeks of searching, I found no ideal houses in my budget range $160,000-200,000 in sugar land. I'm looking for a starter…
We will be retiring to Florida within the next year - and when we sell our home here in Maryland, we plan to buy in Florida.
We plan to buy the home outright, no mortgage. What is the average processing time once the right home is found to be able to close on it and take occupancy, assuming that the home is sitting empty?
I was told a final walkthrough when buying a home in Oregon is not common. Is this true?
I am buying a home in Oregon (recently moved here) and asked about the final walkthrough. My realtor said this is not common in the state of Oregon. Is this true? I have never heard of not doing a final…
A local builder is buying my property for twice what I paid for it. Should I use their (free) agent to find my new home or get my own?
The opportunity is too good to pass up. Luckily, I bought in a very desireable location on a double lot but I have to move rather quickly and am nervous about using their services (recommended lender,…
My friend got Counter offer with following terms on shortsale property from seller agent. Is it advisable to go forward with this counter offer?
1. Property is conveyed “AS IS/WHERE-IS” condition. NO warranties expressed or implied as to the condition of the property and sellers limits of liability to make any repairs to the property…
what is the trulia price?
If a home is still listed with a standard broker at a high price but is now listed on Trulia for a much lower price, is the Trulia price what the seller is asking for?
We are looking for a 1/2 acre property with sewer and water nearby. We want to put a mobile or manufactured home on it. Santa Rosa within 10miles.
Any ideas as to where to begin looking for this dream? Thank you and I appreciate and help. Suggestions, ideas, etc.... bless you.
This question is for potential home buyers and sellers. How often do you expect to hear from your Realtor?
Is there such a thing as too much followup? I hear stories all the time about disappearing realtors. But I wonder if I sometimes followup a little too much and turn people off by doing so. Just curious,…
Will bank make repairs to REO home?
Bank accepted my offer on a REO home. The home was being marketed as move in ready which they placed in the ads. We just got the home inspection done and the water lines are burst and the furnace is shot.…
Who pays the closing costs the buyer or the seller?
I will be selling my house in the near future
Is there any low priced traditional sale homes left on the market that is in good conditioj for under 115K?
all i can find so far is short sales and i do not want to tie my buyers into short sales which could delay their ownership status for possibly years. Or they may lose the deal by banks counter offers.
What area houses the best Public Elementary school?
Hello, I am moving to the Pittsburgh area to attend Carnegie Mellon but will be relocating with my daughter who will be going to 1st grade. I would like to pick a place to rent/buy based primarily on…
Do you screen your applicants?
You should screen your clients ...I am going to call police because you a a person trying to create fraud about renting one of the properties you had listed
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