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Should we make an offer?!?
We found a house we absolutely love. The question is about the property taxes. When the broker pulled them, they sit at about 5,600. My mortgage preapproval can fully support that. That however is the…
Canaveral Acres (Holopaw)
Is anyone familiar with this area. We are looking at several properties in the area to retire and was interested in any general information regarding safety, insurance etc. I see the homes are on a well…
So we are ready to start looking for a house in Boca Raton, FL. 3 bedroom 2 bath and at least 1500 sqft. good school district with minimal HOA fees.
We don't want a country club membership fee. Our max price is 215,000. My wife and I are both registered nurses and have a 2.5 year old girl. Is this criteria doable?
I read in order to qualify for Va; VA lender want debt to income ratio should be at 43%.
Excluding the $1167 every month I paid for the rent, I paid 333 for car payment and 328 for child support. I also owe student loans but all are deferred until 2019. My total income including BAH and BAS…
Which costs are potentially negotiable in closing costs
Are there negotiable and non-negotiable closing costs?
How do I change my password ?
changing my password on Trulia . How do I do it ?
I'm trying to buy a single family home with 2-3 Bedroom and 2 bathroom.
Can someone please tell me if it's safe to buy a short sale property or any information on it?
How do I update my home information?
We bought it on Dec12,2013 for $200,000 My address is 4953 oakton st unit 308 skokie ill
Anyone know what the commute on Route 16 into Brookline or so is like from Medway in the a.m.?
We're looking into both Medway and Holliston, but we work in Brookline. Wondering how long the commute might take if we leave around 7....
I live in the UK and looking to move to Houston Tx, possibly Katy area.
Can I get a mortgage easy enough? i have a great credit in UK, but not sure how or if this converts to USA to get a mortgage.
Looking for rentals
family of 6,want to live in the salisbury area, not able to buy at the time so looking for rentals
How I can get a home equity loan to buy out my soon to be ex? The divorce is not final yet and I do not have proof of income yet?
The property is owned, no mortgage. I need to know whether I would qualify before I can make an equitable distribution offer. Live in Philadelphia, PA . Please help, am very confused.
I'm looking for a 1 BR 1 Bath apartment near Ailey Dance School $2000 max. Anyone interested in showing this week, please respond.?
I'm looking for a 1 BR 1 Bath apartment near Ailey Dance School $2000 max. Anyone interested in showing this week, please respond.?
Best Place In California to live
You discover skin is simply looking so much better site verify fellow As same secondly got two so no reason any unique purifying morning and night and after that ventures to getting truly incredible skin…
I am a US citizen living abroad. My husband and I are looking at purchasing our first home in sugarhouse or Holladay while still out of the country.
We are wondering if there are any agents or mortgage lenders that are familiar with this situation and help us in the process
Looking to relocate to the Phoenix area from NY. is it true I have to show employment for 30 days before I can be qualified for a mortgage?
In NY I use Bank of America, and when asked they told me I couldn't get a loan until I can show 30 days of employment in phoenix. my Wife and I have near perfect credit, so I know that's not an issue.…
Where in Arizona is a good place to live?
My family and I are moving to Arizona. We have thought about moving to the Higley area in Gilbert, but are still unsure.
how can I be sure the home inspector actually doing his job and not just marking everything ok.?
I know people who hired a home inspector and he said everything was ok, but it wasn't and most should have been noted by him. How can a buyer be sure they are getting what the inspector says? No suing…
Moving from Long Island NY, to Austin TX
Would like to get some perspective on real estate in Austin TX as well as other things that come into play when relocating this far. Not too really sure about any specific geographic location, however…
Looking for an investment property near the theme parks as a vacation rental.
Looking for advice on condo subdivisions have the highest return on investment and highest occupancy rates. Looking to spend 100K or less cash. Any advice appreciated!
What are the list of VA approved condo in fort lee https://vip.vba.va.gov/portal/VBAH/VBAHome/condopudsearch name ID which is hard to find in trulia
https://vip.vba.va.gov/portal/VBAH/VBAHome/condopudsearch only give you the Condo Name try to type condo name in trulia is and you will not find it
Please name a nice family neighborhood in Gloucester County, including an area with great public schools.
Please note we do not want to be near an industrial area. Or an area that will have bad air quality. Thanks (How is the Mullica Hill area)
Is it true that 20% is required on a home purchase to avoid PMI for the life of the loan?
We want to purchase a home, however 20% a price high amount.
Bought Occupied short sale property through auction.
Bought an occupied residence through auction. The auction company says it is buyer's responsibility to vacate the occupant. The occupant is short seller. In most cases buyer would not close the transaction…
Is it legal for a seller to change their mind about selling a house after an offer has been submitted?
i PUT AN OFFER IN ON A PROPERTY THAT WE REALLY LIKE. the isting agent stated they are ready to sell before the offer was in. because of being on the market for almost a year. sELLER CHANGED HER MIND…
Please Help! I am looking for new and up coming cities in southern California that are both pocket and family friendly.
My soon to be husband and I would love to find new construction, with a community to raise our future children.
Do we really need 20% down to be able to buy a condo/home??
My husband and I are looking at Condos in the Englewood/Lakewood/Littleton area, and we have found a couple that we like in the $90,000-150,000 price range. Do we really need to have 20% saved up for the…
Where is new construction in Bethel and what are residential areas close to center of town? I don't know areas of Bethel so any website will
help. I am debating buying in Bethel vs Danbury (primarily because of school ratings) and have almost no idea of bethel neighborhoods which are 'desirable'. I know real estate agents are not…
looking for home rental in renaissance, manchester, nj
would consider rent with option to buy
One Story Condo near Springlake?
We live in Springlake (near Collier & Howell Mill) and are trying to help my mom & dad find a condo near us. The budget is $250,000 or less. Ideal characteristics are: one-story (or master on main),…
I see many Golden Design Group homes for sale in the Pradera/Vistancia area. I am possibly relocating to
this area and am interested in the Parker area. Are these good deals or is there something wrong with Golden Design Group homes? Good value?
are the refrigerator, washer and dryer considered appliances that stay with the home after it has been sold?
I purchased a multi-unit building in Los Angeles and agreed to allow the former owner to stay in one of the units for one year. After the term expired, he simply refused to leave. It has now been three…
When should I start?
I currently live in an apartment the lease is up march 1st 2015 I want to buy a home and be moved into it by that time next yr. I have several questions. When is a good time to start the process of finding…
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