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watch for firsttime home buyers foreclosures from $230,570.00-$365,110.00 Bank financed USDA backed
want luxury 4-5 bed home basement walkout, pool backyard, fenced private, three car garage, 3-4 bath rooms, private basement entry with liveable apartment, stove, bath, sitting rooms
How do houses get listed on the Trulia site?
My house is listed on your site and it is not longer listed for $349,000 and it is no longer with Long & Foster. How do I get this listing changed on Tulia?
Three Months On the Market and No Showings
Our house is located in a small town right outside of Raleigh, NC. Our house is beautiful inside and out, and is immaculate. We put it up for sale in late January and have not had a single showing. It…
Need help to find a town in Rhode Island that is a good fit for us to move to.
My husband and I are considering moving from out of state to Rhode Island. We would like to be in a place with a vibrant down town and is not more than 30 minute drive to the ocean. We would like a place…
Looking for help to id compatible Wilmington neighborhood for us.
My husband and I are considering moving from out of state to Wilmington, DE. We would like to be in a safe neighborhood that if possible is in walking distance to shops and recreation and for a home between…
Prices are going up?!
why are the prices going up for the new homes in manteca? about 6 months ago, the cheapest one was around 189k or 199k...now, they are around 216k and up. why is that?
rentals in Satellite Beach, FL
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How about Pelican Preserve in Ft Myers, Fl??
We have put a deposit on a villa there. It looks beautiful with a ton of amenities. Anybody out there who can give the unabridged opinion of the good and the bad? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
we wnt to buy a four plec and tuen it into a single family dweling
there is a property in mn that we want to buy it is marked as a four plex right now and we want tp turn it inro a single family dweling what would that consist of my phone @ is 712 8264100 or 7127891615…
Any over 50 active adult community in San Jose?
Looking for 2b/2b condo, no steps.
i bought a house.. but...
i bought a small house with cash (no loan) and I'm married. also my wife signed Quit claim deed.. what is exactly that means? "Quit claim deed"? so if we are divorced she can't claim the house? so…
Rental Vacancy Rate
Considering investing in a second home here. Trying to get a grasp on what I can expect for rental vs vacancy percentage. Anyone local with some insight?
looking for lease to own homes in elkhart county indiana
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Which Las Vegas neighborhoods are good?
We live in San Jose, CA but want to purchase investment properties in Las Vegas. Which neighborhoods are good?
Interested in buying foreclosure or shortsale condo or single family house
I am looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo/home with garage and small backyard. I am paying Cash. My price range is 30k - 50k. This will be my first home so i am interested in first time buyer credit…
Which mobile home communities anywhere in bay area are for adults only but not only for seniors. We are not interested in all age communities.
For example my mom is 55 and my dad is 62, I am 31 and will need to legally be able to live with them for awhile. I've read places that say 55 allow 18 and some that I have called said 1 person has to…
help! find my home!
Looking for two bedrooms apartment, very important open kitchen, dining area and spacious living room - maximum one hour distance from the city with any subway up to $200,000 without restrictions on subletting…
Looking for a nice One Bedroom co-op?
I have a large 1 bedroom co-op for sale in a gated community, pool, basketball, playground. Asking price is $115,000. Won't last! Contact Karen at karencrealtor@optonline.net
Are there any mortgage companies in Las Vegas, NV that offer 2nd chance after foreclosure with less than 20% down?
My parents are looking at starting over. They had a foreclosure in April 2010 and had filed bankruptcy in Sept 2011. They are wanting to buy a home and start over but the mortgage company wants 20% down.…
We want to move our Breckenridge "park model" home to an inexpensive lot in the high island area. How can we tell which lots aren't restricted?
We plan to visit the area over the weekend and look at lot locations, but would like to know which ones are restricted and which ones would allow us to move this home into the area.
Can I backout after signing contract with builder?
Can I backout after signing contract with builder if they sell same layout with same options in same lot at lower price to different buyer? Another buyr signed cintract a month after me.
My wife and I are looking for a home in Schenectady or Scotia,
We have some money saved, but I have a couple of blots on my credit score which is about 678, and she has better credit but has just started working again. I was told by one originator that I would need…
Any good homes in fulton that allows lots of dogs?
Id like to find a home just like those with jetted bathtubs granite counters stainless steel ,I love nice kitchens , but Id like a home that is not near other homes with at least a half or 1 or 2 acres…
First time potential home buyer looking for lots of help with saving down payment, the truth on the buying process, & credit repair help.
Currently have no down payment saved, and struggling to figure out how to save so much money. Rent prices are getting out of hand, and I'm so past ready to buy my own home. I have a 570 credit score…
Home insurance seems high?
I know you will ask for details. Here are a few. The house is in Seymour, WI, it is all brick except the garage area has siding. It is outdated inside, possibly all or mostly plaster, Tile in only one…
Need a agent that can help me find a home and who knows lenders who deals with people with less then prefect credit.
In need of a agent in the Central Florida location to help me locate a house and that works closely with lenders they know. So it can be one stop shopping. Currently I am in the market to get home very…
Ability to 'hide' a listing that is NOT of interest - where did it go?
Just recently the option to 'hide' a home from re-viewing is no longer an option. Its a great feature - however, it is gone. Is it for forever or just hidden and one needs to hunt for it. JZ
Any GOOD realtor out there for Corona area?
We are in a process of buying our first home however we don't have an agent yet. We need someone with a great communication skills and truly cares about us and our needs. Someone who does his/ her…
Wholesalers in Denver & North Denver Metro Area?
Hi everyone, I have a client who is interested in purchasing some wholesale properties in the Denver Metro and especially North & Northwest Denver Metro areas. Who has some great wholesale lists I can…
I s it a good area for investment in Wanship UT 84017
What is the average price per Acre in Wanship UT 84017. Are Utilities and Water available for 282 Park view Ln in Wanship UT.
will after summer home price go down?
will after summer home price go down?
My HOA covers nothing as far as insurance goes on my townhome. How much can I expect to pay?
Alright, I know I know: "It's best you consult with your insurance agent". Well, the agent I work with doesn't seem to be knowledgeable and I need to make a decision VERY quickly on whether I want to…
I am considering retiring to the WPB area and will be visiting in a couple of weeks.
I am interested in low price condos in the $50,000-120,000 range. Is it possible to hire a Realtor by the hour to show me some homes? Since this is my first visit, I won't be buying on this trip. I want…
Can I speed up the foreclosure process?
I've been eyeing a distressed property, hoping to make an offer before it foreclosed. Now I'm too late. Do I have to wait for it to go to auction? Can I contact the bank directly?
I like to buy home under 250k and sale again in the market. but how i can buy and where i can find home available in orange and riverside county area?
I like to buy home under 250k and sale again in the market. but how i can buy and where i can find home available in orange and riverside county area? which area i can sale quickly or make profit?
LaCresta vs. Santiago Estate in Temecula
I'm currently weighing on living in La Cresta in Murrieta vs. Santiago in Temecula. While I do love La Cresta for its beauty, I worry about the mountain lions that come out at night. I have a parcel there…
Appreciate pointers to preferred areas per School and options to build house - Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish?
Planning to move to Seattle over next year or so. Where do we start looking? 1. We like being close to city, easy access to Seattle downtown etc. However, there seems to be very few options in our preferred…
How can I download the results of a search like I can on Redfin??
How can I download my list like I can on Redfin??
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