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I am looking into a mobile home with it's own lot. The mobile home seems well kept but it is a 1978 model. From the outside I already see that it will
need new skirting, stairs and ramp and possibly a paint job. My bank will not give out loans for a mobile home what can I do?
Can I really get a mortgage for $125K?
Can I really get a mortgage for $125K with a FICO score of 580, income $45K, student loans $48k (still in school and no fees), two car loans. My husband can not go on the loan for tax reasons however…
Are there any rent to own homes available?
I am on the hope program and I am currently repairing my credit. They told me that the websites they go through for rent to own homes are trulia and zillow. However, I have not found any rent to own…
How much will a second bath add to a 1 bath home?
I am looking at 2/1 home, but cannot find any comps to make a offer. All the other homes have 2 or more bathrooms. How much does the second bath add to the value?
If a home buyer terminates a buyer agreement with a real estate agent and subsequently finds and purchases a home, would the former agent be owed $$?
I'm reading through a buyer agreement document and the following struck me: "Broker's Fee shall also be earned, due and payable under either of the following circumstances whether the transaction is…
Buying a townhome in an incomplete/stalled development
I'm about to put an offer on a town-home built in 2007 in a town-home project that has about 7 completed homes and 20 empty plots. This seems to be the only sticking point in this deal for me. Home…
Purchasing cost vs market value
I'm purchasing a house which cost $120000 and the market value is $126000 is this a good buy
Purchasing cost vs market value
I'm purchasing a house which cost $120000 and the market value is $126000 is this a good buy
Buying house with converted space in garage without permit
Im interested in this house and the agent told me that the extra room next to garage was converted without permit by the previous owners. I like it, the rest of the garage is of good size. Would I have…
Hello, I have a client looking at the property 6485 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor CA. Agents listed are not listing agents need contact info for owner/rep
So I can find out more info about the property. Thank you. Robin R. Berardini, Terra Firma Global Partners 707-484-1204 or rb@terrafirmaglobalpartners.com Thanks, Robin
How likely is it to get approved for a second house loan in a couple of months if the 1st house bought is $70,000 under original approval amount?
I was just pre-aproved for a $150,000 FX fixed 30 year. The house I am looking at purchasing is listed at $85,000, would I be able to get approved for a second house. My significant other and I are looking…
FHA Underwriter asking for old documents. WHY?
I live in California. My husband and I are buying our first home (FHA Loan). He has child support arrears from a previous relationship garnished from his wages ($300/mo). We provided the letter from the…
Can't Sell Your House? Double Payments? No Equity? Vacant House? Job Transfer of Loss? Divorce? Behind On Payments?
We can take over your payments and give you a quick out. We buy houses all over and may be able to help you. Go to www.ImmediateHomeSolutions.com and let us help you. At the very least, see what options…
I signed real estate listing contract 2 put our house on market & I'm not on the deed or property in any way was aquire prior 2 our
marriage, now we are unhappy w agent & want out of contract & husband the owner never signed contract, can we get out of contract w agent bease of this & could I get in legal trouble for sighning?…
What is a 'sponsor unit'? I gather it is a good thing for a buyer...
Some coops and condos highlight this, implying no board approval is required; is this correct?
FHA condos under 250,000 in Queens NY
Hi, My husband and I got preapproved for an FHA loan of 250,000. I am wondering if we will be able to find any 2 bedroom condos in Queens, preferably Jackson Heights or Rego Park or the surrounding neighborhoods.…
I live in Midland Tx. I'm a looking to buy a home, first time. Oil is the main economy here, was wondering if I should wait to buy a home.
Price of homes have dropped, but should i wait and see if they lower more and can I negotiate price. Also should i buy new or old.
Looking to purchase an FHA Approved Condo in queens, any advice on how to find actual listings as opposed to co-ops inaccurately listed as condos?
Looking for: 2br Condos under 300,000 Avoiding Jamaica, Ridgewood, Howard beach, Corona and any sketchy neighborhoods
What are the chances of getting approved if both spouses are not on the loan?
My husband has low credit and it is just taking forever to raise it. I have pretty decent credit with great payback history. We really want a house but I know he will not get approved for a mortgage so…
Need help with a loan! Fico 620. Loan amount 215K
BK August 2012 Foreclosure Dec 2014 Home was in Bk from 2012 LTV 95%
Need help with a loan! Fico 620. Loan amount 215K
BK August 2012 Foreclosure Dec 2014 Home was in Bk from 2012 LTV 95%
Need help with a loan! Fico 620. Loan amount 215K
BK August 2012 Foreclosure Dec 2014 Home was in Bk from 2012 LTV 95%
Need help with a loan! Fico 620. Loan amount 215K
BK August 2012 Foreclosure Dec 2014 Home was in Bk from 2012 LTV 95%
Need help with a loan! Fico 620. Loan amount 215K
BK August 2012 Foreclosure December 2014 Home was in BK from 2012? LTV 95%
Need help with a loan! Fico 620 loan amount 215k
Bk August 2012 Foreclosure dec 2014 Home was in BK from 2012 LTV 95%
any properties for sale by owners on this site (mainly dutchess county area)?
fixer uppers, needs rehab, handyman specials, needs tlc, etc.
What to do if a contractor via a sales agreement is stalling to complete repairs?
We just bought a home with an addendum that the seller had to pay for pool repairs. The seller wrote a check directly to the pool repair contractor and I gave it to the pool contractor when he came to…
Mortgage lender well versed in teacher/gov't employee programs?
I'm a city employee in SF, and my husband is a teacher. Wondering if any other public servants had good experiences with a particular lender who really knew their stuff?
But as you age, you begin losing these cells without regenerating them as you .
Timeline for everything with reference to relocating to Pennsylvania
My husband, five year old, and I are looking to relocate to Bucks County, PA in June/July 2017. We are currently renting in Queens NY and are both RNs. My questions are: when can we get pre-approved for…
Where can I find an aggressive buyer's agent near Syracuse NY?
I'm looking to purchase a home near Central Square NY. It seems most agents out this way are bff's and not willing to make lower offers... Example: Home listed at 185,000. 6 weeks later dropped…
HI.. I had been pre aproved for $80,000 VA loan, and I am looking for a house in Deltona area.
Looking for at least 2 beds, due I am in court probation, the location needs to be 2500 feet away from any schools, daycare, playgrounds or parks. Please e mail me if you have any available house. my…
Can I sue my lender for holding an appraisal for ten days on USDA home that came back 28k under contract price? it will cost us due to closing dates?
We have to be out by certain date now we may have to make call to extend our moving out date. Plus we can not get answers from selling agent and may have negligence case there as well..worst experience…
My husband has had his house up for shortsale for over 2 years and can not get rid of it....im over it i want to buy a house already but dont know if
im qualified...i have good credit and we ve been paying 1800 a month in rent....i just want to know what my chances are in terms of buying but dont know where to start....i have a feeling that ill have…
why does Trulia say "off market" but?
when you look at the listing under saved home, it still says "for sale"?? Come on Trulia... I see this on many of my saved homes - are your listings up to date? Where should I go to get accurate…
do you have any rent to own condos or town homes available IN THE NEW CASTLE AREA, THANK YOU?
Should I pass on Stucco Homes?
Our Realtor says we aren't allowed to look at Stucco homes. She says they are hard to resell and relocation companies refuse to deal with them. I'm familiar with good and bad stucco, but should I be…
Hi, where can I publish a review for Jennifer Puglisi?
I would like to provide a review for her.
I am looking for a 203k contractor in MA
I am in a process of buying a home with 203k loan. I have shown the property to around 10 contractors but none is ready to work on the property as it is through 203k loan. The repair cost is around 11k…
We just moved back home to Texas. Hubby disabled and I'm currently looking for work. In laws live in Field Store.
Looking for something close to in laws as they are in their 70's. Is there anything out there for zero down and low monthly payments? We have a travel trailer we are staying in so even if its an acre…
10 Vintage Farm Lane Upper Makefield, PA 18940 MLS#6766052 is not coming up on Trulia. Please get back to me with a solution.
I work for the listing agent, Jay Spaziano. My name is Donna Petrecco 917-478-8451.
Where is my quote?
I filled out how much the home was how much down payment I would put down my credit score filled all that out and pressed get free quote where is it
How does anyone come up with 20% in Silicon Valley?
Pretty deflated. Went cruising around looking at different homes. We pay $3680/mo. in rent. It's horrible cycle - high rent = harder to save. Couple that with the prices and it feels like I won't…
Loan for primary residence vs loan for second home
My husband bought our house back in 2010 before we met and so the mortgage is only in his name. Now we are thinking of buying a second home. We both have excellent credit scores. I am wondering what the…
Good Day, I was wondering why real estate agents flee in horror when one says they have an endorsement ltr from VA for (lender ID # 3151400601).
I am very serious about buying a home in Florida and I have no objection to looking at other offers in the Contiguous U.S. (preferably warmer climate). IS THERE ANYONE "NOT" AFRAID OF THE VA that can…
I was recently denied my home loan by the underwriter just four weeks away from closing date. Now this was because of insufficient credit history
the lender i went to assured me i would get approved even though i didn't have a lot of tradelines he told me his company had ways of working around that for fha loans for people he sold me the whole song…
"Sale Pending" does the contract can go through in 30 days?
Hi , After looking at over 60 houses I fall in love with a house which is under "Pending Contract", seller's agent allowed to give a back up offer and I have given a full offer with pre-qualification…
I reside in Dallas, Texas my home is a "can not rezone area!" I cannot rebuild on my property! I've run out of options on what to do?
Interested in purchasing a new Home, but uneducated on this process! I'm a disabled Senior Citizen on disability (low income). Does anyone have any positive, ground breaking advice? Thanks.
Looking for a NACA real estate agent in this area.
I'm approved so I'm just looking for an agent that has worked with NACA before.
If i find issues during an inspection of a home i am attempting to buy, does the seller need to disclose these issues to future buyers if i back out?
During my inspection we found large amounts of black mold growing in the attic. Now that it is a known issue, doo the sellers need to add this to the disclosure form fir future potential buyers?
If we backed out of buying a home due to a bad inspection and our agent failing to communicate. When can we interview agents.?
The only contract we had was the 1-4 Residential(Resale) We did get her to process the termination right before our 5pm deadline. Are we free to find a more qualified professional? I just want to know…
Roof replaced four months after settlement. Do I have a case?
One day after settlement major roof leak. Contacted realtor they advised was not noted in inspectors paperwork. Four roofers estimates done. All agreed bad roof. Insulation was saturated and tin can…
Are there pet friendly areas along East coast of Florida, North from Miami Beach?
I am looking to buy a 2BD/2BR condo / townhome / in price range 50-80K for cash. I have a yorkie (12 lbs). The "pet" filters are not working with this site. Please advise. Thanks
Can I still get a loan to purchase a home with 586 credit score?
My family consists of 2 adults 4 children under the age of 12 we make around $40,000 a year
My husband and I are wanting to buy a house. We have a house in mind, but are struggling with getting a loan because of our credit scores. Both of
our scores are in the 555 range. My husband has a new credit history (less than one year, with only a car loan with every payment made on time, and only about $200 of medical debt). My credit however…
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