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What are the best places to find new clients?
I'm just wondering what types of locations successful agents use to find new clients?
How is closing cost calculated?
How is closing cost calculated based on house pricie $465K and down payment of $150K
My family and I are trying to move out of the city into a nice quiet area. Close to my husbands place of work. We need atleast a 3 bedroom.
We are as of right now on a land contract with Vision Property Management. How would we get out of that and what would we have to do to get approved for a house out in Clare?
Differences between suburbs north of Charlotte and south - within Mecklenberg county.
Hi, my husband and I are interested in visiting Charlotte and checking out its suburbs for possible relocation. I've read a lot about Matthews down south and Huntersville up north. We could not afford…
Why are the home pictures blocked on Trulia in the Greer, SC area?
Real estate agents waste both our, the buyers time, and their time uselessly driving around showing houses to clueless people. The great thing up until now is that I could efficiently look at homes and…
What are our privacy rights?
Recently moved into a detached condo in NH. The common area includes land around each unit and a larger area within the circle where most units are located. One resident insists it's his right to walk…
Why does Truella show Agoura instead of Calabasas for Saratoga Rcnch? specifically Calamine Drive?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090859883-26962-Calamine-Dr-Agoura-Hills-CA-91301
what are the requirements in being a section 8 landlord?
staten island n.y one bedroom, rental cost?
Are there any restriction for having a small farm on the Ms Gulf Coast?
I like raising pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.
Are there an restrictions on having a small farm in the MS Gulf Coast area?
I like raising turkeys, chickens, ducks, and a pig or two. I'm looking in the Diamondhead, Waveland, and Pearlington area
Looking at two towns, quite far apart.
What if I am looking at two towns in Massachusetts that are quite a good distance apart. Can I have a real estate agent that specializes in one area, then another agent for the other area>? I hate to ask…
Change in minimum credit score problem! PLEASE HELP, offer accepted on old pre-approval letter.
For a while now my boyfriend and I have been serious about purchasing a home. We went through Countrywide and got pre-approved. Yesterday, we had an offer accepted on a home we really liked and then we…
Hi I am a new agent. I just received an exclusive listing for a $ 1 million dollar brownstone in Brooklyn. My broker told me I must give 50% of my
listing to an experience agent in exchange for his sales training. Is this true? The broker stated she has no time to give me sales training. I've only worked with the broker for 2 days and this was not…
I have worked this farm.
The farm is a Delray address. It has been owned forever it seems by a Mormon couple with a deep respect for the land and attention to details. The pond was built as a Trout pond. And the spring that feeds…
Is there a free resource / website where I can find information on new subs that are being developed in the Metro Detroit area?
We are looking in the Commerce, Walled Lake, West Bloomfield area and are considering building, but can only find a few new developments.
Do you own the space. And are dogs allowed
Add some detail about your question
planning to buy single family home in redmond/bellevue/kirkland/issaquah/sammamish, should we wait for market to stablize?
We were planning to buy a single family home(3 bed atleast and atleast 1600sqft) in 400-450 range, but the market seems crazy right now with multiple offers on a single property and people bidding for…
What are the flooding risks in East Ocean View? Do the streets flood after storms?
These newer houses seems precariously close to tidal waters that are surely going to see sea level rise in the next few decades. The neighborhood is so beautiful and upscale, I'm guessing that has been…
Why aren't HOA prop mgmt co's licensed and regulated?
HOA prop mgmt co's are NOT licensed or regulated in most states yet handle millions of dollars with little oversight from homeowners! The mgmt co industry lobbies to keep them self governed, and claim…
Why is the HOA reserve study overlooked?
The easiest way to check if an HOA is being managed properly is to look at the reserve study: The key elements are: 1. the percent funded (100% is ideal), 2. the amount recommended to be saved each…
Which areas/property types will have the best resale value in the next 5-6 years?
Looking to buy a row home, condo or apartment in canton or fells and keeping the idea of resale in mind as I will likely be moving out of state about 6-7 years from now. Which type of property or area…
How long after retiring from the Army and getting a new job must our family wait to try to buy a home?
My husband is retiring from the Army and we are moving to Navarre in June. We would like to buy a house. We have only fair credit but we have almost 0 bills. How long after we move and my husband lands…
How do we find homes with owner finance option?
Interested in Indian River, Martin and St. Lucie counties...
How do we find homes with Owner Financing?
Interested in Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin counties...
Is there legal action we can take if a lender sabotages your loan?
We were setup to receive down payment assistance through a county program (basically a 2nd mortgage at 0% interest paid back over a 10 yr period). We initially had a closing date set 1 month after drawing…
I am in the market for a 4bedroom 2to 3 bath two story with basement on about an acre in north east Georgia about 2500 to 3000 square feet home
Would like for it not to be in a crowded area ,wooded if possible very little if any carpet lots of wood inside floor and walls
Need information about Titusville Please.
I noticed that housing in Titusville area is very inexpensive. How far is this area from Palm Beach County, where I have family? Also, what zip codes are the more "desirable" zip codes for an older lady?
Rent to own options
We would like to rent with an option to buy but it doesn't seem like there are programs in my area that exist. We were looking to even rent a house and I called a few realtors and those are taken.…
Happy July 4th !
Greetings Sam Shueh Keller Williams Realty
Is it legal for the loan officer not to tell you who they are sending your information too? Mine will not tell me the mortgage company's name.
This is my 4th extension credit score is 809 I have enough money to pay in cash I have a retirement check every month coming, served 21 years in the Army. I have a steady Job. My income is 85,000…
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