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Whether you're uncertain about buying a home in a given location, or increasing the value of your home, get advice from those in the know
Whether you're uncertain about buying a home in a given location, or increasing the value of your home, get advice from those in the know
Want more pictures of this house please.
I live out of state but am interested in this property. Why are there no pictures other than the one posted? I would love to see more of this property.
Looking for a town to live in with an easy commute to NYC and property for horses.
Looking for a town to live in with an easy commute to NYC. Looking in NY, NJ and PA. Looking for property for horses, reasonable taxes and under $600k. Currently in Monmouth County NJ, but taxes and…
I have a growing family that has outgrown our house. We have been unable to sell. Can we refinance in order to make this property rental & buy?
bigger? Our house has been on the market for over a year unsuccessfully. When I bought the house I was single; I am now married with one son, a baby on the way, and three step-children we have shared…
mapping all saved homes
I know you can do this on the android app, but on the desktop is there a way to map all your saved homes?
Can we use va on foreclosure?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108038313-357-Landfair-Ct-Henderson-NV-89074
What are the HOA'S for theTownhouse communities in Henderson, Lamancha, Green Valley Highlands unit 1 AMD and Bluffs AMD.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3101951352-2785-Durness-Ct-Henderson-NV-89014
What is the average total monthly utility cost for a 1,000 sq foot house in Denver?
I am trying to figure out an average of monthly utility bills...I am planning to buy an older home in the city of denver, I know bills will vary greatly....but an average idea would be so helpful!
Please remove me from your contacts! I have tried unsuccessfully! I have looked at your site for a relative and no longer care to do so! T
These emails are causing problems! My husband thinks I'm moving! Take me off of your email list! Thank you
how do i claim a home i own?
i own 4 homes i am trying to claim them but do not see how
We put a bid in on property in Kansas in August.
In November, the bank (property was close to going short sale) came back with a counter offer. We accepted and rewrote contract. We didn't ask for anything, however, last week (right before Christmas),…
How do you assign a real estate agent?
I did not get a chance to select the person that I wanted to contact. Just as I was looking and doing a search someone contacted me. I do not want to alienate anyone but I am not satisfied with the service…
I keep getting search results sent to me for cities I'm no longer interested in. I've deleted the saved searches on my profile - yet they
keep coming Please fix your website and tell me how to stop these unnecessary emails. No longer interested in RI or the Albany area (eastern/downstate NY)
Subdivisions that allow private fencing?
We've been looking at houses in Canton, MI but do any of the subdivisions allow private fencing? Installing a fence is absolutely required since we have dogs, but we prefer to have a 6 ft. private fence.…
Buying home in New Jersey with one hour commute to upper east side?
Looking for a town for a family with a young toddler. We are looking for the following criterias. Please let us know which town you think will best suite us. We are looking to buy in 2015. We are looking…
How do I rate my Realtor on Trulia?
He was listed on Trulia, and I thought I was reviewing him but it just registered me instead.He was a great help with selling my home and buying another.
I am building a new home in Austin, Texas -- we will very likely close in November 2014. How will we know what sort of property taxes we will owe?
Basically, we just aren't sure if you only pay the portion of the year that the home is livable/complete? Are property taxes calculated after closing? Thank you! This is our first home and we're a little…
How do I advertize my home that would appeal to potential out-of-state buyers?
My home is 15 minutes away from a new international equestrian center that would appeal to the horsey-set in other states. How do I reach that market?
I am buying a custom built home in Escondido, California and the house was built in a hill setting with the down hill slope in the back yard.
Even though the slope had good ground cover with plant but the regular inspection show in the report that the drive way has crack as they think it is from the soil movement. Also, bent tree trunks are…
scam on property rental 949 Martin Cir, Petaluma, CA 94952
I'm pretty sure that this property 949 Martin Cir, Petaluma, CA 94952 listed rental for $1550. is a scam . It is listed on zillow for $2,750/mo by Azari Property Management Call: (415) 772-1977
I would like to report a fraudulent posting on trulia.
I would like to report a fraudulent posting on trulia. I used trulia to contact a listing for 20488 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA. The listing has since been removed (I am not sure if it is because…
can I qualify for a FHA loan in md with a credit score of 632?
I have a 632 credit score looking to try to buy a house as soon as possible can I qualify for a FHA loan in Maryland?
Do you guys filter these listings?
I've run into a few scams since browsing over the past few days. Responding to this one got me a reply that had all my scam alerts buzzing. It's a listing from zillow at $4k / month, listed…
Looking For Investment Properties.
-Rehab -Long Term Anything you might see value in. Please contact me g.gorelik@nationalepayment.com
Removal of home
I recently purchased a home and I would like it removed from your website. How can I have the photos and sale price removed? Thanks
Poor inspection....mold and leaking roof protection for new home buyers?
About a month ago we bought a house and during the inspection period we had an inspection done where they stated that there was one spot in the 4 year old roof that may have been water but they couldnt…
R/O system and water system do not convey in a traditional sale
How does it work? If I buy this property, does this equipment remain in the house but need to be purchased under separate agreement from the seller, or do they go with the seller and I'll need toget…
Is it safe if a tenant emails me from another country and wanting down payment before they send the keys. How do I find out if this is legitimate?
I found a house for rent on the site and got an email with information they want from me. I need to fill it out and send them money before the keys are available.
Recessed lighting vs track lighting
We want to add some lighting fixtures in our condo living room. Contractor suggests recessed or track lighting options. We want the option that will help resale value. Which is better, recessed/canned…
how do you find out the age of a roof?
1724 S. Weimar St Appleton, Wi. 54915
1838 Nelson Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Our ad has been stolen, it is on here for $500/month. How do I report it and have it removed?
House with a swimming Pool in the own backyard - What are the Pros and Cons of that ? We are looking at a property at Plymouth MN.
We are also first time home buyers, without much knowledge on regular house maintenance anyway...so I would like to know the Pros and Cons of having a swimming pool in the backyard
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