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I'm looking for suggestions on where to move in NY or NJ that is 1 hour or less by train to NYC. I need a place with good schools &
walkability. I'm looking for a town that has strong schools, walkability, restaurants, some shopping, looking for buying a home that will have property taxes under $9,000. Moving from a city in NC…
My wife and I are looking for experienced agent in the Tampa area that can help us find an investment property.
We are looking for a condo/ town house or possibly multi family that has a cash flow with low vacancy rate. We are interested in a viable area with a low crime easy access to shopping and amenities as…
My parents paid cash for my home and put my name with theirs on the title. What happens if I want to sell?
Can I get all of the selling price if my parents agree? What about IRS problems?
Our family will be moving to Clovis in the next month or two and we are looking to buy a larger home with
acreage (upto 5). Over the last couple of months it appears the Clovis area will become the new commuter town if you will. Could I please ask what price you would consider reasonable for a 5 bed 4 bath…
Is it possible for me to buy a home based on my situation? Should I buy a home to live in for just two years?
The facts: -I'm a second year college student -I'm currently paying $1400 a month at a 1 bedroom apartment in Austin -I have a minimum of 2 years left in school (if it doesn't extend to a third or fourth,…
Hi, We will be moving to Seattle from India soon. We would like to know if there are mortgages available for newcomers who don't have a credit
history We will be on an L1 visa. We are a family of 4 and also need guidance about which neighbourhoods are good for families. Thanks.
Pending litigation at Centre Place, Edison, NJ?
I was in the process of purchasing a condo at Centre Place in Edison, NJ when the condo association told me that the garages have defective fire sprinkler systems so no one is allowed to use the garages.…
Denver colorado
I'm looking for a smaller home with about 5 acres. It has got to be an area I can put in a dog breeding kennel That is no more t h an an hour from Denver near the foothills.
I do not have bad credit, but I have no FICO score.
I want to buy the house of my dreams. I can afford payments. I do not have the requisite living expenses, monthly bills, and so forth required to create a manual credit score. Do I have any options that…
Is there any way to fix erroneous references in Trulia?
I get the wrong when I enter in my address for value function.
I am very interested in these Shaker condos. Are any of them available for rent?
I am currently in Mexico doing volunteer work. I will be in Cleve. by 3/10. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you Maida Barron -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.tru…
I'd like to purchase a home for $5,000 in Cleveland ohio. On the east side. Who can I call for a list?
I'd really like too receive a list too go look at houses for sell for $5,000 or less.
I was interested in buying a sponsor unit. Can I get a traditional 30 year fixed mortgage?
I found an apartment I liked. My broker referred me to a bank who had already preapproved me. The VP at the bank said he would check out the building for me. He did and said I could not get a traditional…
Is there financial assistance for low income families wanting to purchase a home?
I am on a fixed income of ssd and SSI. Can you get a loan where your payments are based on your income
Why aren't my properties being sent to the person I'm trying to share them with?
I have emailed multiple listings to my husband, and he hasn't received any of them. Why not?
Hello. Recently my boyfriend and I have been looking for a bigger place to move. I feel that for the money we would pay in these apartments we might
as well buy a home preferably in lyndhurst or rutherford. The problem is we both have poor credit. We could probably afford a $50,000 down payment but don't want to be stuck with high payments due…
Why aren't my properties being sent to the person I'm trying to share them with?
I have emailed multiple listings to my husband, and he hasn't received any of them. Why not?
Good Afternoon, I live in the Miami, Florida and was looking for an investor to assist me and my family purchase a home
Here is my scenerio: I own a home in Atlanta, Georgia that is currently being rented and a few months back my sister sold her home (which I co-signed) for a short sale so I'm not able to get a bank…
Is this even heard of?....?
I was just wondering if it is even heard of for a buyer to ask a seller for a rent to own contract...say...for 2 years until the buyer raises their credit score and can get approved for a loan on the house?…
can seller break contract after she misrepresented her intention of extending the inspection period?
Inspection by the buyer showed some open permits but no lien on the property under contract. The buyer asked the seller to close them. The seller said ok but on last day of the inspection period the…
I own a home in NC, on an acre fenced in, across from a mountain, It is paid for ,value around 150k, I have more than that in cash too, where around t
the Tampa area would I be able to afford a home, and keep my cash worth over 200k, buy a home from selling this one, I am 59 and don't want to live in a mobile park
Is there any way to flag an address because it is a scam?
Someone stole our information (we have it listed for sale) and listed it for rent to this site. They were asking the people interested to wire them money and they will mail them the key. Even telling them…
I'm currently trying to sell an income property in which I'm also an owner occupant . I want to take some of the proceeds and use it to buy
a single family home . My question is , if I have a 40% down payment , a 800 or - fico score but my income tax statement for this year will show an income of around $80-90k .... about how much of a loan…
I put $3,000.00 down on a single wide mobile home the price is good but when I went to pay the fee the seller told us, the park raised our fee $100.00
Who do we contact regarding the deposit or lowering the rent that the seller told us it would cost?
investing in house
contact: stephendmarks@live.com We have a house in Florida. It is in excellent condition. The value of the house is approx. $330K. We have mortgage with balance now $139K . Unfortunately we are going through…
We're contemplating a move to Boise, but are worried about heat and smog. Is Meridian hotter than Boise? Where's the worst air quality?
Misc questions . . . Do you have to worry about flooding in Garden City and Eagle? Is Boise dog friendly? Can a Democrat be happy there? We've found, being old and white, that our peers assume…
When "sharing" a home why does it not go to e-mail recipients?
When I share a home it never seems to go to the e-mail recipients - I mean what use is that?? Actually what if anything happens with that feature? You sure can send a realtor inquiry in real time though.
I have been contacted by another scammer from your site. Do you have any "real" properties for rent or are they all scams?
I have contacted your site many times about this awful practice and have yet to receive a response. This is awful!!!!!!!
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