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What are the amenities for 908 Jamestown Road, East Windsor, NJ?
There is an association fee, but what does that include?
Contact info. Why am I getting calls from realtor when just viewing a sight and never sent an inquiry?
My info is popping up when I click on a home. We had an agent call us.. I sent no inquiry and it seems that my info is automatically filled in. Is there a way to stop this?
What do people out there think of the new tax being considered in RI?
They are calling it the "Taylor Swift" tax. It is for 2nd home owners who have homes over one million dollars. (Taylor Swift has a summer home here in Westerly, RI
I would like to find the proper page to report what a wonderful job did for me about 5 months ago by Anne Comings.
I would like to support Anne Comings in any endever She has ahead of Her. She helped so much when a bought my new house. She was very professional and just a delight to work with and my brother and I…
Can i get approved for a mortgage if I am a bartender?
I want to buy a house that is around 200k. I will be able to put 50k down and will be a first time home buyer. I have no other debt other than my car and my FICO is around 770. My car is a 2009 lexus IS…
FHA loan and 7 days from closing. Lender asked for 2nd appraisal. First one came in at listing price (430k), 2nd one - at 406k. app. went out of area
My agent told me the 2nd appraiser used comps that were 11/2 away when there were at least 34 comps in the area that could have been used. We paid for both appraisals. My agent and listing agent are…
we have ANOTHER home to report as a money -seeking spam. 2720
Nevada Lake Rd in Lakeland Florida. We are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of fake ads on your website! Is there any screening process that you go through before posting a home? We don't…
help buying a house with bad credit
what are some programs i can go through to help better my credit so i can buy a house in another state? I live in Massachusetts and my husband and I would like to move to Florida possibly next summer...
Need an agent to reach me at my email. Looking to buy a house in Portland, TX, seeking a 3plus BR, 2 RR house with OUTDOOR POOL!!!! Thank you!
Need an agent to reach me at my email. Looking to buy a house in Portland, TX, seeking a 3plus BR, 2 RR house with OUTDOOR POOL!!!! Thank you!
Had home inspection seller will only make a few repairs should we walk away
Home was contingent came back on market needs some updating we only asked what inspector suggested to be repaired
How big of an effect does siding and windows in need of repair/replacment have on a house's selling price?
My mother's home is potentially going to be sold to fund her stay in an assisted living facility. It was originally built in the '50's and it's assessed value (2 years old) is around…
I had made a 99 year land lease with an organization who now says they own the parcel I leased to them under the 99 year lease agreement.
They say that they can now claim ownership to my property because a 99 yr. lease in PA. gives them that right. How can that be so? I have never given any indication that it was more than a lease and…
A EMAIL about a mortgage offer
My estate agents phoned me up this afternoon to say my broker had emailed them to say i should have my mortgage offer by monday or tuesday is this a good sign ?
A EMAIL about a mortgage offer
My estate agents phoned me up this afternoon to say my broker had emailed them to say i should have my mortgage offer by monday or tuesday is this a good sign ?
How do I cancel my add on a house that has been rented?
Need to cancel add 103 bluebonnet drive Weatherford texas76087
I am moving from mid-west to Tennessee. I have relatives in Lewisburg & Columbia.I would like to purchase a small home.Can anyone give me some info?
I am considering moving from mid-west to Tennessee. I have relatives living in Lewisburg and Columbia and am thinking about moving close to them. I would like to purchase a small home. Can anyone give…
How do I cancel our house that was for rent?
103 bluebonnet drive Weatherford Texas 76087 cancel for rent please
Can you search for properties within a specific school zone?
Looking for properties zoned for Stewarts Creek High School in Rutherford County so my son does not have to change schools.
Poor credit home loan for disabled vet?
I want to buy a house in Heber Springs, Ar.. I am looking for a loan for $70,000.00. My credit score is 588 on Transunion. Can anyone help?
Can you build a modular home on your own land with a USDA loan?
My husband and I have recently acquired 2 acres in a rural area. I am pretty sure we will be approved for a USDA loan, but I didn't know if it is even possible to do with a USDA loan. Would we need a construction…
Seems like there are a lot of scammers on your site. I just had one for this address:13770-SW-Linda-Ln Beaverton, OR 97006.
You really need to do a better job at identifying scammers. I have reached out to THREE properties on your site and they have all been scrammers.
Is there a difference between a realtor and a listing agent?
Is there a difference between a realtor and a listing agent?
Condos for sale in franklin seem to not be on the market very long. Is the market improving?
not sure if we are going to buy a home or condo but noticing condos are on the market for just a few days. Does that mean something?
why do the info in the listing differ from public records? Is that a matter of concern?
I am looking for a home in brentwood , TN. In a few homes that i liked, I noticed that the lot size/sq footage mentioned in the listing differs from what are in the public records. Why would that be…
brentwood neighbourhoods with newer houses within 30 min commute of nashville
I am an Indian house hunting in williamson county. Need to be within 30 min commute at any point of time to Tristar centennial hospital. Need all the advice and tips you have for me regarding williamson…
Seeking to purchase a home- Currently out of state
Hi All, My parents are seeking to purchase a home within the Seminole County area but they currently live in NJ. They currently own a three family home for the past 18yrs, they only have a few more years…
Credit Score is 568 I do have one open line of credit.would like to purchase a house for 70k. Is there any lenders that would help?
The house that im living in was owned by my father and sold in 3 days. I have a minimum of 30 days to move and I was REALLY hoping I could put my money in my own home.
Why does Trulia keep starting the clock over on a house that has been on for 383 days ? The house now states 9 days on Trulia
I saw the house a year ago on Trulia and Zillow and almost purchased it around a month ago. 24 Equinox Dr. Freehold NJ Lot: 1.29 acres Single Family Built in 2004 383 days on Zillow…
Questions for Real Estate Agents
I am looking to buy my first home. Since I do not have much experience in buying homes I would like to know what questions I should be asking the real estate agent when they show me the home. Any ideas…
What is the chance of a short sale listed 25% below the original listing doesn't go through?
If I offered more, maybe 15% below the original listing, would I have a better shot? On realtor.com the house was sold for $315k in 2011 and is now listed for $220k as a short sale.
I own a lot on Larkwood in the city of bullhead, Arizona. I've been told it is worth about 100k. I need $1500.00 does anyone know anyone who
would write me a loan on the property or know anyone who will give me a personal loan using the lot as colateral. I only need the loan for 1 year. I live in Ontario .ca. if you can help point me in the…
Hopeless house hunter in the North Hills areas, need advice.
My husband and I have been looking for a house since last fall. We are first-time home buyers and having a really tough time. Every house we like has mutliple offers right off the bat, or it sells before…
Why do I feel like there may be some fraud going on regarding some of your listings?
My concern is this: I have inquired about two properties and both owners (as far as I know) have contacted me. One tells me he lives in N.C. and the other says that his wife will send me the keys, from…
Is this considered "Arms Length" or "Non Arms Length. I am in Maryland (MD)
Can someone tell me if this is a arms length or non arms length transaction. I have lived in a home which my parents own. The died, the house went into foreclosure. Another bank bought the house told me…
How much should I bid on a HUD home value is 90k?
The home is appraised at 90k but I'm thinking of offering 95k if I truly like the home with a 20% downpayment and no assistance with closing cost. I'm unaware if this is a good bid and if so…
I think you may have a scammer on here
http://www.trulia.com/rental/3190468257-4609-S-L-St-Tacoma-WA-98408#photo-4 4609 S L St, Tacoma, WA 98408 I would like to forward you the email since it won't fit on here.
what would be the cost to fully rehab inside of a 1000 Sq Ft home that i own.?
the home has been gutted inside, needs full rehab.
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