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Found high voltage transmission line before closing, what to do?
I am in the process of purchasing a SFH recently and removed all contingencies last Friday. However, last weekend when I was walking around the new place, I found a high voltage transmission line 380…
Hi. I'm trying to change my password. I keep getting a message that reads: "Saving failed. Please fix the errors in the form below."
What are password requirements? Limitations? The password I want to change it to is alphanumeric and is 21 characters.
Standard Agent commisions in Bedford
Im thinking about buying a property in Nashua and was wondering what typically the real estate commisions are for both selling and buying. Also if you take the home buying tax credit and for some reason…
If your search filters cannot follow my choices, then take me off your email list.
My request was for mobile homes with Santa Clara (San Jose) 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. You use to email the correct info, but now I get houses at a much higher price.
BUYERS BEWARE - Your Rent 2 Own.com simply takes multiple listing properties posts them on their website and says they are rent 2 own. They are not!
The majority of the properties on this companies site are multiple listing properties that are for sale. Somehow this company takes these listings and posts them on their website. As a real estate broker…
Where should I start?
Hello, I am a 20 year old student who attends college at The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas. My boyfriend and I are interested in moving into a house, since we are tired of throwing so…
My boyfriend and I are looking to do a year lease on a 2 or 3 bedroom home starting around June 26th. We would like to have a place lined up prior to
the end of May in order to ensure everything works out. Most of the homes for rent are available now. What is the best way to see a listing that will be available that far out?
Home Buyer tv shows - Buy and Renovate
We've been watching these home buyer tv shows. Somehow they seem to be able to both buy the home and then renovate it at the same time. I was under the impression that you can do one or the other,…
Moving to Austin.
My girlfriend and I (soon to be fiancee) will move to Austin next summer (2016) from Atlanta. We have traveled as much as possible and we instantly fell in love with the city. Now, we are coming on the…
Mobile Home Loans.
Hello, Anyone know of lender that handles Mobile and Manufactured homes $100k and below? please advise. Oscar Gonzales WestCo Realty 562-244-2055 BRE# 01771716
Purchasing house for half of its appraisal price with bad credit???
House foreclosed at 143,000. Family member purchased house for us for 43,000 cash. My husband and I have renovated over the last 2 yrs. House just appraised at $91,000. Don't have a good credit…
can you buy a house with bad credit?
Me and my husband both have bad credit. We would like to buy a home. We have both worked at our jobs for 7 years and have rented our current home for 4 yrs. We recently had a vehicle repossed.
Specialist packers as well as movers Delhi structured businesses offer various profitable companies to help you individuals
They are supplying high quality going products and services for example supplying assistance, running services, moving & transport assistance, unloading service, unpacking services, puting in order…
Tipard Pdf To Html Converter
Since the year 2013 is going to pull to some shut, it's a special time to critique study, performance, sales, business, and several other things. Therefore, folks must obtain information and present them…
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How is the crime rate in Little River? We are looking at possibly buying a condo in that area.
Looking at crime rate, any sex offenders living in the area?
How do you change a review that was too low in satisfaction?
I wrote an accurate and excellent review of my agent. But, it only appears with 1 star on her reviews? How can I get it to correctly show 5 stars?
137 nth 13th ave yuma az 85364 property manager or owner the property has been empty 5 days come and save the little that is left of property value
windows broken graffity on walls people come at night for drug salesthe property is being used for scwadders on monday the city will be contacted.
Does anyone want to purchase a Luxury Home in Las Vegas, NV?
Take a break from Winter Weather and come west! http://tours.neonsunphotography.com/347209
iam looking for a HUD aped house to rent to own.49807
house 3 brds 2 bath,s ranch home.
what are the taxes on 521 Virgo Mission Texas?
searching for info on this house. Possible purchase
My home inspector advised me for mold testing during home inspection. He said mold testing is going to cost
additional $350 (in addition to $400 for regular inspection). Besides suspecting a mold problem, he did not find any other problem in house. I think he's just trying to make more money. Is it advisable…
I am really interested in buying a house, but we have found that some of the foundation blocks are cracked.
There are some issues, the front porch has settled about 1/4 of inch, a couple windows in the front room will not open. The seller has had a contractor come in and they are going to repair it with stainless…
Hi My name Rennett I'm looking to move in miami gardens area I need 3/2 prices 1300.00 or less.
I'm finding it hard to fine a place unless i have a section 8 voucher. I only have cash. I had a realtor take my money. No place to live yet. help!!!
Our daughter moved back to Independence from Dallas. She doesn't have a good credit score, so we are looking at purchasing a house for her.
She pays $700 rent currently and I have noticed that the payments posted on your site are much less. This would help her considerably. Just wondering if these payments are correct or are there much more…
Looking for a Realtor with experience in these areas...
I have been pre qualified for 80,000. I have a decent credit score of 680, and I have $4,000 in debt. Saving in my parents bank account of approx $10,000. This would be my first time looking for a h…
Hey I'm a local wholesaler mainly residential, however I'm in the process of wholesaling my first commercial property which is a
multifamily property. Because of that I wanted to reach out and build relationships with individuals that have access to off-market multifamily properties in or near the Charlotte, North Carolina area.…
Looking to purchase a vacation home on the Gulf Coast- Need advise on best area for investment!
We are looking to purchase a vacation home on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We may consider renting the property to snow birds. Our three children (ages 23, 21 and 18) need to be able to use the property…
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