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I am the Office Manager at Anderson & Co. Realtors LLC. I am researching where our listings are advertised. Some agents said their listing are no
longer on Trulia. We are members of ListHub but some agents have said their listings are no longer on Trulia. Are you part of ListHub anymore? Are you part of Zillow? I know they are no longer part of…
I want to get of this high paying rent, it is the reason why I can't catch up, my rent continues to go up, but I am thinking I have no choice.
My rent is almost $1,200.00 due to market value increasing, this is crazy, I want out so badly, I can taste it. However I am so afraid of getting into flexible loan due to it will climb also. Can I a loan…
My college aged son has a summer internship in Park City. I am looking for a for a place for him to live for Jun and Jul - a one BR, furnished.
He is working for a local architecture firm and it would be great if it was within walking distance.
hello i was interested in a property 42111 chaparral dr in temecula ca, i emailed someone regarding the home and i got faulse information.
The person i spoke to was Fabio Giovani. and he is claiming to be the owner of property and states that he is no longer going through a real estate agent and he is asking a rental price of 1200.00 a month…
Is anyone on this site an approved lender for Old Greenbelt? I want to buy there early next year and I have some questions.
Please contact me if you are an approved lender for homes in Historic Greenbelt. I'm very interested in buying in March 2016 and realize I should start the credit counseling and pre-approval process now.
Please correct your web site to correctly show my home at 10 Estate Lane Ogunquit, ME the picture shown is not my home.
How do I get a listing removed from Trulia?
I have a listing that you picked up that needs to remain private and not on Trulia. Please call me at 706-540-8096 as quickly as possible to solve this problem!
With a VA Home Loan, what is the $36,000 for? Why do agents still ask me for money?
ALL my military brothers and sisters swear they did not pay any money out of their pockets. Why are realtors asking me for CASH? Down payment, deposit, opening costs, middle costs, closing costs, unspecified…
I found a mixed use home that I'm really interested in buying but the property is zoned commercial. Do I have to get a commercial loan to?
purchase this home? I originally wanted to use my VA loan but they told me that they wouldn't even appraise it let alone finance it because it's a commercial property.
Is a VA loan better to get with no $ down or would I be better off apply for a convential loan?
I've been looking to buy now for about 3 years. New child came about, a few to many bills piled up (taken care of now) if even gone as far as putting earnest money down then backing out when I got…
Why do lenders wait until the very last minute to tell you that your mortgage isn't going to be approved?
I went under contract 4/1. Everything was moving along. Lender calls me on the day of closing that the usda wasn't going to approve the loan. But if I went to a %5 down loan we could close in 2 weeks.…
I asked to have a contract cancelled because of the inspection findings and I was within the 5 day period for doing this.
The seller will not sign to have my earnest money returned to me. I was told by my attorney that someone told them that I was overwhelmed by the buying process and that's why I wanted to cancel.…
Social Security
Can I buy the house when I receive Social Security?
Hi Investors buyer
I have a property Multi Family Home for sale $12,000 cash, in W Hollywood, Dedroit, MI 48203 need rehab, SOLD AS IS. 4 Beds/2baths, you have to make your own search to get the right estimate for the renovation…
Are there vacant 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom rental properties with laundry & washer and permits 25lb dog under $1,650 a month in or nearby Mira Mesa?
* Three tenants with AGI of $100,000 (subject to change to $114,000 by May 27th) * 785, 650, and N/A FICO scores. * No common walls is a big plus (Such as homes)
are these listings up to date?
like are these places updated on a regular basis.
Can I purchase a home? I have been paying $1200/month for almost 6 years without fail - my credit score is 654 - my income $30,000, dad sends $1000/mo
My monthly debt is $400 (credit cards & car loan) - I live in an expensive area - the owner of my condo wants to sell it to me for $300,000 - I only have $3500 to put down - but I know I can make the payments.…
I am the office admin for Gaylez@johnlscott.com, and I need to take a photo off of our listing 6250 Hinman Dr. Clinton 98236, and also the estimated
price of the home is way too low , the selling amount is $868, 000. if you could change the amount to be closer to that, zillow zestimates it as being higher, thank you.
Need help, black mold found home inspection
We recently had a home inspection and black mold was found in attic. Our realtor said they would get it professionally removed and vented. The problem is when i asked who was removing the mold, the company…
Carbon monoxide detectors are the must~ while selling houses?
Carbon monoxide detectors are required to be installed on all single family Residences by july 1,11( at least, here in California, same in your state?) Please share your experience! Seller now must install…
Can you please change the Square Footage of our home on your website. You show 2008 sq. ft. That isn't true it's " 2010 " sq. ft.
My husband built our home. He was the General Superintendent. We also have Solar Panels on our house. Also R.V. Clearance. Almost have a acre lot. 2046 S. Constellation Ct. Zillow says our…
How significant is a mold issue in a home inspection?
I'm under contract to purchase a home and there's a disclosure about occasional mold in one of the bathrooms. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is it worth the high cost of a mold…
Young home owner, sell for career growth or stay and build wealth?
I bought my house almost three years ago. I love my first home, and had taken out a low down payment loan at 4% interest. Thus far, I have about 11K in equity in the house compared to the purchase. I do…
What cost more, Oil heat or gas heat?
I am looking for a house to purchase and i found the house i like. However it has an oil tank (above ground) which is 5yrs old. My question is, what cost more oil or gas heat? And is oil heating safe…
Lived here for over 10 years, taking care of my Mom. I did not realize she had dementia and not keep up with the payments. But now the life estate is
Lived here for over 10 years, taking care of my Mom. I did not realize she had dementia and not keep up with the payments. But now the life estate is in foreclosure. I am her first born son, but not on…
we are first time home buyers, credit score around 640 , trying to improve it. Where do you suggest we start we are looking to move next summer?
should we go to a lender and get preapproved, this is all new to us any advise will be appreciated
The Lenox Condos - Union City - 2br - Manhattan View
Lenox Condos - supposedly no building can be built in Union City over 6flrs, true/false? Also, what does everyone think of this building. I've seen 2brs with Manhattan View for $350k, completely upgraded…
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