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My name is John Keating and I live next door to a property that you foreclosed on, the date of the foreclosure sale was Dec 5th 2014.
The neighbors have been mowing the grass because the property looks so bad,I would like to talk to a representative from your company to find out what is going on with this property. My home phone is…
How long does it take to process a quit claim deed?
I am purchasing a foreclose home owned by the Freddie Mac program. There was a title issue just prior to closing and the selling bank did not have the title in their name. The attorney requested a quit…
Lender claims HUD is requesting another appraisal after one was just done, seems fishy, see details below if you can shed some light!
I'm purchasing my home FHA and have been having trouble with my lender for months, after seven extensions we were finally ready to close, everyone shows up and we are waiting on the lender to fax over…
can paying off medical bills help improve your credit score?
Dad has about $1500 in medical bills if we pay this off will it help get a home mortgage? is it better to pay it off all at once or is it better to make like $50 payments?
Where can I get a Construction loan for project with rain harvesting system as main source of water in King county.?
Looking at purchasing property on Vashon Island and building a house. I would like to use a rain harvesting system for my main source of water due to expensive alternatives on this particular parcel. Public…
Anybody have advice for placing an offer on a house that is offered by SIRVA?
I'm considering purchasing a house that they are selling (on behalf of the occupant who is relocating) and their standard seller addendum to the purchase agreement more than a little one-sided. Has anybody…
I am recently purchasing a home from a seller who has inherited the property from his relative. The seller has not transferred the title to his name,
I am recently purchasing a home from a seller who has inherited the property from his relative. The seller has not transferred the title to his name, how do i make sure the seller has the right to sell…
can you approve me with a 530 credit score for 230,000 for a home?
I want to buy now but all im able to do is a lease to buy for one year while I pay some guy 600 to repair my credit to a 640 in a year!
What does a realtor focused on investment properties do?
I have so far met with 3 realtors in the past 6 months wanting to invest in rental or flippable properties. The last one was highly rated as a realtor who's worked with investors. All three have simply…
Applied for home equity line of credit, opened accounts with the bank, own a home free and clear that will sell for somewhere around $700,000 and both
have high credit scores. They approved us for less than half of the requested amount because we are retired and do not have regular salaries. We do have one good size pension payment and social security.
My buyers went FHA and my appraisal came in 5000.00 less
My buyers went FHA and my appraisal came in 5000.00 less than the asking price. Why can't they bring 5000.00 to closing?
How can I get an unfair delinquent payment removed from credit scores?
I have assets, no outstanding bills of any kind. My credit score has been severely hurt by this $120 bill from Verizon. Was a customer paying all bills on time for 22 years. Got a Hot Spot card that never…
How do I cancel my account?
I didn't want an account, just to email you a request about removal of old photos.
How often do houses fall out of escrow?
I'm curious just how often this happens. I'm currently waiting to see if a buyer will be able to close escrow at the end of this week. If they can't, then we're next in line to get…
Owner financing math...Please help
I would like to ask a question in hopes you could help me out with this. ?I know this may be a loaded question but I am looking for some help concerning owner financing. The calculations on how to…
Sell or refinance?
My mortgage increased by $200 per month due to a shortage in my escrow account. I am now paying $1500 per month, as aposed to $1300 per month. Should I refinance to get a better rate and pay a lower mortgage,…
Considering buying condo at 83 Bay St Montclair. Is this area safe/can you walk to restaurants/shoppping? I heard the area has improved in recent yrs
I realize that the Mission st area around Bay Street station is undesirable. My question is more specifically east of station... and heading north from this apartment location. Thanks!
I need a real estate litigation attorney
the seller breached the contract and returned the downpayment citing that he was unable to deliver marketable title. the seller only made this claim once I indicated that I would not accept his offer…
What is the best way to purchase a foreclosure?
We are considering buying a foreclosure. How do you find them when they come on the market and do you get to go inside and see them before you buy?
Photo Update on Property
Hello I am a realtor, I just updated some photos on my listing yesterday. How long does that process take to be updated on your website? I see it still has the old photos. The property is 7824 Mount Elliott…
Patio Slab crack, does it affect the house
Hi We are buying a house. It was fully inspected and the house foundation itself is solid. the house has a patio and a part of the patio has a sunroom. not sure if all three (house, patio, sunroom)…
I plan on purchasing condo (150K-200K) convenient to UAB what/where are the options with lower HOA/Condo fees? Range? Many thanks
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3093486676-2020-5th-Ave-S-Birmingham-AL-35233
Looking for fix/flip house/condo broker
European architects and designers. US company looking for real estate broker able to find good ROI deals and work with us. please advise thanks
A selling bank wants to sell a foreclosed condo through conventional means, but is only offering a quit claim deed.
The real problem, other than it being bizarre that the bank wants to quit claim, is that our lender has said they cannot provide a mortgage when a property is transferred by a quit claim deed. Is this…
What is the effective date? When we have esigned and initialed three different contracts on three different dates?
Our First contract we signed was on 4/9/15 when we put in our first offer on the house, Then we signed another contract when we accepted the sellers counter offer on 4/14/15 at this point my husband and…
Why would a REO Asset Manager turn down a firm offer on a sale when it matched the appraisal price?
A home I was interested in purchasing came back with a lower appraisal then the original offer, I asked that the price be lowered to meet the appraised value since my lenders wouldn't approve the…
What are our options if seller wants to push back closing date?
It was a multiple offer situation so we offered full price and didn't ask for any help with closing cost. We got the house and went under contract second week of May. We were told they had accepted our…
How many units in a multifamily would be considered as a commercial?
What is the difference between commercial and residential property from a tax standpoint in California?
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