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We are considering moving to Fl and looking for an active 55 plus community.
Being able to drive to the beach would be nice. We thought first about Ocala or farther up North. We can't spend over $110K but would like to find something in the low $80K. We want to be near…
How To Determine If A Seller Was Part of an LP / Masonite Class Action?
Hi, our family put in a bid to purchase a home. During inspection, the inspector found the siding of the home to be in a failure state, as well as a make of LP or Masonite siding circa 1996. The sellers…
would like to know if on a 5 yr. lease we could rent cheaper like 750.00 per. mo.
cant possibly move until my house sells in ocala fl. area if can rent house for 750.00we possibly can work out have 50lb. black lab dog would like to put up chain link fence at my cost also have metal…
sales in 9 and 10 hundred block on mapleton hill
addresses on mapleton ave/st.
Question on Rokcy River, Ohio
I am in the process of relocating to the Cleveland area. I am interested in Rocky River, Ohio allthough I have not yet seen the area. I would like a home where I am able to walk to some places such as…
Co-op Confusion in 11375
Found a property I want to make offer on, listing agent wont show me house rules says its customary only AFTER approved offer? This is a luxury bldg in Forest Hills, Gerard Towers. 11375. Im pre approved…
What kind of down payment would I expect to put down on a second home?
I am considering buying another home. I currently have a home in Arizona that I am renting out which is being taken care of by a property manager. I have excellent credit. Am I going to be looked at…
Student Loan deferment question
My student loans will not be in deferment 12 months after closing, so my LO needs an estimated monthly payment from them. I've asked 2 times over 2 weeks and she said Sallie mae has not given them the…
A buyer's agent
I am an investor and plan on making an offer on a $150K-200K condo in Sugar Land. I found the property myself. No one has any idea who I am so the agent does not have a claim for procuring cause. I am…
Any ideas on living in Hackettstown or Budd Lake in NJ and commuting to Midtown for work?
Any ideas on living in Hackettstown or Budd Lake in NJ and commuting to Midtown for work? I see only one decent option - drive and take Lakeland bus from Rockaway mall. I would like to know idea and opinion…
Is The Peidmont Circle in Westlake,or the Cambridge Ct condos in Bay village,FHA approved properties?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3012444286-2644-Piedmont-Ct-5-Westlake-OH-44145
Agent seems to be rushing things, requesting sooner dates than normal for contracts, closing etc. Should I worry there's something wrong?
w/property? Offer accepted, inspections scheduled. Lawyers in place. Previous offer fell through.
Is it possible to roll an existing mortgage into a new home purchase?
I own a house in NY, with a property value approx $277,000. The current amount left on my mortgage is $34,000. I am looking to move to NC and have found a property down there that has 2 homes on the property…
A lead from Trulia recently contacted me regarding a listing agent asking for cash (up front and under the table) to guarantee she would get the home.
She declined to do this and wondered if this was the norm. I was so taken back by this. The amount requested was $15,000.00. I have been fortunate to not encounter anything like this in the past. The home…
Switching Buyer Agents
My husband and I (first time home buyers) found an REO property we were interested in. We went with a Realtor that was out of the same office as the Listing Agent (we didn't know any better). We…
I'm currently renting & would have to break the lease if I buy a house soon. At what point in the process should I give my apartment my 60
day notice? I'm currently renting and looking to purchase a home this year. My lease doesn't end until January 2012 and my apartment complex requires a 60 day notice and penalty fee for breaking…
Should Lender be concerned with Buy and Bail simply because they have my current mortgage?
Attempting to qualify for 2 mortgages (current Conventional mortgage and a new FHA mortgage). Ratios are at 50% for carrying both and credit scores are above FHA guidelines for doing so. New house is…
Can I refinace my condo even if i ma under water?
I checked HARP but my loan is not owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. My interest rate is variable. Anyboyd has na advise?
I would like to know what type of loans are available for a first time home buyer
Are there special deals on down payments, interest rates, etc...
After a divorce, Ican't get my name off a home equity loan. My ex has the house, and is paying and living there. Is there anything i can do?
in 1996 my ex and I got a home equity loan in which we both signed on for the value of the house. After our divorce, the judgment deemd me free and clear of all debt, and contracts related to the residence.…
im currently in a chptr 13 proceeding. I just received a notice of rescission of acceleration from the attorneys for my mortgage company.
it also states that the note and deed of trust are now in effect in accordance with their original terms and conditions as though no acceleration took place. Does this mean the amount of my mortgage when…
information on a property
I am trying to get some information on a property. 5880 SW 156 Ct Miami,FL 33193. I am trying to see if it is still on the market or has it been sold.
I have put an offer for an FHA home about 3 weeks ago. The loan officer has approved everything, the appraisal and inspection have been completed.
The loan was submitted to underwriting 3 days ago. I have been told that the loan should be approved and would have probably been turned down by now if conditions were not met. How long does the underwriter…
Does the community of Kings Isle in PSL allow pets?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104557868-1187-NW-Lombardy-Dr-Port-Saint-Lucie-FL-34986
hy would the county of Burke send us the new accessment of our home , it shows lower then the zillow.com amount....
how can we find out what we can sell the home for. we were always high , now after six years its very low. and the market seems to getting better? Do wego by the county new accessment or the zillow.com…
Property tax included in the mortgage fee
Is the property tax included in the Trulia website mortgage estimation fee?
In CLIFFSIDE PARK I am looking to buy on cash a bank owned property.condo or house low price range SHARMA Phone 416-275-8688 S@SHARMA.NAME
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109187402-816-826-W-Grand-St-1C-Elizabeth-NJ-07202?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_qc_prop_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com%2Fprope…
Can this home be a rental?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092589586-690-Wimbish-Rd-Macon-GA-31210
Are there currently any good short sale/foreclosure deals in the Basking Ridge area?
We are looking to purchase a home in the Basking Ridge/ Bridgewater areas. We are currently renting in BR.
Can this home be a rental?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3053153460-615-Forest-Hill-Rd-Macon-GA-31210
Why would my offer be verbally accepted by the listing agent and then another taken instead?
I got no call back or opportunity to increase my offer. I thought I had a deal! Do I have any recourse?
I have a foreclosure from divorce 4 years ago. Home was bought out of foreclosure 3.5 years ago. Credit is 600 middle fico. Can i buy a homepafh home?
I have a foreclosure from divorce 4 years ago. Home was bought out of foreclosure 3.5 years ago. Credit is 600 middle fico. Can i buy a homepafh home?
Looking for a home in Waukesha Co. Wisconsin with separate quarters (or cottage)maybe with some out-buildings for a possible remodel.
I know places like this exist out there...I just don't know how to find them! Plus, I'm not looking for huge or the million $$ range....my top dollar is closer to $400,000
Looking for 2/2 condo in pompano,deerfield area
We are canadians from Toronto and are in the market for a 2/2 condo.Our budget is around 100k and is cash deal.Hoa's must be reasonable and nieghbourhood must be safe.Any thoughts?
I just bought a house in Jacksonville as an investor property that was grossly misrepresented by the seller. Any recourse in Florida?
He advertised the house a triplex, in reality house is a duplex with a closed off area that leaches power off one of the other units. Claimed "actual rents" were on the low side $600 per unit on the 1…
How much should you budget for annual insurance costs on a house in Key Biscayne ?
Property taxes are more or less 2% of the appraised value. I've heard insurance is higher in coastal areas like KB, but how much should I budget to pay for insurance costs ?
How to view a property at 1114 S. Russell, Skiatook, OK?
We would like to walk through this home.
Where to find FHA loan information for first time buyers?
My fiance and I are looking start the home buying process this spring in order to purchase this summer (this is our first home). We are looking at FHA loans and we want to be prepared when we meet with…
Home prices panic??!! Need advice please!!
I am looking to buy a house sometime in August of 2013. I have about $127K saved up. I plan to have $150K saved up when I am ready to buy.I want the extra so I have at least $20 to $30K cushion left over…
I'm a first time home buyer with excellent credit in the 800's. I’m employed and make enough money to qualify for a traditional mortgage
but my tax lady has netted me down to an actual loss. I've been told if my federal returns are zero or a loss I won't be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage even though my gross income is sufficient…
how do i find the original builder of a property? i'm trying to figure out who built 5509 Amys Way, Waterford MI.
how do i find the original builder of a property? i'm trying to figure out who built 5509 Amys Way, Waterford MI.
where can I search for condos/homes that will accept FHA mortgages in the Detroit Area?
I have looked at all kinds of real estate sites (yahoo, tulia, zillow), and I am not seeing an "advance" search option for finding finding homes that I can purchase with an FHA mortgage.
Someone told me that real estate people think Trulia is very unreliable. Response?
Trying to figure out why there is in the last 30 days, in Royal Oak a devaluing of homes west of Beaumont hospital that are older bungalows and a big increase in valuing homes built by speculators? What…
Mortgage Process
When approving a home loan do mortgage lenders just look at the base income? Or do they look at the income reported on W2s? My W2 includes bonuses that I made throughout the year, so it is higher than…
Is there a place to look at all the summer/winter taxes so I can have a more accurate search?
35,000 for a condo with a 500,000 tax attached is a bit deciving.
What exactly does a sheriffs deed mean to a buyer?
I'm looking at a property that has already been foreclosed on. The house has had alot of work done to it so someone told me to check for a mechanics lein. I called the register of deeds and they said there…
Can a seller give you money toward carpeting and appliances? I have read that even though they offer carpet
or appliance allowance they cannot actually give the buyer money? Can you clarify? Thanks!
Can I sue seller's agent for listing carpeted rooms as rooms with hardwood floors?
Already signed the sale contract and then found out that the seller's agent lied about the hardwood floors.
looking for house in coppell - realtor saying sellers market
i am looking for houses in coppell and realtor says its a sellers market. Is that true. I heard elsewhere that sales for homes is down in coppell.. Also what months are best months to buy - when there…
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