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What are the drawbacks of living in Chinatown?
What are the cons of living here?
I really want to be close to San Francisco
Hi. I would like to know which area is the best to live between Woodland CA, and San Francisco, with good schools, access to parks/biking, and a minimum 4 Bed/3 bath house and would like 600K-800K range…
What is going on with the Mission Bay redevelopment area in San Francisco?
Is it a success is it a failure? Has the economy slowed down the rate of progress? For the folks who are actually living/working there how do you like it? It looks like there are a lot of empty…
What is interesting about Dublin, CA?
We might be moving to Dublin and understand that it is largely a bedroom community so we have some concerns about finding fun things to do locally. But my family and I (we have two young children) are…
Odor from Hale Ave Wastewater Treatment Facility
How bad is the odor from the Hale Ave wasterwater treatment facility? Specifically at about Hale and Navajo. How does the treatment facility affect the value of the homes in that area?
What are the drawbacks of living in Bayview?
What are the cons of living here?
I am moving to the Columbia are from California!?
we are moving there, my husband, 2 year old and i and i feel very confused as to what is the best area and what college to attend... so on. this place is extreamely different to me and its overwhelming…
Just relocated from AL on job promotion to Columbia area.
I am a professional working on Browning Road area, not living that area. 3 br/2 bth house rent with wife; 2 indoor cats. Need safe area, close to work and my limit is 1000/mo. Need help asap please.
Where are the safest and most affordable places to rent in Orlando?
Single mom of 4. Kids ages range 3-13. Searching for a rental under $600-$1000. Good school zone, low crime area.
Thinking of relocating--city of Chicago to Austin...schools? rentals?
We are strongly considering moving our family from the city of Chicago to Austin. We are ready for better schools, a bigger house and a yard (!) I am very urban by nature (love walking, public trans,…
Where would be a good neighborhood to buy, if one wanted to rent out during SXSW?
If you were to rent a property with the intention of subletting during SXSW, where would you look?
Hi there, We (Husband, 2 small kids and myself) are about to make a very quick move to the seattle/tacoma area.
We are both in healthcare and were looking for midground between seattle and tacoma....problem is everything I have looked at online is a bit out of our price range to rent (looking for 2 bed/2 bath for…
Can I rent a FHA financed condo if it was a principal residence for 3 years?
My late husband owned a FHA financed condo. After he married he moved to my home and rented his condo. The mortgage company is telling me I have to refinace if I want to rent the condo.
What are Bloomingdale and Wanaque like?
I know they are close to Butler and 287. I grew up in Florham Park and live in Mt. Arlington now and I am looking for an area in between what I'm used to (obviously more affordable then Florham Park…
Does Austin have fresh fish or fresh veggie markets?
My fiance and I are planning to move to Austin or a surrounding area in about 3 years. We are coming from Michigan and we both was wondering if Austin has fresh food markets. We love to eat fresh foods…
Good morning. I am inquiring about the home at 5311 73rd st. What is the deal with this home. Looks fairly good from the sidewalk in front,
The back yard is accessible as the side gate has been ripped down. I like this home, how do I find out more about it ? Thank you for your time. John
Relocating to Hot Srings Village
Also see that there are many resale homes available, is this a problem area for resale homes, and do not see any local transportation in the Village if unable to drive
What is your favorite holiday?
We love all holidays. Christmas is alway joyful! Good Family, friend and co~workers are always a treat! Merry Christmas from Team Stevens & Manley Real Estate!! Please share!
How is the area in the 75253 zip code? Is it ok area to live in and is it close to downtown. Just moved to Texas so im not sure about this area?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Is pine Island a good place to retire.?
Looking for a handyman special . Owner finance would be great. One to three bedrooms with possible room to expand in the future for the kids and grand kids to visit on or near pine island florida.
We're a family (with 2 little ones under 3) moving to Boston for 3 months in the Summer of 2013. Where should we stay?
We'll be moving to Boston because my husband will be working at MIT for the summer months of 2013. As we are only coming for 3 months, we would like a furnished flat and a short lease (and a good price…
Neighborhoods in San Anselmo, San Rafael
A job relocation will bring us to San Francisco. We need advice on the best family-friendly (sense of community, great schools, kids, safe) neighborhoods within San Anselmo and San Rafael areas. Budget:…
What is the best affordable health insurance plans?
What is the best affordable health insurance plans?
How can I research sale history of my property?
Are there any online tools or websites out there where I can search my property's sale history? other properties?
web design
about web design sites
Is Dumont a good place to raise children? I have a 14 years daughter that will be attending high school in the fall, my son is 10 so will be going
to middle school & we have a preschooler that will be 3 in the fall. Any answers would be helpful. Kristy
What documents should I ask to an internet company, in order to get a confirm their activities are legal? What’s documents or probe, should an
intern What documents should I ask to an internet company, in order to get a confirm their activities are legal? What’s documents or probe, should an internet company must have in order to certificate…
My boyfriend and I may be moving to Boston area from Western Mass. We're relatively quiet ppl but like to have some entertainment avail.
Suggestions? We are most likely going to rent for 3-6 months because it's too scary to buy when we don't know all the neighborhoods and suburbs well.
Unpaid Property Taxes In NH
Hello , I own property in NH inherited along with six other siblings . The taxes are due . Three of us paid our share of the taxes due , but the other four siblings are refusing to pay their share . If…
How does Austin's attitude towards guns differ, if at all, from the rest of Texas?
Are there differences in the city code, permits to carry, or gun licensing in general in Austin?
How about winter garden rental market?
The house in the community is easy to rent? how about the rental income?
Agents, how well has Trulia Pro worked out for you?
Please be specific, including what service you subscribed to and what the rate of return was for you. Thanking you all in advance.
Am looking for a home or mobile home on it's own lot. Need 3 bedrooms, 1and half bathrooms. Can't pay anymore than 50k.
Have a home I am living in would like to sell to purchase one out of city limits.
The Median Household income for Carlsbad is WAY off on the Trulia Site. Where did the Trulia get their answers and how old is it?
Our MHI is $53,000 according to the NM Department of Workforce Solutions and has been in that range for the past four years. -John Waters, Carlsbad Department of Development
I work in Kendall, and wanting to move to the Mid-Upper Keys in the next 1.5 yrs. Where is a realistic, family friendly location to move?
I currently live in Naranja, fed up with undesirable neighboring communites spilling over to mine. We are looking for a nice quiet family friendly environment to raise our children, however, keeping my…
What are the benefits of living in Lake Street?
What are the pros of living here?
What are the current real estate market conditions like in Laurel Heights?
Are home prices in Laurel Heights going to appreciate or depreciate? What are the current market conditions for buying or renting?
What are the current real estate market conditions like in West Portal?
Are home prices in West Portal going to appreciate or depreciate? What are the current market conditions for buying or renting?
What are the current real estate market conditions like in Hayes Valley?
Are home prices in Hayes Valley going to appreciate or depreciate? What are the current market conditions for buying or renting?
What are the current real estate market conditions like in Outer Richmond?
Are home prices in Outer Richmond going to appreciate or depreciate? What are the current market conditions for buying or renting?
Is 2012 THE YEAR to buy on Lake Gaston?
YES, the very mild temperatures, even in the winter, are drawing more and more folks to this area! The lake is beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. Buyers are coming out of the woodwork right…
South Hills Area of Cleveland
I am looking at a nice house on a nice street in the South Hills area of Cleveland. I plan to purchase and lease out for 5 or more years then sell hopefully for a profit. For those who know that area,…
My husband and I are looking to rent a two bedroom home in East Sacramento for September. We are a
middle-aged couple, non-smokers, no pets and we have excellent references and credit rating. We are looking to pay less than $1,500.00 and we are considering only quiet streets. Would you keep us in mind?…
What are the drawbacks of living in Central Richmond?
What are the cons of living here?
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