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The Orange County Register, each Sunday, provide readers with a graph showing all the cities in Orange County, and under each city is listed every zip
code and across the median sales and weekly, monthly and yearly /-. Do you have something like that?
Relocating to Silver Spring (or surroundings)
We are relocating for a job in Silver Spring in September (2 adults and 2 children ages 3 and 5). We'd be interested in renting for a few months until we can get to know the area and buy something. I'd…
Is it make sense to buy 1bed/1bath apartment in downtown JC instead of renting it?
Hello, I have been living in the downtown JC area for past 2 years and I am currently renting 1bed/1bath apartment. Since I plan to stay in the area for at least 3 years, I came up with the idea of buying…
Long Term Bad Credit Loans Magic >?
Help to awful banks to bail them leave money related misery, is the thing that immediate arrangement terrible credit advances offer. With these advances, there is no compelling reason to remain in a long…
Have pictures for family that lived in 215 Deerwood Dr. Baldwinsville, NY in 1990. Please contact me at 315-656-7181
Found a photo album at rescue mission with a families pictures, trying to return to right people.
Has anyone seen the new condo at the Gramercy?
The Gramercy is a mixed used community off of the 215 and Russell. This community has been a long time coming. I was wondering what people's thoughts are on this new real estate? Check it out here: ht…
I've been cyber-surfing NC real estate websites for a place to move to.
Rutherfordton, NC looks like a great place to move to. I'll be moving with four dogs when I move. Are there any websites, books, etc that can help me familiarize myself with the area? My initial search…
Objective To Finally drop The obesity ?
We all hate to crash, its just human nature, usually once we assume we have failed its simpler continue and just to quit instead of getting back around the horse. New Earth Essentials http://nutra…
What are the polices on posting flyers or adds?
i would like to start a dog walking business and i am curious if i am aloud to post a flyer on a stop sign,pole,etc.
the one best on go to my home and everyone
the most amazing house ever?
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Do townhomes and condos in the DC suburbs typically allow multiple pets?
I have 4 cats and a dog (the result of working in a veterinary hospital for the last 10 years!) and desperately want to relocate to a townhome/condo rather than a single family home. Is it possible with…
Hello, I'm looking for an agent that can do a Broker's Price Opinion for both residential and commercial properties in the Beaumont area.
Experience preferred. I need this for a loan I'm making, not looking to list a property. Thanks!
Commercial trash pickup required for small condo?
I know that DC doesn't provide public (i.e., residential) trash pickup to buildings with more than 4 units or commercial buildings. I just moved into a small condo with 3 units and was surprised to find…
low price nice house?
great ways to find awesome house?
Moving to Charlotte - Renting, Schools, Jobs... please help!
Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice here. We are relocating from PA. Husband is a web developer and looking. I'll be working from home and in retirement homes. We have 2 kids in high school…
Hi everybody ! I'm a new member!
Hi everybody ! I'm a new member!
What is meant by a 1.5 story house?
Many Cape Cod homes are listed as 1.5 story. Does this mean that some bedrooms are on the first floor, or that there are no bathrooms on the second floor?
Any thoughts on Mike Ferry vs Tom Ferry?
I went to a seminar of Mike Ferry, a half day seminar in Garden Grove a couple of weeks ago. But somehow, I stumbled across Tom Ferry the following day. I am curious to find out what would be the difference…
Does anyone know if Richmond/San Pablo has rent control?
Also, why do certain zip codes in Richmond also come up as a San Pablo address?
Best general area to find best rent deal, first apartment for two-three 20 year old's looking for absolute best offer for small apartment.
We are moving into this area because we figured the lower the area status then the lower the cost of living, rent bills etc. Please direct use in the right direction for the right area to get a nice place…
Searching for NJ communities that are walkable with a great downtown and awesome schools!
We are looking for places like Metuchen and Red Bank. Metuchen might be a little too north for us and Red Bank schools are still on the fringe. We are often between NYC and Philly so somewhere between.…
Is Lake County Appeal LLC a legit company for property tax reduction?
I need to help my parents with reducing their property tax. Is this company legit?
Looking for an honest, reasonable builder for an 850sq ft, 2 story garage apt In East Austin (78702) (2nd structure on property)
We have the property, architect's drawings, engineering plans and more. We are going through permitting and would like to get bids for a builder. Anyone have any suggestions. We have most of the…
Why are there so many properties for sale in Alamogordo?
While driving in the downtown area's of Alamogordo, I've noticed quite a few "for sale" signs. What is the reason why there seems to be a glut of homes for sale on the market?
Hey Locals! Kansas or Missouri! I'm looking to purchasing a home outside of joplin area.
What do I need to consider when looking for a home. What are the pros and cons in each state
Is Walmart Distribution still building in Crescent City?
-- This question was asked from this property:
French communiste
Hi, Which neigborhoods should I look at if I want to be close to French community? We have a baby and would like to expose her to French as much as possible and have friends who speak it. Thanks. We…
looking for the best hipster neighborhoods for our business relocation from md and a good place to live with kids, can be two separate locations.
hi my husband and i and his business partner are looking to move from MD to San diego, possibly Los Angeles, in august. my husband owns a media/photography studio so we would like to be in a hipster up…
I need a land/house inspector
I discovered I have a serious water drainage problem. I need the land and the house crawl space inspected for problems. The house is settling already.
Defining The Power Of A Good Internet Marketing System
Whether it is a virtual assistant, a mentor, a coach, a mastermind group, an accountant, a tax advisor, a lawyer, etc., you'll need help to create the revenue you want. There's no way any of…
What is the tax rate in Tracy?
I know Lathrop and Mountain House are at 1.8% because of specified projects etc. Is Tracy at the same or different rate?
What is the association doing to combat crime in thee area? In Spring Valley Lake the rules are very strict, how are the association rule for baddies
I was thinking about moving out to Silver Lakes because its closer to my job in Barstow, but my neighbor told me the murder rate was the highest in the high desert from what she heard on the news. Locals…
How to Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Give a broad idea about SEO. What is the activities of SEO. How can I understand about SEO.
How does Wrinkle Rewind Works for Skin care?
All of these products are marketed just through tests (more about this in the Prices section), and also almost all of them make the exact same cases. As a matter of fact, if you compare these websites…
Invest in a costly training program
You have to stop and smell the roses.Link Posting Excel Cash Flow is actually a link posting scam. There is a lot of hype throughout the sales page for the site, focusing on just how much money you can…
Which are the best neighborhoods for retirees?
My husband and I are considering Vancouver as our retirement destination. We plan to move to the West Coast to be nearer to our son who lives in San Diego. However don't want to live in CA.
stop your e-mail
Can you stop e-mailing!!! I've tried 5 or 6 times Stop... I don't want your junk e-mail
Finding a home!
My husband and I relocated to the area and are staying with family. We have been looking for a 3/2 rental for less than $1650.00 but the rental market in Temecula and Murrieta seems to be extremely aggressive…
The escrow company I used has closed their doors & I need my records. What happens to these records?
I'm in Palm Springs, California and used a local escrow company to complete my home purchase. I've since been told to gather some records from the escrow company, but have discovered that they have…
Laura Penland. .Pet friendly 3/2 rental/ foreclose. near UNCG
I'm looking for a pet friendly 3 br 2 ba. Fenced rental at some time around may. Im a part time studen. So within 30 mins of UNCG.
Looking for agents for investment SFR purchase
Hey everyone, I'm looking for agents that do investment SFR purchases with. I do rehabs as well as some rentals.
Does Huntington Pointe condo's allow indoor cats.?
I'm thinking of buying but hesitant because of I keep seeing no pets declarations, on real-estate sites.
Nice neighborhoods or nearby areas around Silver Spring, MD
We may need to rent for a while but hope to buy a starter home in the next year so any suggestions for which neighborhoods or nearby areas might be good for us would be very helpful. It is just the two…
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