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My home is in short sale process, not because we cant afford it, but because we had to relocate for job, and school purposes. We are current as of
now with our mortgage. Can I purchase a home now where we are relocating too?? Do I need to put $ down, how long do I have to what??
REO sales? How do we make sure we don't miss out on the foreclosure house we want once it becomes an REO home?
So the house we are interested in is going to foreclosure auction on on the court house steps March 7th. Because of the large amount owed on the home vs what it is actually worth, the assumption is that…
Foreclosure auction
We have put an offer in on a short sale home. Seller abandoned the home a year ago and is not communicating with the bank since our offer was made 4 months ago. Thus, we have heard nothing from the bank…
House foreclosed on and still have insurance check
My house was foreclosed on and the still have a insurance check! Where does the insurance check go
just received a letter Notice of Hud Relief retentions services
never asked for money, said I would need $1,000 to $3,000 to satisfy the lender after modify. True or False
Options for vacant property
We moved out of our house because it was under contract; the sellers backed out. We then rushed to rent (for less than our mortgage) and had the tenants from hell who caused a mold problem in our basement.…
We put an offer in a home in Ashton (MC7258397); non contingent and 20K over listing; no inspections, no closing, with renovation, etc
It is a foreclosure. The bank accepted a contingent offer that will expire in November...why they didnt accept our non contingent offer? How I can find out what the problem was? I dont understand. Thanks
5430 Forester Dr #2A High Point, NC 27265 Who is the HOA company here? What is a good contact number?
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Property tax, short sale, foreclosure
My house is in short sale, and I've received foreclosure documents its not final, am I still responsible for property taxes?
Our house is going up for auction on the 19th of this month, how much longer do we have to stay and save up money so we can rent a house?
We've been saving up money, but the only information we got about the house is that it's going to be auction on the march 19th 2012, This is a brand new experince for us and we have no clue whats…
How come you sold a home on lowe ave for $50,000 and they never saw the home?
Just would like to know really do not think, that was right to do.
I may be owed money after my foreclosure.
My home was foreclosed on in May or June of 2012. The home was sold for $106,621 and we owed $92,990.15. I have read that the mortgage company/bank may owe me the difference after all the "fees"…
I am interest this house. How can I make appointment take a look?
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I am interest this house. This house how much for sale? How can I make appointment take a look?
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several of these seem to be sold to the banks and not to public
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Correction needed to a contract from possible overbid to a below market listing?
This seems to be a pretty good investment property listed @ 30 -35 % below market. I was told that the bank who foreclosed on this was owed only 95% of their asking price. To act fast, without looking…
Will my home be foreclosed?
I am up to date on my first mortgage but just received a letter stating I defaulted on my home equity line. The home is worth about 230k and I owe about 180k on the first mortgage and 150k on my home equity…
My home was foreclosed and my name was the only on the loan.
I'm going to try to claim insolvency because my liabilities outweighs my assets but do I have to add my wifes assets to the calulations if she was not on the loan at all.
Hi, I filed a chapter 7 in May of 2011. Included was a large mortgage ($1.8m). I'm wondering how much longer I have.
The details are that I haven't paid property tax since December '10 although the tax collector has not done anything except send the current years bill. Early on the bank (Chase) kept calling…
Are foreclosure trashout companies, lucrative?
I am interested in potentially starting a foreclosure trashout company, are the ads legit about being able to make between $500-2500 for clean outs? If so, after starting a company and becoming insured…
How do I know who actually bought my condo and when I have to be out?
My condo sold at auction. The new owner (he says he is) has contacted me and wanted to look at the house. Showed up unexpectedly. Says I have to be out in 3 weeks. He will be back and wants the keys. How…
We are buyers, awaiting short sale approval. We just found out house is scheduled for sheriff sale auction. Can they auction out from under us???
our offer was accepted by sellers August 30, 2012. We have been waiting for short sale approval for the past 5 months. We were told a few weeks ago that servicer (Nationstar Mortgage) is almost done…
Rental Property status?
I posted before, but gave you folks the incorrect address. The address of the home we are going to look at this morning is 3406 E. Helena Dr. Phoenix, Az. 85032. We would appreciate any information you…
Found out that neighbors house was forclosed & "sheriff's deed" issued several months ago. Does this mean that the house has?
already been auctioned? Would like to purchase it ourselves & any advice on the best way to go about this would be appreciated.
How many times a month does the auction take place in fulton county?
I want to go to the auction when and where does it hold in Fulton County
Question about sheriff's sale!
We won a bid at a sheriff's sale. We are awaiting the confirmation of sale to be filed. I called the plantiff's lawyer and asked when it would be filed and they said in a few weeks. Meanwhile,…
House on our street has a "sheriff's deed" as of July & homeowners have moved out--does this mean it's been auctioned?
Would like to try to purchase it if it is available--what's the best method of doing this?
can i see this home ?
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how do I find foreclosures and bank owned short sale houses?
I'm looking for a good deal on a well kept foreclosure or shortsale. how long does it take for these transactions to go through. how about approved shortsales
Can the bank still foreclose on original sale date.?
I am currently in the process of requestion a Loan Modification with the help of a Non-Profit orginization. My sale dat was 1/31/13. I recieved a letter from the Law firm retained by the bank postponing…
Any views and sense of when will values be expected to come back to peak values in Cooley Station, 85295? 3 years? 5 years? More?
Wondering if I should sell or keep. -- This question was asked from this property:
Foreclosure notice in ri
I have a foreclosure notice and yes I am late I know , I know that wells fargo and asc is the owners. my problem is that no where on the foreclosure notice do there names appear . Is this legal.
My landlord passed away 2 days ago he was separated from his wife for 10 yrs she shows up at the house yesterday and starts cleaning out the house
My rent was paid up until the end of the month and I advised my landlord we would be living off the security in march since he was paying the bills on the house etc We are running low on fueld and his…
How do I get money or Find Investors?
I just put an offer on a Duplex property Bank Owned in FL , Lost it due to someone offering all cash my offer was 25% down and a mortgage , I have the cash but its tied up in the stock market and I don't…
What will happen when the home we are renting is foreclosed on?
We have been renting a home for awhile, The buyer has been making the mortgage payments (what we pay) but has not been paying on the home equity loan they took out on it while they still lived there. What…
$115,000 Joaquin Murieta Avenue, Newark CA 94560 Is it still on sale? What is the HOA fee?
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Was in process of ss with buyer. Bank sold house at auction n broker changed locks that day with note on the door and still on title n no recording
Went on under foreclosure help and found if a home sells at auction the locks can't be changed immediately. A 3 day notice to quit is to be given to us to gather our stuff and render the…
If my landlord gave me written notice to move out by January 31 because of disagreements of repairs, Does Maryland law allows me to stay till Feb. 3
Have been living at current address for 11.3 years. We have spend money to make many repairs.We all got stuck by nails in the carpet which was already old when we moved in. My husband nearly lost his life…
who is the bank that owns this property?
Spring Valley Rd Burlington, WI 53105 -- This question was asked from this property:
how tcan i get in touch with the bank that owns specific property?
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Closing cost on a home foreclosure that seems shady... Please help.
My husband and I are about to purchase a foreclosure for $65,000 cash. Our realtor is telling us that closing cost will be no more than $700, which includes the lawyer fee, recording fee, and taxes. We…
Hello, I submit a offer for a 2/2 condo in Via Hacienda cir area. I wonder how to check the vacancy rate? If it is not rent-able, I will not consider
to buy it. The inspection report will be ready tomorrow. The condo in general very clean, but AC needs to be replaced soon. What should I be prepare for next step? Can it be rent and how soon? Anyone know…
is there any hope I can keep my home? I beenliving my home for 10yr I feel on some hard times and I just tring to see if i can keep my house.i live NJ
is there any hope i love to stay in my house but i'm 20 months behind on the morage and the morage company don't even wish to talk to me they only say short sell why should i help them they are…
Hi, my name is Sarkis
Who is the agent for the bank in Miami
I was approved for a loan, by the lender and underwriter because they said they had a program that would help me even though I had a short sale March
Of 2012. Two days before signing,I was told the loan was denied because there was an NOD on the title search for the home that actually was a short sale. Who or what Dept at BofA should I call to fix this…
I am trying to find out if the property @ 2809 91st Crescent N. Brooklyn Park was ever sold or if it is back on the market yet?
I am trying to find out if the property @ 2809 91st Crescent N. Brooklyn Park was ever sold or if it is back on the market yet? -- This question was asked from this property:…
Trying to close on property with major roof issues, what else can we do?
We are trying to buy a REO property nearby. We have a contract on the home, but inspection discovered original 36-yr-old roof with major leaks. We cannot get insurance on the home without replacing roof.…
I signed up so I could see the location of this property and more info how do I get to it now>
-- This question was asked from this property:
I am interested in the house on red maple circle, is it still available?
-- This question was asked from this property:…
Has anyone ever heard of FNMA countering at full principle amount of mortgage plus arrears on a short sale
This is a home in la quinta, total mortgage of $541,000 and FNMA just countered at $560,000. This counter price is over $100,000 more than the last 2 sales in this community. Does this sound crazy to…
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